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Mother's Day, COVID-19 Edition: The Best Ways to Celebrate Mom While Physically Distancing


The most difficult part of the Coronavirus pandemic is the physical separation from family and friends and the uncertainty as to when we will be able to see each other again. This forced separation is even tougher during holidays where families look forward to gathering and celebrating together.

While we don't typically celebrate Mother's Day with our moms since neither my mom nor my husband's live nearby, the extended separation and uncertainty has made me focus even more on doing something extra special for them this year. Even if you live near your mom, observing stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines may mean you can't celebrate Mother's Day with her in person. 

The good news is that there are so many amazing technologies, products and services that make it easier than ever to bridge the miles and make celebrating from afar both easy and memorable. We've rounded up some of our best ideas for celebrating Mother's Day this year, whether mom lives across the country or across town.

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Send Flowers

I know...duh, right? While this may seem like the most obvious gift, flowers are truly a luxury right now. Chances are, flowers aren't making mom's list for her quick grab and go trips to the grocery store, that is, if the store is even stocking them right now. Receiving a vibrant bouquet of her favorite stems delivered to her door will be a welcome surprise sure to lift her spirits. The Bouqs Co. delivers the freshest, eco-friendly, hand-crafted bouquets in as little as two hours. Even better, we have an offer to save you $30 off. 

This article is sponsored by The Bouqs Co. CertifiKID receives compensation from companies whose products and services we recommend to our audience. However, we only promote businesses we genuinely believe in and feel will appeal to our subscribers.

Skylilght Digital Photo Frame
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Connect Over Technology

By now, most of us are likely adept at using apps like FaceTime, Zoom and Skype to video chat with our loved ones. Mother's Day is the perfect time to leverage this technology to plan something extra special for mom. If your mom is a wine lover, plan a virtual wine tasting! You can design your own or purchase a kit like this one and use a wine delivery service to ship an identical set to both you and mom. 

How about planning a special virtual Mother's Day family game sesh? Games like charades, Pictionary, Would You Rather? and Two Truths and a Lie are easy to play virtually. The Houseparty video chat app even includes quizzes and games like trivia and Heads Up! right in the app to bring people together digitally. Or you can up your game even more by hosting a virtual murder mystery party or indoor scavenger hunt that you play over video chat.

A group multimedia eCard is a great way to bring the family together to create something special and memorable for mom. Use a service like Group Greets to invite family members to collaborate by uploading video, photo, audio and text Mother's Day wishes that are automatically assembled into a special movie greeting.

Skylight's unique digital photo frame is a great way to forge a longer-lasting technological connection with mom. The frame connects to WiFi, allowing family members and loved ones to email photos to the frame no matter where they are - across town or across the globe - that automatically appear on the screen. Mom will love being able to view all of the special memories of her loved ones right from her living room, allowing her to stay connected even when physically distanced. 

Occasions Catering
Photo: Occasions Catering

Share a Meal

Food is often the foundation upon which family get-togethers and holiday memories are built. While you may not be able to physically sit together for Mother's Day brunch this year, there are still creative ways to incorporate food in your family celebration.

Is there a beloved recipe that's a family tradition to serve at holiday gatherings? Consider sending the ingredients to mom in advance - Thrive Market is one of our favorite grocery delivery services - and arrange a time for you and mom to prepare the dish together over video chat. 

Another idea is to use a meal kit delivery service to send a full meal to both you and mom to prepare either together or separately (save on one of our favorites here). Then, break bread together over your shared Mother's Day meal via video chat.

For a more sentimental option, round up all of your mom's famous recipes and have a special recipe book keepsake made for each member of your family. If you use a photo book service like Shutterfly you can incorporate family photos from over the years and even quotes from family members about why a particular recipe is special to them or their special memories of mom.

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Think Outside the Mother's Day Gift Box

These are weird times and your go-to Mother's Day gift ideas may not be the most relevant or practical right now. We have some suggestions for thoughtful gifts that will help moms get through this time at home.

Subscription Services

Never has there been a better time to gift mom a subscription for something she loves or needs. Having something that brings her joy or that makes her life easier automatically delivered to her door for a couple of months will go a long way in easing the quarantine burden. There are so many great options to choose from here - from a cornucopia of all different kinds of food and wine to books to self-care boxes to baby boxes for expectant or new moms and pretty much anything else you can think of. If mom is a snack lover, check out this deal for SmartBox themed snack boxes.

Keep Her Healthy

Staying healthy is on the top of all of our minds right now, and moms that are used to hitting the gym as part of their daily routine have had to find other ways to stay active and fit. Exercise not only increases your overall physical health, it is also proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, something every mom - no matter her stage of motherhood - surely desperately needs right now!

While gifting mom a Peloton bike may be a bit out of your price range, there are so many other great gift options, in all different price points, for the moms out there who are grieving the loss of their regular fitness routines. If your mom is a penny-pincher like mine who would never dream of spending money on expensive workout clothes, spoil her with a gift card or new outfit from one of the designer fitness apparel companies. If mom is having a hard time finding her new fitness groove at home, get her a subscription for an online fitness program or some simple gym equipment like free weights, fitness ball, or exercise bands. Many online fitness programs even have great deals for a free month or two of access right now. Check out this deal for Daily Burn.

Boredom Busters

The forced slow down from our usual busy routines was a welcome novelty at first. Now, most of us are at the point where the monotony of downtime has us questioning what day - or maybe even what month! - it is. Help mom fill some of that downtime by gifting her with some things to keep her busy at home. This could be supplies for a new hobby like yarn for knitting or crocheting, cooking gadgets, or gardening supplies; board games and puzzles (for a unique twist, many photo sites allow you to turn your own photo into a puzzle); a magazine subscription (check out this deal to gift your mom a year subscription for free!); or an online entertainment subscription. 

Remind her of the Good Times

This is an overwhelming situation for everyone, but psychologists agree that the crisis is taking an even greater toll on mothers who are shouldering more of the "emotional labor" and worry for their families. There's a popular article circulating on social media right now that starts out by asking, “Anybody else hide from family for a few minutes to cry from being overwhelmed, then take a deep breath, wipe away the tears and go back to parenting and taking care of a household like nothing happened?” The answer is that this is all moms right now. 

Despite the strong front they put up, moms are struggling and need reassurance just like everyone else. Provide mom a mental escape valve this Mother's Day by reminding her of the good times and giving her hope that all will return to normal. One of the best ways to do this is through photos. Select some of her favorite photo memories and create a space that makes her happy and gives her hope. Mixtiles is a great way to do this. Their affordable, 8" x 8" photo tiles stick to walls, allowing you to create a gallery of happy memories for mom to escape to whenever she's feeling overwhelmed.


Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there! We know this is a particularly difficult time for those of you with young kids at home. Check out our new CertifiKID From Home page for resources, tips and deals on everything parents want and need to get through COVID-19 with kids.


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