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30 Zoom Backgrounds Kids Will Love

Parenting Just For Fun

(No) thanks to the coronavirus, we are now all aficionados in using the Zoom video conferencing platform for everything from work meetings to online classes to virtual happy hours and play dates. Our timid first steps into Zoom's world had us figuring out how to adjust our audio settings and set our desired video layout. Some of us even stumbled upon Zoom's stock virtual backgrounds and found them handy to shield our work colleagues from the massive pile of dirty breakfast dishes over our shoulder or to entertain grandma during virtual family game night.

Now that we all have several weeks' worth of Zoom experience under our belts, it's time to get a little more creative. Did you know you can upload any photo you want to Zoom and use it as your background? That includes any photo on your phone's camera roll (yes, even the super adorbs photo of your favorite fur baby). Some overachieving parents have even snapped photos of their kid's school to use as the background for their online learning sessions!

You can also create fun backgrounds using a graphic design program; many come with free stock images to choose from. Get creative and design some that reflect your child's personality or interests. We created some ourselves that your kids are sure to love. Simply right click (or tap and hold on your phone) to save and then upload to Zoom using the Virtual Background function.

Step 1 - Click to Save on Your Computer or Phone

Step 2 - Upload as Virtual Background in Zoom

Step 3 - Have an Awesome Video Chat With Friends!

Note that these images are for personal use only and should not be distributed. Enjoy!

Sweet Treats

Zoom Ice Cream Sundae Background

Macarons Zoom Background

Ice Cream Zoom Background

Donut Zoom Background

Game On

Basketball Zoom Background

Baseball Zoom Background

Football Zoom Background

Soccer Zoom Background

Rainbows and Tie Dye, Oh My!

Rainbow Zoom Background

Rainbow Pot of Gold Zoom Background

Rainbow Brick Wall Zoom Background

Rainbow Zoom Background

Tie Dye Heart Zoom Background

Tie Dye Psychodelic Zoom Background

Lost in Space

Black Hole Space Zoom Background

Space Zoom Background

Light Speed Zoom Background

The Secret Life of Pets

Dog Trendy Cartoon Zoom Background

Cats and Dogs Zoom Background

Cats and Dogs Zoom Background

Up, Up and Away

Balloons Zoom Background

Hot Air Balloons Zoom Background

Out of Africa

Giraffe Africa Zoom Background

Elephant Africa Zoom Background

Totally #OnTrend

Pineapple Zoom Background

Unicorn Zoom Background

Flamingo Zoom Background

VSCO Sticker Zoom Background

Giraffe Laser Eyes Zoom Background

Cat Laser Eyes Zoom Background


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