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Milk Bar Founder Christina Tosi is Holding Baking Classes on Instagram and We're Obsessed

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Photo @christinatosi on Instagram Photo @christinatosi on Instagram

I know, I know...yet another free virtual thing to add to your already long list of free virtual things to do. I get it. But if you or your kiddo love to bake, then you have to add this one to your list!

Ever since this crazy new life of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders commenced, Milk Bar founder and pastry chef extraordinaire, Christina Tosi, has been offering free baking classes every day on Instagram. We were a little slow on the uptake on this one, but we're now totally obsessed with Tosi's #bakeclub.

This is how it works. The day before, Tosi posts a picture of the ingredients you will need to make the next day's deliciousness, which are usually pretty simple things you likely already have on hand, like flour, eggs and butter . . . or, would have on hand in a pre-pandemic world, anyway. We all know what a hot commodity flour is these days. Oy.

The fun catch is that she doesn't reveal what you will be making with said ingredients until #bakeclass the next day, which makes for a lively guessing game among her IG followers. Smart lady, that Tosi.

Photo: @christinatosi on Instagram

Then, at 2 p.m. EST the following day, you tune into @christinatosi IGTV with your ingredients in hand, ready to hang out, bake, rock out, and laugh with the awesomeness that is Christina Tosi. Seriously, I had no idea who Christina was before this and she's a super cool chick you want to spend your afternoon baking with, trust me. 

Along the way, you'll learn all sorts of random baking tips, fall in love with Tosi's adorable dog Butter, and come away with a delicious finished product for your family to devour. It's cool and casual, and totally non-intimidating. Previous #bakeclass installments have included everything from homemade Nilla wafers and DIY sprinkles to soft pretzels and chocolate cheesecake bars. One class was even devoted to how to make your own butter. Yes, people, DIY butter. Need I say more?

If, like me, you had no idea all of this fun was going on up until now, you can find the video archive of all of her previous classes on her IGTV channel and all of the recipes are posted on her website. Happy baking!


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