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How to Turn Your Child's Room into Another World


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Both of my kids were looking forward to going to Disneyland this summer. Logan, my 4-year old, is obsessed with Toy Story and his birthday trip to Disney is all he could talk about. I dreaded the day I would have to tell him we cancelled our vacation. I never anticipated that I wouldn’t have the chance to tell him myself and he would instead hear on the nightly news that Disneyland is closed due to COVID-19.

The tears that welled in his eyes made my insides ache. I decided in a single moment that he needed something all his own that COVID could not take away. I also realized I needed to create some much needed normalcy and a sense of calm in our house because for us “Safer at Home” will not be changing any time soon. My other son, Tim, has a rare disease and is severely immunocompromised, making this our normal for the foreseeable future.

I decided a mini- makeover for both of my kiddo’s rooms was a great place to start. I wanted to create an organized space for each of them that could serve as an area for school, play, exercise, and alone time. I did not realize how much they mentally needed a new space they could own and control, and given their ages of 6 and 4, a place for their imaginations to flourish with new adventures.

I never anticipated how something so simple could have such a profound effect on both of them. We went from living on top of each other, to insisting they come out of their rooms to eat. Hearing them debate which room they will play in, instead of clamoring at my feet for attention feels like a gift for us all! I hope the tips below help your family enjoy what we have witnessed with the boys.

Define the Purpose(s) for Their Space

Creating a new routine and following it may be our biggest challenge right now. After all, many of us are just trying to survive and process all that has happened. When we are in survival mode, routines and self-care often go out the window. Multiply that by everyone in the house and chaos will surely ensue. I recommend sitting down with your kids, discussing and agreeing on their new routine. Things you may want to consider are: wake times, bed times, physical activity, meal times, school work, screen time, and alone time. Pay close attention to wake times and bedtimes; sleep helps regulate our mood, immune system, growth and development.

Create Excitement and Ownership

Whether you have a teenager, toddler, or someone in between, involve them in every step of the process. The more choices they make, the more ownership, joy, and sense of security they will feel. Each of the boys helped us pick out paint color, furniture, bedding, theme, and room décor.

Spend Money on What Matters Most

Refreshing a child’s bedroom does not have to break the bank. Below are just a few cost saving tips and how I recommend you prioritize your budget to make sure your child is truly safer at home.

Décor on a Budget

1.  Fresh paint is inexpensive and even just an accent wall can make a huge difference. Look for paint that is low in VOC’s (chemicals that off gas) and a color that will brighten the room. Logan chose 'Toy Story yellow' for his accent wall, a radical departure from our farm house greys, but he loves it!

2.  Wall clings in any theme you can imagine are available online. They are inexpensive and ship right to your door. Our kids LOVE the giant animations and how their favorite characters have come to life on their walls. I love how easy they are to put up and remove without damage.

3.  Print images from online that match your theme and frame them in repurposed picture frames.

Invest in Safe Mattresses

As parents, we agonize over making the best choices for our kids; from schools, to food, to sunscreen, we want what is best for them. Many of us don’t realize the simple dangers that can lurk in a mattress. I know I didn’t, and I am in the bedding industry.

I distinctly remember Tim’s doctor sharing with me one of the most toxic things in a home is a mattress. He went on to say that mattresses have become the new lead paint of our generation, they can be full of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and carcinogens that off gas. He shared that these things can affect everyone but, kids with allergies, ADD, ADHD, asthma, ASD, Epilepsy and NDD’s are particularly susceptible.

Floored and disturbed by this discovery, my passion became a new purpose: to provide safe, affordable sleep products and educate people on safe sleep.

What to look for:

At LuuF, we build each mattress with the safety and quality standards below. When shopping for a mattress these are the health recommendations I believe matter the most:

  • 100% made AND SOURCED in the USA. Many mattresses today are partially or completely imported making their materials hard to trust.
  • Natural fire barriers- we use cotton and rayon (same fabrics as clothing), no harsh chemicals!
  • Third party safety certifications: (a) OEKO-TEX® Certification for fabrics- Ensures there are no harsh chemicals or carcinogens in the fabric you are laying on and breathing in and (b) CertiPUR-US Foam Certification- Ensures the foam is certified to not contain dangerous chemicals (O-zone Depleters, VOC’S) and heavy metals (also certifies quality).

Picking a mattress:

It’s important to look for a mattress that is designed for a child and their growing bodies. All too often we go to the mattress store for the first “big boy” bed and end up with the cheapest mattress in the store that is made for adults (too hard) and or has the lowest quality foams and fabrics in it.

My son was the inspiration behind creating Little LuuF. We wanted to offer a bed that is safe, affordable and made just for kids. It has a custom coil system designed to support bodies weighing 30 - 175 lbs and Serene Foam to support and cushion their body through every growth phase.

In addition, we have a full line of non-toxic accessories including sheets, pillows and weighted blankets because what goes on top of them is just as important as what lies under them!

If you still have questions call one our Sleep Experts at 1-833-LUUF-BED. We are happy to help you even if you are not interested in purchasing a LuuF mattress.

I am very proud to announce that our largest savings ever is being offered to the CertifiKID community! Use code CKID2020 and save 25% off all LuuF products.

Picking the Right Furniture

There are lots of affordable furniture options out there, from freebees in your local neighborhood to top-rated online picks. I chose space saving designs.

For School Work

Younger Kids.  We went with a DIY two-sided desk that our kids can share given their ages and that they do not need separate learning spaces.

Older Kids. If space is limited and they need a private work area, consider getting them an adjustable bed that allows them to sit up to read, work (and yes, game) in bed. Adjustable bases are almost the same price today as a box spring. My Girlfriend did this for her 15 year old and swears he has never been more motivated to do his school work. The combination of a queen bed making him feel like an adult and a bed that adjusts was just what he needed to feel like he had his own space in the world.

Other more traditional options include: DIY folding desk shelf mounted to the wall or a conventional desk if the room allows.


Room Shares and Saving Space.  Maximize your space with daybed/trundle combo or bunk beds. Bunk beds are great because they give children their own personal space and both options create more open space in the room compared to full or queen size beds.

If you have kids that can’t leave each other alone, or you just want to give them more privacy, consider a privacy pop up bed tent. My neighbor swears this saved the peace in her house.


Room refreshes can be done on a budget and give everyone in the house a much needed space to own and love. I am doing my room next, for the same reasons I did theirs!


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