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Real Mom Review: BarkBox

Real Mom Reviews

BarkBox is a subscription box just for DOGS that celebrates the special connection you have with your furry family member. Every BarkBox includes dog toys, treats and chews specially curated for your dog's size, shipped free to your door every month.

CertifiKID Founder & CEO, Jamie, tried out BarkBox for her family's new puppy, Zoomie. She received a free BarkBox in exchange for providing an honest review of her experience.

Jamie: I am the last person you would ever think would get a dog. My parents still tell the story about how, as a child, I let the neighbor’s dog out while we were watching it and it ran away. I am not sure what it is, but dogs just never clicked with me. Yes, I thought they were cute and loved meeting my sister’s or a friend’s new addition but never walked away wanting one of my own. Then, I had kids and my daughter, in particular, talked constantly about wanting a dog. I brushed her off and told her she could get one when she goes to college. We had the same discussion every single morning as she would pet all the neighbors’ dogs on our street while waiting for the school bus.

Then COVID-19 hit. Immediately I lost my mind. Like seriously…I lost my mind. The impact of the pandemic on my business was overwhelming, and having my kids home all day and not being able to give them the attention they needed left me feeling tremendous guilt. I also looked into the future of the coming weeks and months, including the insane possibility that the kids may not be able to go to overnight summer camp, something they seriously live and die for. Oh, and my daughter’s birthday was coming up shortly, which she had been planning for months. Of course, those plans were now out the window and she was feeling depressed.

So somehow the dog happened. It really happened. And our adorable Cavapoo Zoomie has been the greatest thing to happen to our family in 2020! I never expected to adore a dog and connect with a dog the way I do with Zoomie. He has brought so much love, joy and comfort to our family during this awful time.

Before we got Zoomie, my sister-in-law had raved to me about BarkBox and how her dog Fonize was obsessed and they were the only toys he played with and how much she loved the entire experience. So I was excited to check out what all the fuss was about.

All I have to say is WOW! Our BarkBox was a total experience for the whole family. I could not get over how creative the whole box was and the entire experience of it. They tie it all into a theme and just go crazy. It is unbelievable.

First off, the box is super cute with a whole story tied into a theme. Our box theme was the Australian Outback theme and included two toys, two bags of treats and one stick. It is great to be able to try out new treats in smaller bags so I can figure out what sort of things Zoomie likes; he also seemed to love the stick!

The toys are the perfect size and so cute. Zoomie does not have many toys yet because we have not left the house to go to a store so he is so happy to have these two pals! They are very durable and have lasted through all his biting and shuffling them around. The wombat toy is really unique because there's also a hidden toy inside, and the kangaroo has a pocket in the front to hide treats in for active play.

I am totally sold on BarkBox! I will definitely be signing Zoomie up for a monthly subscription, as it is not only a treat for him but also a super fun experience for our whole family....especially right now when family experiences are a bit tougher to have.  


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