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Real Mom Review: My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker

Real Mom Reviews
My Audio Pet Penguin My Audio Pet Penguin

My Audio Pet is the tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT Bluetooth speaker on the planet with sound beyond size and cool features to match. 

CertifiKID team member, Leslie, received a free My Audio Pet in exchange for providing an honest review of her experience. 

My Audio Pet

Leslie: My 12 year-old daughter spent all weekend with her new pet penguin... a bluetooth speaker from My Audio Pet! We had read the review that My Audio Pets boast "sound beyond size" but we really didn't expect much from this tiny new addition to our family (about the size of an egg).

My Audio Pet Penguin

How good could the sound quality be from a speaker that is not even two inches tall? So she paired it with her android phone - which was a breeze - and tested it out. And let me tell you, we were both wowed.... the sound quality is exceptional. The volume was significantly louder than we had expected. When my husband came into the room, he was astounded that such booming sound was coming from such a tiny critter!

After a few minutes of fiddling with her new pet penguin, my daughter was even more amazed. She realized she could also:

  • Use it as a speaker phone
  • Hide it in the kitchen cabinet to freak out her mom (me!) using the Open Mic from the Hide and Speak App
  • Use the Selfie Remote Feature to take some awesome pics or vids (her own personal TikTok vid remote!)

Our neighbor has a My Audio Pet (shark), so he can listen to music as he and his pooch float in the pool.

When the shark and penguin get paired together for a playdate, the result is mind-blowing stereo-quality sound that can lead to impromptu dance parties.

But I almost forgot to tell you about my daughter's favorite feature: The Hide and Seek App! My daughter and her friend ran around the house and outside in the yard for HOURS today playing hide and seek with her penguin. Even I got in on the fun!

Best of all... My Audio Pets do not need to be walked, groomed, cleaned up after, fed (except recharging), boarded, or trained. They will not chew up your shoes, leave stains on your carpet, or claw your curtains.

My Audio Pets really are the perfect pet! 


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