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Starting the (Virtual) School Year Fresh With a Room Re-do!

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My daughter Lila is moving on to middle school in the fall. She is definitely in the pre-teen phase where her interests are TikTok, makeup, aesthetics (whatever that is?!) and her friends, and no longer princesses, fairytales and tutus. She has been pressing me super hard on allowing her to update her room from when we moved in when she was a toddler. With the quarantine, she has spent so much time in her room, so I get where she's coming from. When we moved into the house I let her pick out her wall colors and she picked to do half the walls in bright pink and half in purple. She has pictures of "Frozen" on her walls and dancing fairies.

The other thing is, until COVID, she was sharing her brother's bed every night because she complained her bed was so uncomfortable. When COVID hit, I think the kids just had enough of spending time with each other and went back to sleeping alone. I am nervous that when school starts they will revert back to their old ways. So, I realized NOW would be the best time to find her a comfy bed and make her comfortable in her own room and really own her space.

When I gave her the green light on redoing her room, I asked her to do some research. She has been obsessed lately with an interior design app. She was able to actually sketch out her room and show how she would move things around to give me a preview. She really wants to paint her walls white, but I told her right now that is where we are drawing the line on the redecorating so she will have to make peace with the pink and purple walls for the time being.

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We went ahead and researched beds and heard rave reviews on LuuF mattresses, and since they are a partner of ours, they offered to give us a new Simplicity model mattress that just launched in exchange for our honest feedback. Since it has all the same safety certifications as their Little LuuF kids mattress, and it would carry Lila into her adult years, we were excited to try it!

The mattress arrived at our front door in a big box and the two of us were actually able to carry it up the stairs together. I had no idea how a mattress could possibly fit in a box, but when it came time to open it, we sliced the plastic off with the handy razor tool LuuF provided and the mattress expanded and popped right out on the floor. Lila got a kick out of it. We moved her old mattress onto the floor and decided we might just keep it there so when she has sleepovers her friends can sleep there. 

Now came the big test! Lila jumped onto the bed and laid down and announced, "This is heaven!" She loved the mattress and was also lucky enough to get a cooling pillow from LuuF, which was ridiculously exciting to her. She is always warm so this pillow felt amazing to her. Over the past couple weeks of having this pillow I have had to deal with the arguments from her brother trying to steal it because he loves it so much too!

While Lila loves the comfort of the mattress, as a parent, I love that all LuuF mattresses are non-toxic, made in the USA, and offer outstanding affordability for a luxury product. LuuF's great customer service, contactless shopping and delivery, and easy returns and exchanges also make the mattress-buying process a dream!

The other addition to the bed, which I surprised Lila with was a new duvet. I knew she was tired of the bright pink, more childish one and I stumbled upon a new line made by Ugg at Bed, Beth & Beyond, which I thought she would die for. It is that Sherpa material and so cozy.

Lila also suggested we rearrange the furniture to shake things up a bit. We had recently added a vanity makeup seat and mirror, which she is obsessed with. I had done a lot of research and found this one at Wayfair.

Next, we moved on to the decor. Lila was thrilled I let her order LED lights from Amazon, which were super inexpensive. I had no clue what she was doing with them or really what they are! When they arrived, I realized it is like a sticker that you plug in and we stuck it around her windows. They change colors and are actually really cool.

The last pieces of the puzzle were the pictures and the shower curtain. Lila immediately had us pull down the princess stuff. She is very into lips, inspirational words and aesthetics.

She has a super cute emoji shower curtain, but wanted something more sophisticated. Shower curtains are really easy ways to change up the vibe of a room and very inexpensive. 

Here's what Lila had to say about her new room: "I love my new room. This is seriously the best bed ever. It is so comfy and my comforter is so fluffy and soft. Thank you, mommy, for my room makeover." Score one for mom! Thank you, Luuf!

For a limited time, you can save 25% off Luuf mattresses and accessories, including their new Simplicity line, their most affordable adult mattress ever that includes multiple layers of cooling comfort and is designed for all sleeping positions. Plus, Luuf is donating a portion of the proceeds from every mattress sold between now and the end of September to charities affected by the pandemic.


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