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Real Mom Review: Jassby Family Finance App

Real Mom Reviews

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My husband and I always talk about how important it is for our children to understand financial responsibility. In school, our kids take classes to learn History, Science, Math and English - but why are there no classes that teach how to manage money? Given how crucial financial management is to navigating life, how can we provide our children real world experience with earning, saving, budgeting and spending? And the million dollar question: How can we accomplish this in a way that's convenient, easy-to-figure-out and fun for our kids?

Enter Jassby, a simple and easy-to-use app that allows parents and children to collaborate in managing money, chores and allowance - all from your iphone! How does Jassby work?

My son earns $10 for mowing the lawn every week. Paying him is trickier than it should be - sometimes I forget to pay him, sometimes I don't have the money in my wallet. Problem Solved! Jassby's "Request Money" feature allows my son to proactively request money for mowing the lawn. Once I approve the request, this money is deposited directly into his Jassby account.

My children love to earn money, and I am happy to reward them to help me with my everyday chores or even get their homework done early! Jassby's "Assign Chores' feature makes it easy to provide incentives for my children to do tasks around the house and a bit of a reason to get school work out of the way!

Our family's favorite Jassby features:

My son: Definitely Jassby's Virtual Debit Card, a contactless payment solution that eliminates the need for a physical debit card and can be used anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. It’s also the only debit card for kids without a monthly fee when used!* A parent must activate the debit card and set spending limits. Also, parents are notified each time the card is used.

Note that Jassby's Virtual Debit Card is only available in limited release this year. Join the waiting list to receive $20 to the Jassby Mall!

My daughter: My daughter can use the money in her Jassby account to go shopping within the app in the Jassby Mall. Just for kids, the Jassby Mall allows kids to shop for the latest apparel, cosmetics, tech & games from top vendors! And best of all, she doesn't have to mom to borrow my credit card (although I will automatically receive a notification of her purchase).

My husband: With Jassby's "Set Allowance" feature, my husband just chooses the day and the amount, and allowance is automatically transferred to our kids every week! No more having to hunt for cash on allowance day!

Mine (Mom): Jassby provides reports and notifications so that I can maintain control and have complete, real-time visibility into my childrens' earning, saving and spending on the Jassby app.

Grandma & Grandpa: With Jassby, even grandparents can send money directly for special occasions from the Jassby app!

Available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Jassby gives kids real-world experience earning, saving and spending money, and gives us parents a much easier way to manage it all!

* No fee for the first six calendar months of family enrollment in the Jassby Virtual Debit Card program. After the conclusion of the six-month promotional period, there is no monthly fee for any calendar month in which at least one family Jassby Virtual Debit Card is used to make at least one purchase. If there is no purchase activity on any family Jassby Virtual Debit card in a calendar month, a monthly fee of $2.99 applies for that calendar month.


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