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Say Hello to Roll by Goodyear, Tire Buying Simplified

Real Mom Reviews

The publisher received complimentary tires and service to facilitate this testimonial. However, all opinions are her own. Roll by Goodyear is an zero-contact tire changing experience. Backed by Goodyear’s quality and legacy, they've combined that with a streamlined tire-buying experience to make your next tire purchase as enjoyable as possible. They’ve made buying tires online simple and straightforward and present you with the best options that fit your vehicle, and allow you to get your new tires installed on YOUR terms. Rather than sitting in a waiting room, they come to you. This service is available in the Greater Philadelphia, Maryland, and DC Metro areas.

There are some things in life you just can’t procrastinate doing, and changing your tires is one of them. However, if you’re anything like me you move it to the bottom of the to-do-list and literally keep going until the wheels almost fall off. These days the last thing I want to do is sit for hours in a cramped and smelly waiting room while my tires get changed or drop it off and be car-less all day. Especially now since Covid-19, it’s even harder to get me to commit to sitting anywhere for hours outside of my home let alone a garage.

So imagine my excitement when I found out about Roll by Goodyear’s effortless, zero-contact tire changing service and CertifiKID's deal for 10% off select sets of four tires. I mean who doesn’t know Goodyear. Their name is synonymous with tires, so clearly I trusted the brand, quality and service I was expecting to get and they did not disappoint.

The process was simple. There were two ways I could order my tires, online or by phone. I chose online and found their website to be super easy. Like so easy that my 8 year-old could do it. Each step literally asked one question or spoke to me in clear terms, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Questions like, “What do you drive?”, “Cool ride. What year?” and “How many tires do you need?”.

Next was selecting the actual tires to buy. This part is always the hardest for me whether I’m in a showroom or online. I probably could have benefited from calling Roll by Goodyear to get some guidance because figuring out if I wanted all-season, winter, summer tires or how may miles I may get out of the tires, speed rating, etc. are a little over my head.

Living on the east coast we actually experience every season so it made sense to select all-season tires. Lucky for me the website showcases the best three options, minimizing how many I needed to choose from but still allowing me to see all of them if I wanted. Each option offered a brief description as well as price.

Once I got through that part it was time to pick the most convenient option for installation.

  1. Drop off my vehicle at a nearby showroom.
  2. Have the professional valet pick up my car, get the job done, and return it.
  3. Have the mobile tire shop come to me and change the tires in my driveway.

Having two little ones who are learning remotely makes it virtually impossible for me to get away in the day, so I opted to have the mobile tire shop come to me. Plus, there were no additional charges regardless of whichever method I picked. I selected a date and time that worked best for my schedule and that was it. I got an on-screen and email confirmation and was all set.

The day before my install I received a phone call confirming my appointment and the technician called me the morning of. He showed up in his bright yellow truck ahead of time, was very pleasant and professional, asked for my keys and told me he’d be here for about an hour. I went inside and did my thing, while he did his. A couple of times I peered out the window and saw some curious neighbors checking out what was going on.

In the time it took to change my tires, I was able to monitor my preschooler on her e-learning call, whip up some breakfast, respond to emails, wash and fold some laundry and do a few other things around the house. All of which I would not have been able to do if I was stuck waiting around in a garage. I was totally amazed at how much I was able to get done in the time he was here.

I almost forgot he was outside until I heard the doorbell ring. He showed me my new tires and explained all he had done. I signed off on the work and he was gone. Just like that. I only expected to get my tires changed but to my surprise he thoroughly cleaned the tire rims, and vacuumed and dusted the inside of my car. All of this took a little over an hour.

Seriously, I smiled the rest of the day. It was surreal to me that I got 4 brand new tires and never left the house. This was truly a simpler way to buy tires. Roll by Goodyear gave an experience like no other. It was safe and convenient, saved time (and my sanity) and caused the least interruption to my day. I highly recommend this service. Time to say goodbye to garages and waiting rooms and hello to Roll by Goodyear.


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