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Real Mom Review: Purple Kids Mattress

Real Mom Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good night sleep? What better way to ensure a good night sleep than to have a really comfortable mattress – this is where Purple’s Kid Mattress fits into the story. When asked if we wanted to test out a new mattress, my kids were all over it. I had never heard of the company Purple but as soon as I mentioned it to my husband, he said of course he had heard the name. He not only knew the name, but said they have a great reputation for providing comfortable mattresses with easy set-up and delivery right to your front door. So next came the fun part … within a few weeks, we had mattresses, sheets and pillows delivered. The mattresses were packed so efficiently and neatly that it made it easy for me and my 10-year old daughter to carry into the house.

We started to unpack the boxes before carrying the mattresses upstairs. My daughter found a little souvenir, which very quickly became her favorite new squishy. A mini purple bed made out of the Purple Grid™ material. Just feeling this material made us excited to take the mattress upstairs and start unpacking everything.

In just 3 easy steps, we were ready to test out the new mattress. Together we were able to unwrap the mattress with the assistance of a cutter provided, place it in the bed frame and within a very short period of time, the bed expanded to its final state. We have purchased other packaged mattresses by mail in the past and I have to say, the Purple mattress expanded to its final size in less than half the time it had taken for other mattresses that we had.

Now comes the real test – what happens when you lie down on the mattress. Both my daughter and I tested it out, we lied on our backs, lied on our sides, curled up and just tried it every which way to get a good feel of what it was like to lie on a Purple mattress. We both agreed that the mattress conformed to our body but was not squishy, you still felt a strong sense of support while also feeling like the mattress was meant just for YOU. But wait, there is more … we had to make the bed with our new Purple sheets and pillow. My daughter immediately commented how they were so soft and comfy and felt so nice and cool. I definitely think that she was “sold” on her new mattress …

And after a good night’s sleep, she woke up in the morning feeling the same way and commented “Mom, the pillow stayed cold all night”, something that we all love in our home. Ironically, I went back to CertifiKID's website to check out the Purple deal and wasn’t surprised to see that our experience matched was described for the Purple Kid’s mattress as a mattress that is “both soft and supportive and adapts and responds to their movement”. You too can have this same experience, we highly recommend it! Head on over to CertifiKID.com and check out the details for the Purple Kids Mattress offer – you won’t be disappointed!



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