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Happy 11th Birthday to CertifiKID

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This week CertifiKID turns 11! During our birthday week, I always like to take time to reflect on where we started, where we are, and where we are going. When we made it to year 1, I was shocked, so the thought of making it to year 5 was beyond my wildest dreams, let alone 10+. Well, the fact we made it to 11 after this pandemic makes me think nothing can stop us!

I know everyone has experienced a difficult year in some way or another — whether it has to do with physical or mental health, or financial, business, professional or just personal issues. This was an exceptionally trying year for our business in many ways. When the focus of your company is on creating family experiences outside the home but everything is closed, it is a challenge to say the least!

Then, we decided to make a pandemic pivot last summer and acquire another company in the midst of this uncertainty – Macaroni KID. This is an extraordinary company and community made up of hundreds of moms throughout the country which was also going through the pandemic and then, on top of that, had to deal with new leaders and our business integration.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, I turned 100 percent of my focus on the business — keeping it alive and relevant and integrating and building up our new “KID." I was so inspired by these Macaroni KID publishers who also pushed through this uncertainty and did incredible things for their communities and businesses, such as Drive-through Valentine's Day Events and Boo Basket deliveries on Halloween.

As our 11th birthday arrives with all those glowing candles, we are starting to see the light and the light is SO beautiful. I appreciate it more than I ever have. This year has pushed us to not only learn and grow, but has actually put us in a better position than we were pre-COVID. Families are so eager now to get out of their homes and start making up for lost time and experiences. CertifiKID and Macaroni KID are ready and uniquely able to help them!

I have to pinch myself because it is hard to fathom why CertifiKID has been roaring for 11 years. The key reason is our team. I feel incredibly connected to and thankful for my team. I have watched their children grow since they were toddlers as they now enter their teenage years. I have also been given the special opportunity this year with Macaroni KID to lead a new group of fantastic women whom I have had to meet and work with only virtually.

This year I have seen more tears and emotion than in all the years of our business, but I think the vulnerability and empathy has brought us all closer together. I think we appreciate everything a bit more than post-COVID. We have not only been through a pandemic but an acquisition all in a year ... all while our team of parents have also dealt with homeschooling and family health concerns. I can’t wait for our first get-together in person to finally reconnect in our new light.

I am also so grateful for all our customers and partner businesses who have supported us over these past 11 years. Your support is why we are still here and growing. I am also thankful for the opportunity over all these special years to be able to work every day with my husband (President) and father (CFO). It is hard to even turn off when work is so intertwined with your family life, but I think this has been a key ingredient to our success and making it this far. Honestly, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

And the craziest part of it all is I feel like we are JUST getting started here! Happy 11th birthday, CertifiKID!


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