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Electric Gamebox: An Immersive, Awe-Inspiring Experience

DC/MD/VA Just For Fun Real Mom Reviews
With locations opening across the US, Electric Gamebox offers the newest, coolest immersive, interactive gaming experience for adults and kids. Here's our review...
This weekend we had a "back to the future" experience at the NEW! Electric GameBox in Arlington, VA.  My 7year-old daughter and a few of her gal pals piled into our SUV and made our way over to the newly renovated Ballston Quarter.
Upon arrival at Electric Gamebox, the friendly staff showed us how to check in and pointed us to the complimentary lockers to store coats and valuables. While in the lobby area, our anticipation spiked as we watched another group that was already playing in a glass-paneled "gamebox" viewable from the lobby area. 
Once it was our turn, we were led down the hall to our special reserved room.  At this gaming experience, you have a private gamebox that is just for you and your friends which makes it very Covid friendly. 
There were a variety of colored visors hung on the wall and each of the children (and mom!) picked a color and we waited for instructions on how to play the games. Everyone was blown away when the gamebox was transformed into a technological playground. 
The 60-minute game we played involved four different subgames. First up was a game of what us "Atari-aged" adults would call "pong". The object of the game was to use your body as the "pong stick" and try to block the balls. This was the moment I realized that not only was this an immersive video game, but a great way for all of us to get some fun exercise! Other games included a memory game, a game that reminded me of Pac-Man, where the girls and I scrambled around the room trying to collect dots while evading ghosts, and a dodgeball game where we tried to avoid being destroyed by colored balls.
By the end of the hour-long session, the kids and I had quite the fun workout! The kids loved getting a "score" for their overall performance and we created a team fun giphy at the end. We will definitely be visiting again!
Excited for your Electric Gamebox outing? Here's what to expect...

We visited...
Ballston Quarter Mall, Level 2
4238 Wilson Blvd Unit 2233
Arlington, VA 22203

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