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Add a trip to the most unique amusement park to your bucket list of family fun! Head to Diggerland USA - a construction-themed adventure park where children and their families drive, ride, and operate ACTUAL heavy machinery in a safe family-friendly environment. Diggerland USA, located in West Berlin, NJ (20 minutes from Philadelphia) is the only construction-themed park of its kind in North America. Your family will enjoy over 25 extraordinary attractions - the majority of which are real, diesel powered, full size, pieces of construction equipment. Each machine has undergone advanced engineering modifications which make them safe for the public, allowing children as small as 36″ to operate with little to no instruction. Guests who visit Diggerland can drive full size backhoes, dig giant holes with real excavators, and operate just about every sort of construction machine you might imagine – from the skid-steers to dumper trucks and more. Along with operating heavy machinery, Diggerland guests can climb one of the world’s tallest ropes courses, take an off road adventure in one of their military trucks, tackle the rock wall, or spend time in the video arcade. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - scoop up this CertifiKID Deal for $10 Off your admission to Diggerland USA and use your ticket any day the park is open from now until November 25, 2018!
Enjoy a day of family fun and learning at ... *** HURRY! DISCOUNTED TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BY JUNE 30, 2018 !! *** Ranked among the top five children’s museums in the U.S., Port Discovery Children’s Museum offers three floors of interactive, educational exhibits and ever-changing programs for children ages birth through 10. Admission provides unlimited access to a GAZILLION hands-on learning exhibits, including: Dinosaurs: Land of Fire & Ice™ (Through September 9, 2018) Travel back in time to when dinosaurs last roamed the land! In this fascinating exhibit, you’ll encounter unfamiliar landscapes and touchable dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. Plus, build science skills as you investigate clues about what the dinosaurs left behind! Activities include: Explore the Field Research Station like a paleontologist while uncovering fossils with brushes and by creating drawings using fossil rubbings and tracings. Adventure through the Land of Fire to explore the prehistoric home of the Triceratops and T-Rex. Circle the land in insect costumes, explore a volcano with oozing lava, and make your way through a swampy bog while identifying animals and plants! Take a trip across the Land of Ice (no coats needed!) to meet the dinosaurs who made their homes in the cold climate of Alaska. Plus, explore rocky steps and icy slides from the cold climate of Alaska! The Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD® (Beginning September 22, 2018) MR. POTATO HEAD will lead the way on a jungle safari, in outer space, on an archaeological dig, and on an under the sea exploration with amazingly fun ways to help children build fundamental skills, welcome new experiences with confidence, curiosity and humor, and to think about all they can be and do.   Permanent Exhibits: KidWorks Climb, crawl, jump, and slide through the amazing one-of-a-kind three-story jungle gym and urban treehouse. With endless tunnels to navigate, rope bridges to cross, slides and tight spaces to conquer, it's sometimes hard to convince kids not to spend the entire morning or afternoon just on this one single attraction! Tiny's Diner Head over to this realistic 50's style diner to "cook" and serve food - and even ring up orders at the cash register.   Kick It Up! Get fit and healthy in this indoor soccer and games stadium. Surf, snowboard, bike and skate through challenging courses!   Adventure Expeditions Travel back to 1920's Egypt at  to decipher hieroglyphics and find clues that will lead you to a pharaoh's lost tomb!  Royal Farms Convenience Store and Fill'er Up Station Stop by to stock up on some healthy food. Don't forget to fill up the VW Beetle with gas and check your tire pressure before you leave! Tot Trails Infants and toddlers love exploring this whimsical exhibit that celebrates Maryland's heritage through hands-on exploration of unique landmarks and landscapes. Wonders of Water  Splish splash in  interactive water exhibits. Don't worry, there are slickers and Crocs for everyone! Here's what local parents are saying about Port Discovery Children's Museum: “Absolutely worth the trip to Baltimore” "A great way to spend a few hours with the family. We opted for the family membership, because we know we'll be back again and again. Lots of fun for kids aged 1 - 10 (at least). Plenty of room to roam, learn, explore, make noise, create art, read, run around, and just have an amazing time." - Craig S., Trip Advisor, Oct. 31, 2016 “Non Stop Fun” "This kid's museum is full of enough activities even for the most energetic athletic child. A huge climbing structure rises up three stories in the center of the building. Ramps, slides, tunnels can make it all the way up to the third floor...Great water room where you can enclose yourself in a giant bubble and make music by striking instruments with water...Not sure who had more fun or my three-year-old grand daughter!" - Karen V., Trip Advisor, Oct. 18, 2016
Get closer to POTUS1 than ever before at George Washington's Mount Vernon. At George Washington’s estate, you can: Follow in the first president’s footsteps. See how George Washington lived by touring his mansion, gardens and farm, and learn little-known facts about the father of our country. Join Washington’s spy ring. Mount Vernon’s free adventure app, Agent 711, puts you in the role of Revolutionary War spy as you tour the grounds. Visit the Pioneer Farm. See farming demonstrations and say hello to sheep, horses, hogs and other animals who live at Mount Vernon. Hop on board a river cruise. Leave dry land behind and enjoy the river breeze during a narrated sightseeing tour on the Potomac River. Cruises are offered seasonally through October. Tour the estate with the family dog. George Washington loved dogs, and canine friends are still welcome at the historic property. Experience the Revolutionary War in a 4D Theater. Watch the new film, Washington's War, inside the 4D theater, where snow falls from above and you'll feel the ground shake as cannons fire. Put yourself in Washington's boots at Be Washington. In this new interactive experience, you'll be presented with one of four scenarios that Washington faced and decide on the course of action as if you were George Washington. George Washington’s Mount Vernon is open 365 days a year and is just 8 miles from Alexandria, VA and 15 miles from Washington, DC. Parking is free.
"If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!" ~Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie). Set your inner Lost Boy (or Wendy) free to roam among the branches, under the canopy. Climb and zip along the aerial trails of The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring as though you were flying through the trees in search of “faith, trust and pixie dust”. Fill yourself with that magical feeling one gets when they let go of fear and embrace adventure! The Adventure Park offers both family and grown-up fun. Choose from 13 different aerial trails - beginner through advanced levels.  The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring is truly a place of wonder. They provide each guest with a harness, all necessary equipment, and an interactive safety briefing that demonstrates how to climb in the park. Every climber is continually connected to a safety cable during their time in the trees. With a wide selection of separate aerial trails of varying levels of difficulty, there is something for all ages and abilities--5 and older. Embark on an above ground adventure on the bridges that span the trees, rope platforms, zip lines and wood configurations that make up the over 190 unique challenges. Hone your skills, bolster your endurance and build confidence while immersing yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience. Skilled and trained Adventure Park staff members monitor the Park and are on hand to lend assistance if needed. Great for family bonding time, a cool double date retreat, girl or boy's night out, or just a way to reconnect to that wide-eyed adventure seeker deep inside you that has - like Peter Pan - refused to grow up.
Fun is always in season at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg and Water Country USA. Invade uncharted territory on InvadR, Busch Gardens’ first wooden roller coaster that features a 74-foot drop and nine airtime hills. Or, slip on some magic lenses and hop aboard a dragon on Battle For Eire—Action VR Ride, a revolutionary virtual reality attraction opening spring 2018. Spring into fun with a host of family activities. Meet your favorite characters at Sesame Street® Forest of Fun™ or head over to Wolf Haven to learn more about some of our North American predators. Keeping cool during a summer of thrills is easy. Guests can splash and slide the summer away at Water Country USA, Virginia's largest water park. The park offers fun for the entire family with resort-style amenities and more than 40 state-of-the-art water rides and attractions. Experience a rush aboard Colossal Curl, the park’s first family thrill ride and the first of its kind in North America. Water Country USA features refreshing pools, children’s play areas and lazy rivers, offering hours of fun in the summer sun. For thrills, relaxation and family fun, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA are a dynamic duo this summer.
Nothing ushers in the THRILL of summer like a good carnival! Who can’t help but smile and have a blast as you whirl around in a gleeful swirl on the Tilt-a-Whirl? This year, start summer off right with the One Loudoun Mall Carnival in Ashburn, VA brought to you by Jolly Shows, the experts in family entertainment. Get a head start on sweet summer fun with an UNLIMITED rides wristband, good on any Monday - Thursday evening from June 6th - June 21st.  Frolic all evening long on the classics, new thrillers and kid-friendly rides like: The Zipper Rock N Cars (Bumper Cars) Gondola Wheel (Ferris wheel) UFO Area 51 Navy Seal Candyland Swing Helicopters Merry-Go-Round Tea Cups AND SO MANY MORE! Since the 1950's, Jolly Shows has been entertaining families from the Mid Atlantic Region with high quality amusement rides, challenging games and delicious food. Mmm, corn dogs, fried Oreos and funnel cake anyone?
Receive Unlimited Play with this Special 14-Month Family Membership to ... HURRY! DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIPS  ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2018 !! Ranked among the top five children’s museums in the U.S., Port Discovery Children’s Museum offers three floors of interactive, educational exhibits and ever-changing programs for children ages birth through age 10. Membership provides unlimited access to a GAZILLION hands-on learning exhibits, including: Dinosaurs: Land of Fire & Ice™ (Through September 9, 2018) Travel back in time to when dinosaurs last roamed the land! In this fascinating exhibit, you’ll encounter unfamiliar landscapes and touchable dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. Plus, build science skills as you investigate clues about what the dinosaurs left behind! Activities include: Explore the Field Research Station like a paleontologist while uncovering fossils with brushes and by creating drawings using fossil rubbings and tracings. Adventure through the Land of Fire to explore the prehistoric home of the Triceratops and T-Rex. Circle the land in insect costumes, explore a volcano with oozing lava, and make your way through a swampy bog while identifying animals and plants! Take a trip across the Land of Ice (no coats needed!) to meet the dinosaurs who made their homes in the cold climate of Alaska. Plus, explore rocky steps and icy slides from the cold climate of Alaska! The Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD® (Beginning September 22, 2018) MR. POTATO HEAD will lead the way on a jungle safari, in outer space, on an archaeological dig, and on an under the sea exploration with amazingly fun ways to help children build fundamental skills, welcome new experiences with confidence, curiosity and humor, and to think about all they can be and do.   Permanent Exhibits: KidWorks Climb, crawl, jump, and slide through the amazing one-of-a-kind three-story jungle gym and urban treehouse. With endless tunnels to navigate, rope bridges to cross, slides and tight spaces to conquer, it's sometimes hard to convince kids not to spend the entire morning or afternoon just on this one single attraction! Tiny's Diner Head over to this realistic 50's style diner to "cook" and serve food - and even ring up orders at the cash register.   Kick It Up! Get fit and healthy in this indoor soccer and games stadium. Surf, snowboard, bike and skate through challenging courses!   Adventure Expeditions Travel back to 1920's Egypt at  to decipher hieroglyphics and find clues that will lead you to a pharaoh's lost tomb!  Royal Farms Convenience Store and Fill'er Up Station Stop by to stock up on some healthy food. Don't forget to fill up the VW Beetle with gas and check your tire pressure before you leave! Tot Trails Infants and toddlers love exploring this whimsical exhibit that celebrates Maryland's heritage through hands-on exploration of unique landmarks and landscapes. Wonders of Water  Splish splash in  interactive water exhibits. Don't worry, there are slickers and Crocs for everyone! Here's what local parents are saying about Port Discovery Children's Museum: “Absolutely worth the trip to Baltimore” "A great way to spend a few hours with the family. We opted for the family membership, because we know we'll be back again and again. Lots of fun for kids aged 1 - 10 (at least). Plenty of room to roam, learn, explore, make noise, create art, read, run around, and just have an amazing time." - Craig S., Trip Advisor, Oct. 31, 2016 “Non Stop Fun” "This kid's museum is full of enough activities even for the most energetic athletic child. A huge climbing structure rises up three stories in the center of the building. Ramps, slides, tunnels can make it all the way up to the third floor...Great water room where you can enclose yourself in a giant bubble and make music by striking instruments with water...Not sure who had more fun or my three-year-old grand daughter!" - Karen V., Trip Advisor, Oct. 18, 2016
Life’s a Beach! Or at least we think it should be. Honestly, why can’t we just spend every day bounding through waves, chillin’ in cool water, lounging on warm sand and living the beach life? So maybe you can’t be at the beach every day, but at Chesapeake Beach Water Park, you and your family can enjoy the best of everything a beach has to offer without fighting the traffic to Ocean City.    At just under an hour from DC and Baltimore, Chesapeake Beach Water Park is your easy escape to the beach-life. With a lazy river for you to tube along, a lagoon for lounging by, waterfalls, super soaking slides and a kids activity pool...there is something for everyone in your family. So grab your flip-flops and sunscreen and get ready to live the beach-life, for at least a day!
The first European-style indoor play place in the DC Metro area is here. Welcome to Scramble Indoor Play in Alexandria, VA!   Built by Soft Brick, the UK’s leading soft play manufacturer, Scramble features the two types of play essential for child development, physical play and cognitive play. Play at Scramble is fantastic fun, while at the same time promoting the development of a child’s mind and body.   Scramble's unique activity areas are specially designed to stimulate and encourage children to play without guidance. While parents or guardians remain responsible for supervising their children, they are welcomed to relax in the café area, with its unobstructed views of the play areas for younger children, enjoy superb coffee, fantastic homemade menu options, and free WiFi.   Open 7 days a week with no reservations required, Scramble has unlimited play each day for a single entrance fee.  And parents are always FREE with paid child’s admission. This summer, treat your kids to a day of play at Scramble!   And don't miss this Scramble Summer Camp Deal for rising K - 6th Graders! 
We've got the BEST DAY TRIP for your family! Located just a couple of hours from the Baltimore/Washington, DC Metro area, Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum is consistently recognized as one of the top children's museums in the country and an internationally recognized leader in "purposeful play." Please Touch Museum features TWO FLOORS of stimulating, interactive exhibits and fun learning opportunities all designed to promote creativity, imagination, deductive reasoning and critical thinking. Let your children lead the way as you follow their curiosity through these awesome exhibits! Hello from Japan! Learn about Japanese culture today through two playful and highly immersive trilingual exhibition environments – a kawaii streetscape and a peaceful Shinto shrine park area. Design a personalized mascot figure, dress-up and sing to a favorite karaoke song and crawl through the forest in the Shinto shrine area. Practice problem-solving skills and manipulation of 3-dimensional elements while building bridges and loading a Japanese city truck with construction materials. Exercise creative and digital literacy skills while learning how to write the names of fruits and vegetables in Japanese, read Japanese manga books and traditional kami stories, and compose wishes at the Wishing Tree. Practice early math skills while taking meal orders and playing cashier at the bento restaurant. (Exhibit open through September 3, 2018) Future architects, city planners and shopkeepers will love City Capers, an exhibit of Philadelphia’s cityscape featuring a construction zone, ShopRite Supermarket and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia medical center. Repair a car and fill its gas tank, jump into the driver’s seat of a SEPTA bus or become a highway toll collector at Roadside Attractions. Then stretch your legs in City Park, complete with a food vendor’s cart. Race sailboats, play with bubbles and discover animals in the high grass as part of River Adventures, an exhibit all about science, nature and weather. It's always tea time in Wonderland, where children can descend down the rabbit hole and weave through a hallway of doors and mirrors, riddles and optical illusions. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Statue of Liberty’s arm and torch, made out of toys and other “found objects.” Baseball bats. Skis. Even a Rocky Balboa bobblehead doll! At the Please Touch Garden, healthy eating, recycling and sustainability are on the menu, taught in part by playing with worms, making seed balls and donning costumes for dramatic play. Junior engineers can assemble, schedule and operate their own trains at Centennial Exploration, as well as gaze in awe at the 20-by-30-foot model of Philadelphia's 1876 Centennial Exhibition grounds and its 200 structures. Build an imaginary world out of giant foam blocks at Imagination Playground. Young astronauts will love Space Station where they can pretend they are a space shuttle pilot or launch their own rocket! Don't forget to take a ride on the Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel (included with this CertifiKID admission deal!), which features 52 hand-carved wooden animals and 1,296 lights! Your admission also includes FREE access to Please Touch Museum's many daily educational programs, including theater shows, story times, sing-a-longs and special S.T.E.M. programs. Click HERE to view daily calendar of activities. "Great Day Trip! I've been here several times and I love it more each time I go! There is so much to stimulate young minds without being overwhelming. I think the breakup of the rooms helps with that." - kbially, TripAdvisor Review, Jan. 8, 2017 "The Please Touch Museum never disappoints! It was one of my favorite places as a kid and is now my favorite place to visit with children! From classics like the real SEPTA bus and working store to newer exhibits like Alice's Wonderland and the life-sized floor piano, a trip to the Please Touch Museum is always a good idea." - Melissa L., TripAdvisor Review, Sept. 12, 2016
Calling all music fans! Music & Arts is hosting a FREE weekend-long lesson studio open house at all of their locations nationwide*! No guitar? No problem. Borrow one at no charge for the class! Plus, during the Lesson Open House weekend only, get a FREE Laurel Canyon guitar** when you sign up for lessons. You read that right. FREE GUITAR! Choose from either a full size guitar, ¾ guitar or ukulele. Click HERE to find the Music & Arts location nearest you. Choose from open mic performances or free beginner guitar lessons. Schedule a free appointment with one of Music & Arts' talented professional lesson instructors. This could be the beginning of your lifelong relationship with music. FRIDAY, June 22nd Take the Stage Open Mic Night 6-8 p.m. Your time to TAKE THE STAGE is now! Come hear your local favorites or get up and jam yourself! SATURDAY, June 23rd FREE Guitar Classes at 11 a.m. & 1 p.m. Learn the basics to start playing! Led by a professional lesson instructor, Music & Arts will guide you through the first steps of learning the guitar! ALL WEEKEND FREE consultations with one of Music & Arts highly qualified lesson instructors. Plus! FREE tours of The Lesson Studio. Music & Arts is the nation's largest music lesson provider, teaching voice, guitar, piano, clarinet, trumpet, violin, flute and drums to more than 1.5 million students. Their lessons are customized by hand-selected, background-checked, university-trained instructors to fit your skill level, age, or favorite genre of music in a family friendly environment. Come check them out for FREE during their nationwide open house event and see for yourself! *Excludes non-lesson locations: San Antonio, TX; Mamaroneck, NY; Greenwich, CT; Paramus, NJ; Ridgewood, NJ and Monroe, NY.
Before we know it, it will be river tubing time! And River Active at  Watermelon Park  on the Shenandoah River - just 20 minutes west of Leesburg - will be waiting for YOU! Today’s deal is your invitation to float down the Shenandoah on river tubes with your guppies in tow. For just $30, you'll get a Family River Tubing Adventure for up to FIVE people - Any Weekday This Summer! The slow-running Shenandoah River is never more than three feet deep - and the current is nice and easy. They even have special tubes with bottoms - so the little kiddos in your group won't fall out. Choose Either: 5 River Tubes OR 4 River Tubes and a Floating Cooler. With a floating cooler, it's easy to bring along your favorite eats to enjoy on your journey. Most tubes have cup holders. If you'd like, River Active at Watermelon Park will provide tethers/leashes to keep the rafts together. 3/4 mile leisurely float down river will take about 3 hours.  No reservations required. Weather-permitting. Back on terra firma you can clean up in the River Active at Watermelon Park bath house, then hit their playground if you'd like! Who's ready for some Serious SPLASHIN' Summer Fun at River Active at Watermelon Park? We are! Want to make a day trip of it? Check out this deal, within a 30 minute drive: Great Country Farms!
Soar through the adventure of a lifetime at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center! Located just an hour from the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro regions, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center zipline tour boasts the best views in the area! With heights up to 40 feet, zips up to 425 ft, and a 100 ft Sky Bridge, this is an experience you won’t want to miss! Experience eight awesome elements: Stairway to Heaven One and Done Pucker Up Blue Ridge Bridge Dew Drop In Geronimo Last Stand Hunter’s Landing Want to PLAY AND STAY?! Check out these other CertifiKID deals at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center for a LOT of adventure FUN: Click HERE to see the Cabin Overnight Getaway. Click HERE to see the White Water Rafting Deal. Click HERE for the Ropes Course and Cabin Overnight Getaway Package.
For families, one trip to the zoo is never enough! That's why a membership to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore comes in handy - you and your HERD can visit as much as you like!  Purchase any level annual Maryland Zoo membership with this CertifiKID deal and enjoy 2 additional months FREE! With a Maryland Zoo membership you'll enjoy FREE, unlimited visits for one year – plus, discounts on guest passes, discounted admission to more than 150 other zoos and aquariums, Member Mornings with early Zoo entry, discounts on Zoo camps, and in Zoo gift shops, a special Zoo Member Perks Program, and so much more! A Basic Membership pays for itself in just 2 visits! Here are 5 More Reasons You Should Get A Maryland Zoo Membership This Summer! 5. Adults -- Let Your Inner Child Run WILD! Members get exclusive savings on events like Yoga at The Zoo, Sip-n-Stroll zoo tours and even a NEW Adult Summer Camp! Save on LEGENDARY fundraisers, like Brew at the Zoo & OcktoBEARfest, where the Zoo is transformed to the most exciting watering hole this side of the Equator! 4. Bring The Whole Herd Enjoy family-friendly festivals throughout the year like Zoo Bop, Trucks for Tots, ZooBOOO!, Bunny Bonanzoo and more, FREE for Zoo members! Members also save on events like popular Summer Camps, Zoo Snooze sleepovers, Stroller Safari or Breakfast with the Animals. 3. Enjoy Outrageously Wonderful Exclusive Zoo Member Perks! Member perks don’t end when you leave the Zoo grounds! Check out our list of Zoo Perks including discounts at Oriole games, Baltimore Brigade tickets, Hippodrome performances, and more! The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has reciprocal partnerships with over 150 zoos and aquariums throughout the country, as well as some wonderful local offers! 2. Support the Animals Your membership also contributes to the Zoo’s mission of education, wildlife care & conservation. Learn more HERE about the conservation projects The Maryland Zoo participates in and all of the animals you'll find at the Zoo. 1. Did we mention it’s a WILD time? Come meet all of the animals at the Zoo! The Zoo is ALIVE with excitement, this will be the WILDEST year yet! You won’t want to miss out on all of the splashing, flapping, swinging and stomping good times! Join the Zoo today - Members get free, unlimited Zoo admission and a whole gaggle of BENEFITS. Don’t just be an onlooker . . . get immersed in all things WILD by becoming a Maryland Zoo Member today! 
Not all bugs are creepy, in fact some are quite beautiful. Robert Frost called Butterflies “flowers that fly." These wondrous creatures are on display in the Wings of Fancy Live Butterfly & Caterpillar Exhibit at Brookside Gardens Conservatory and are sure to spark your child’s awe of nature.   Experience the magic of the Morpho Butterfly and More! Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? You wouldn’t want to try that, but you’ll enjoy learning about why they do it and other facts about the life cycle of these amazing creatures. Find out what you can do to attract native caterpillars and butterflies to your backyard as we “think globally, and garden locally." Come witness the butterfly life cycle as tiny eggs hatch into crawling, chewing caterpillars, which then encase themselves in jewel-like chrysalides and emerge as sipping, flying adult butterflies. This CertifiKID deal can help you turn your backyard into a living classroom!   Voucher is valid every day from July 16 - August 31, 2018   "I recently took my daughter to the Wings of Fancy butterfly show, and it was truly a worthwhile experience. She loved it and even remembered some of the butterfly species from last year. Great place to take the kids!" - Yelp Reviewer from Frederick, MD  
At iFLY, "indoor flying" means something way cooler than jumping on your bed at home. Here, flyers as young as age 3 soar like birds in an exhilarating wind tunnel of smooth air. This family-friendly adventure will literally blow you away as you enjoy the most thrilling part of skydiving - the freefall. And the best part - there's no need to jump out of a plane to experience it! With this special CertifiKID offer you get 25% Off Any First-Time Flyer Package at the BRAND NEW iFLY Montgomery. **You must enter promo code Certifikid25 at checkout to get these amazing prices!!**   Regular Price (Non-Peak)  CertifiKID Price 2-Flight Package for 1 Person $79.95 $59.96 3-Flight Package for 1 Person $101.95 $76.46 4-Flight Package for 1 Person $127.95 $95.96 5-Flight Package for 1 Person $149.95 $112.46 Here's how it works: you show up, suit up, and go through an orientation lesson with expert instructors before lifting off in an air column powered by giant fans. The column is forceful enough to simulate the experience of free-falling through the sky, even though flyers are just a few feet off the ground. Flight instructors are with you every step of the way to ensure your safety and make the most of your flying adventure. As with outdoor skydiving, the free-fall experience lasts for about a minute but flyers get 2 or more flights, and may be able to execute turns and tricks at the instructor's discretion. After gearing up in your flight suit, helmet and goggles, you'll learn proper body position for flying and hand signals used by your guide during flight. While you wait for your adventure, head to the flight deviewing area and see others take flight. When it's your turn to fly, you'll enter the flight chamber on your own (by leaning in) and have your instructor there to assist and spot you for the duration of your flying experience. This is a great introduction to body flight adventure to share with friends and family - so grab this deal for all of your favorite thrill-seekers and start flying at iFLY - Montgomery, today!   Enter promo code Certifikid25 at checkout Host the most talked about event or birthday party of the year at iFLY. What a perfect way to take this exciting day to new heights by celebrating with friends and family. Click HERE for more information on party packages HURRY!! LIMITED TIME ONLY---  Enter promo code Certifikid25 at checkout
Bring the whole family out to cheer on the Nats at one of Bleacher Report's Top 15 Kid Friendly Major League Baseball Parks! Save up to 46% off specially selected Nats games being offered to CertifiKID families through Join the Nationals as they go head-to-head with the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins! Tuesday, June 5 vs. Tampa Bay Rays at 7:05 p.m. Wednesday, June 6 vs. Tampa Bay Rays at 1:05 p.m. (Tote Bag giveaway) Thursday, July 5 vs. Miami Marlins at 7:05 p.m. Saturday, July 7 vs. Miami Marlins at 7:15 p.m. Sunday, July 8 vs. Miami Marlins at 1:35 p.m. (Kids Run the Bases, Signature Sundays) Laugh along with the crowd as you root for your favorite Racing President, get a high five from Screech, the Nationals’ bald eagle mascot and so much more. PLUS the kids will love Sunday games with post-game Kids Run the Bases, Signature Sunday autograph opportunity (see below for additional details) and an amazing playground too! Seating & Pricing $44 for Baseline Box ticket with $15 Added Value credit for food, beverage and merchandise built into the barcode of the ticket ($82 Value - 46% Off) $29 for Corner ticket with $10 Added Value credit for food, beverage and merchandise built into the barcode of the ticket ($52 Value - 44% Off) $14 for Upper Gallery ticket ($22 Value - 36% Off) In addition, Nationals Park now offers the Lansinoh Nursing Lounge, a fully dedicated space for nursing mothers. Located adjacent to Section 223, the air-conditioned lounge includes TVs, comfortable chairs for mothers, diaper changing stations, a play area for toddlers and electrical outlets. And don't forget concessions, offering top-notch munchies with enough to choose from that there is sure to be something for the whole family!  Kids Run the Bases Children can join the fun and take part in Kids Run the Bases after select Sunday home games. Kids Run the Bases begins following the last out of the game, field conditions permitting. All kids ages 4-12 are encouraged to participate. Starting at first base, kids will be directed to run around the bases. Only one adult per child may accompany runners to the field, with the adult continuing along the warning track and then meeting the child near home plate. USO Me and a Friend kids and Jr. Nationals MVP members receive VIP, front-of-line privileges. Parents and guardians are encouraged to sign-up their kids for Jr. Nationals MVP membership at or at the Jr. Nationals kiosk near the Right Field Gate during Saturday or Sunday home games. Signature Sundays Every Sunday, two Nationals players will sign autographs from the top of the Nationals dugout starting one hour and ten minutes prior to first pitch. Fans must obtain a free voucher to participate in the autograph sessions. Available after gates first open (2 hours before first pitch), a limited number of vouchers will be distributed on a first come, first served basis at Section 103. One autograph per person. Weather permitting, subject to player schedules and timing.
Six Flags America is a summer playground right in your backyard! Just eight miles East of Washington, DC., Six Flags is home to 170 acres of family fun, including more than 100 rides, shows and attractions. Take on TEN heart-pounding coasters, such as SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel, BATWING and Wild One. Plus, enjoy two great children’s areas. Cool off in Hurricane Harbor Waterpark, free with park admission, with the region’s largest wave pool, more than 20 water slides and, new this summer, Wahoo River! A longer, faster, wider adventure river experience – great for the whole family! It’s GO TIME and Six Flags has summer fun for your whole family.    Get ready for a day of non-stop fun! Take a look ...
Bring your crafty kids and mini makers to A.C. Moore all summer long for awesome projects! A.C. Moore's Bright Minds Club Kids' Crafternoons are held every Wednesday from 1 - 3 p.m. starting June 27th - August 1st. Join in the summer fun for just $2 per project per child, ages 5-12! Check out the weekly schedule to see all the fun projects your kiddos can make this summer. Registration is now open! Sign up and pay in-store. Click HERE to find an A.C. Moore store near you. 
Opening in September ... A place for Mom, Dad, and the kids. Featuring a state-of-the-art sports complex, premium health club and spa, a Spike Mendelsohn restaurant, and an active entertainment center; it’s time to take advantage of this extraordinary hub of active, healthy fun designed for you and your family!   Let your kids run off that extra energy while you get in the best shape of your life. Then take a trip to the spa and refuel with a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy. And yes, that’s all under one roof.   The St. James was designed to facilitate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. From family fun to personal achievement, it’s all right here: 450,000 square feet or World Class Sports, Wellness, and Entertainment Experiences 50,000 square feet of premium health club with high performance center and spa 30,000 square feet of exceptional dining and active entertainment 30+ sports offerings for athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages
Mary might have had a little lamb but Clark's Elioak Farm in Ellicott City has lots of them! They’ve also got some of Bo Peep's pals. Plus horses, chickens, rabbits, an emu and a donkey with no tail-pinning necessary. The Clark Family has lived on - and worked - this farm since 1797. Each spring, they open up their gates for families from all around the area to come and enjoy up-close encounters with enough  petting zoo farm animals  to make Old MacDonald green with envy. Too tender-footed for turkeys?  Perhaps enjoying a magical journey through Clark's Elioak Farm's Enchanted Forest - where Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes come to life - is more your cup of pixie dust.  Kids will delight in hanging out with larger-than-life-size figures of Humpty Dumpty, Old Mother Goose, The Old Woman who Lived in the Shoe, Jack & Jill and all of their friends.  Learn about sustainable farming in the farm's Education Pavilion, zooooooooooom down the Rainbow Slide, jump on the wagon for a hay ride or hop a pony and giddy-up. The list of things to do at Clark's Elioak Farm is longer than a row of sweet corn. Come out to Clark’s Elioak Farm ANY WEEKDAY IN JUNE - and join thousands of families who have made it a part of their childhood memories.  
Want some "wild" summer fun?  Check out the amazing outdoor fun at Leesburg Animal Park! Get up close to the animals on this twenty-one acre farm and zoo, home to a wide variety of animals, that is sure to be the topic of conversation from your kids long after you’ve headed home. You’ll get to see, pet and “chat” with donkeys, llamas, cows, goats, pigs, zebras, lemurs and even the spring babies (lambs, goats and piglets!). And with the new indoor area available, you and your kids will be treated to adventure rain or shine.  Their new facility features live animal exhibits, a kid's play zone, a theater and even a party room that makes it MORE fun to talk to the animals. Okay, maybe you don't have an animal degree, but you don't need to study elephant or eagle, buffalo, beagle, pig, or flea, to have Dr. Dolittle-style fun at Leesburg Animal Park.  Feed, pet and play, any Tuesday-Thursday this summer with our offer. Want to ride on the wild side? The park also has pony and wagon rides too! Or your little monkeys can play away a spring day at the kid's playground area that includes a wooden pirate ship, train and tractor.
Don’t walk - RUSH - to stake your claim on this deal at the The Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole in Reston, VA!    All the excitement of the Old West’s Gold Rush splashes through endless attractions at this Old West-themed water park.   With Water Slides, Flumes, Sprays, Showers and an Interactive Water Playground, The Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole features a motherlode of fun for all ages!    Careen off covered wagons, float on wild animals and dash through showers tipped from water-filled ore carts. Enjoy a relaxing float along Rattlesnake River, a 725-foot lazy river with a gentle current.   Then it’s off to Pete's Peak, a craggy mountain dotted with boarded up mine shafts and tunnels. Several slides jut out of the mountain, letting you pick the thrill level you’re brave enough for. Slide down Big Pete and Little Pete, or experience the thrills of Prospectors Plummet with one of three enormous three-story water slides!   There's something here for everyone. Tenderfoot Pond, with its pint-sized slide and gentle bubblers, gives toddlers a perfect place for water play. Children will delight at the never-ending bubblers and spray fountains in Boomtown, a multi-level water playground, along with the interactive slides and a tot spray pad area!    Named for ‘Pete the Prospector’ of Lake Fairfax lore, said to have staked his claim for gold here in 1849 to sadly only find water, the Park Authority has turned his bust into a boom for family fun with The Water Mine.    Strike it rich making golden summer memories with your family at The Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole! 
UniverSoul Circus is a Tour de Force of Circus Artistry on a Global Scale! Save Up to 35% Off Tickets! Security Square Mall - Baltimore, MD May 30 - June 17, 2018 National Harbor - National Harbor, MD June 21 - July 22, 2018 Big Top spectacle of global proportions, the extra special 25th Anniversary edition of Atlanta's own UniverSoul Circus takes fans of all ages on an unforgettable journey of electrifying, edge-of-your-seat performances. As has become its trademark after 25 unforgettable years, UniverSoul Circus presents a multicultural/multinational roster of acts in 2018. Hailed as America's top ranked circus, this will be a show you will never forget.
Set your inner adventurer free and experience the excitement of Whitewater Rafting at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center! Harpers Ferry Adventure Center's Whitewater Rafting trips combine whitewater skills and thrills with a landscape rich in history, heritage, and wildlife – all just an hour’s drive from Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Enjoy the exciting rapids and stunning natural beauty of seven untamed miles of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers near Harpers Ferry, WV. You’ll hear the adventure before you see it. Nature’s roller coaster is that awesome! As you raft downstream you’ll encounter: Bull’s Tail - Shenandoah’s mile-long Staircase, Mad Dog, White Horse, Hesitation Ledge, Roller Coaster, and more! No prior experience is needed. Before you get started you’ll learn general orientation to rafting and some of the basics like paddle strokes, maneuvering techniques and river safety skills. Want to PLAY AND STAY? Harpers Ferry Adventure Center has tons of great activities and CertifiKID has the deals: Click HERE for Overnight Cabin Getaway. Click HERE for Zip Lining Canopy Tour. Click HERE for Aerial Adventure Ropes course.
LAUNCH yourself into FUN at the BRAND NEW Launch Trampoline Park in Herndon. Launch is an indoor sports and family entertainment facility with activities for the entire family! Launch is the solution for springtime and summer fun! You can count on Launch for total fun! Launch even has a mini-wipe out course replica inflatable for our smallest of LAUNCHERS and planned Black Lights/Lasers shows for an even more extreme experience. Launch is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Parents, if you'd rather relax while your kids do the jumping, grab a bite to eat at Launch's on-site cafe or observe from the viewing platform! Launch is also the perfect venue for parties, private events, group events, fundraisers, exercise classes, corporate outings, home school meet-ups, toddler time, glow parties, and more! Launch Attractions: Tricked Out Main Court: Test your skills on the massive main court! Soar through the air and dunk with ease! Enjoy 5 dedicated tumble track lanes or show off on the trick boxes! Ninja Course- Have you ever had a dream about becoming the next American Ninja Warrior? Keep on dreaming and reach for the stars! Train on our state of the art Ninja Course which offers two lanes that cater to different levels. Both are guaranteed to challenge you! Crash Pad: Elevate your skills with the stunt bag! Leap off the trampoline and pose for the camera before landing on this gigantic air bag! Extreme Dodgeball: Launch makes dodgeball X-treme with elevated platforms on opposite ends for each team! The game begins as all players race toward the elevated platform at mid court! Dip. Dive. Duck…you know the rest – just don’t get hit! Battle Beam- Do you have the courage to take on another guest, or challenge friends/family all while testing out your strength, agility, and balance? Challenge Accepted!!!! Black Lights and Lasers: A crowd favorite! Glow shirts, black lights, lasers and the #1 destination for an awesome time – LAUNCH!!!! Check out this video tour of all of the fun that awaits you at Launch Herndon!
No vacation in Ocean City, MD is complete without a trip to Jolly Roger Park! So grab this CertifiKID deal and round up the whole family for a FULL DAY of affordable family fun, all conveniently located at 30th St. and Ocean Highway. The Deal: $32 for 1 Water Park Admission and Unlimited Mini-Golf at Splash Mountain Water Park, Treasure Golf and Jungle Golf at Jolly Roger Park. Mix up your beach-pool vacation routine and cool off with some incredible water attractions at Jolly Roger's Splash Mountain Water Park. Ride all 17 of their adrenaline-pumping slides or chill out on the relaxing lazy river. Regardless of your thrill-seeking level, there's something for everyone at Splash Mountain Water Park! Aqualoop: Hailed as the #1 waterslide in the country by Popular Mechanics, the Aqualoop is the only one of its kind on the East Coast! The state-of-the-art enclosed, 360 degree, semi-transparent, looping waterslide begins with an anxiety-ridden countdown before the trap door opens and sends you plummeting down feet-first, Wile E. Coyote style, 480-feet before splashing in the water below. Stealth: The extreme-level half pipe slide has a 45-foot tall vertical ramp that will give you the heart-pumping thrill of being shot uphill into the sky! Go it alone or with a friend. Eye of the Hurricane: Get ready for a bumpy ride! Round and round (and round) you’ll go as the hurricane sucks you in and spits you right back out!  Master Blaster: Hang on tight as Jolly's Rogers Water Roller Coaster will have you flying uphill and down at high speed! 6 Lane Speed Slide: Race to the finish as you compete against others on this smooth, fast-paced slide! Black Hole: Quickly slide through the dark at high speed as you experience unexpected dips and turns - this is a Jolly Roger Waterpark staple! Rainforest Play Area and Slides: Walk, climb and slide through this massive treehouse adventure. Battle fellow pirates with water guns - but beware the Pirate perched on top as he unleashes a tidal wave of water completely soaking everyone in its path! Ragin Raft and Rapids Waterslide: Enjoy this huge slide on a 4-person raft as you soar down into the waters below. Or choose to experience the closest you'll get to whitewater rapids at the beach as you speed down this slide hitting bumps, curves, and ramps as you go. For the faint of heart - you'll find body slides and smaller cannonball slides, the lazy river, a family pool and a pirate ship for the littlest adventurers. Included in your CertifiKID deal is UNLIMITED mini-golf at any of Jolly Roger Park's 2 amazing courses! Choose to compete at any which are within walking distance from the water park. Treasure Mini-Golf: If you love the thrill of seeking buried treasure, this course is for you! Jungle Mini-Golf: This jungle adventure will have you playing through waterfalls, around peaceful lagoons and over scenic mountains all while listening to the sounds of wild animals and an erupting volcano.
Summer is FRUIT Picking Time at Great Country Farms! Schedule some PICK-YOUR-OWN OUTDOOR FUN with your family and friends. Great Country Farms - located just 20 minutes west of Leesburg, VA - GROWS FUN! PICK-YOUR-OWN Season: Starting mid-June - Tart Cherry picking and Blueberries July through mid August - Peaches Beginning late August - Honeycrisp Apples Click HERE to see what is ripe for picking now! And, after you pick, plan to stay awhile to spend time in the GIANT PLAY AREA including: Three 60-foot barrel slides Rope Swings Farm Animal Barnyard NEW! Farm Ninja Warrior Course An 18-hole quaint miniature golf course Wagon Rides A Giant “Jumping Pillow”. Yes a GIANT pillow you can JUMP on!   Come out on one of the days below and enjoy a FUN FESTIVAL along with your admission: Sunday, June 17th - Father's Day Fishing Contest Saturday & Sunday, Aug 4th & 5th - Peach Daze Peach Picking Saturday & Sunday, Aug 18th & 19th - Big Dig Potato Harvest Saturday & Sunday, Aug 25th & 26th - Honey Crisp Apple Picking Snag this sweet-picked deal and you'll get $6 Admission ANY DAY - from June 4th through August 31st!
LAUNCH yourself into FUN at the BRAND NEW Launch Trampoline Park in North Bethesda/Rockville and Launch Trampoline Park in Columbia! Launch is an indoor sports and family entertainment facility with activities for the entire family! Launch is the solution for summertime boredom! With the area’s only Adrenelator (wipeout course), Meltdown, extreme trampoline dodgeball, tricked out main court, launch pad air bag, and arcade, you can count on Launch for total fun! Launch even has a mini-wipe out course replica inflatable for our smallest of LAUNCHERS and planned Black Lights/Lasers shows for an even more extreme experience. Launch is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Parents, if you'd rather relax while your kids do the jumping, grab a bite to eat at Launch's on-site cafe or observe from the viewing platform! Launch is also the perfect venue for parties, private events, group events, fundraisers, exercise classes, corporate outings, homeschool meet-ups, toddler time, glow parties, and more! Launch Attractions: The Adrenelator: First of it’s kind in the United States! An elevated, ninja obstacle course that pits warriors against each other in a race to the top! Will your time be the best on the leaderboard? Be among the first to experience this action packed course! (Rockville Location Only) The Meltdown: An epic 8-player game that tests your stamina, agility and reaction time. Duck under and jump over two whirling boom arms and no matter what – don’t get knocked down! Will you be the first one out or last one standing? Tricked Out Main Court: Test your skills on the massive main court! Soar through the air and dunk with ease! Enjoy 5 dedicated tumble track lanes or show off on the trick boxes! Crash Pad: Elevate your skills with the stunt bag! Leap off the trampoline and pose for the camera before landing on this gigantic air bag! Extreme Dodgeball: Launch makes dodgeball X-treme with elevated platforms on opposite ends for each team! The game begins as all players race toward the elevated platform at mid court! Dip. Dive. Duck…you know the rest – just don’t get hit! Black Lights and Lasers: A crowd favorite! Glow shirts, black lights, lasers and the #1 destination for an awesome time – LAUNCH!!!! Check out The Meltdown attraction in this video!
Looking for an ULTRA FUN outing that is great for all ages? Head over to Ultrazone® Laser Tag in Bailey's Crossroads, VA, Sterling Park, VA or Baltimore, MD - it's The Ultimate Laser Adventure! Strap on a vest and step into the darkened labyrinth and you will become completely immersed in another world - a world where teammates emerge from fog-filled passageways, and a frantic energy pervades your every fiber! Ultrazone provides a safe, supervised environment for kids, teenagers and adults alike to have a blast! Each game of laser tag is 15 minutes of playing time, with 10-15 minutes of instruction beforehand. Players should plan to be stay for at least 90 minutes. Ultrazone® is the premier laser tag facility on the East Coast offering state of the art laser tag games, arcade games, and unbeatable birthday parties...If you've never been to Ultrazone, you're missing out! Aiming to make your next birthday party a big hit? Check out this CertifiKID deal for $65 Off an Ultrazone Super Birthday Party for Up to 10 Kids at any of these locations. Click HERE for more details.
Gather the family ... and maybe a picnic, too, and enjoy a scenic mellow water paddle with River and Trail Outfitters' Park & Paddle! Choose from a variety of kayaks and canoes to paddle about at your leisure in The Shenandoah River! It can’t get easier than this with the River & Trail Outfitters Park & Paddle package. On a first come, first serve basis, try out as many different canoes and recreational kayaks as you’d like– from five different manufacturers. No shuttle necessary. You’ll launch your canoe or kayak from their river landing and spend all your time paddling, fishing, or just floating on the Shenandoah River, 6 miles above Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The Park & Paddle package includes boat rental, life vests, and paddles.
This summer, escape the heat - at Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield, VA!   Flight Trampoline Park is a cutting-edge entertainment, fitness and sports facility unlike anything you have ever experienced. Get ready to: Bounce around on a trampoline court composed of over 50 connected trampolines Test your skill on the NEW! Twin Laser Race Course, Battle Beam or Ladder Challenge Play a game of intense trampoline dodgeball Dunk a basketball in the trampoline basketball slam dunk area But that's not all! For the little ones, there's a dedicated kids area that has over 2000 square feet of trampolines and a large foam pit. And for all of us parents that just want to watch - that's fine also! Observers do not have to purchase a ticket to live vicariously through their children!
It's Summer Time! With summer comes sun. And while sun is fun, a waterpark is cool! Now imagine the waterpark having tube slides, speed slides, a play pool perfect for the little swimmer, and even a wave pool in the mix. It's a Caribbean-themed waterpark, and it’s called – fittingly – GREAT WAVES WATERPARK! GREAT WAVES WATERPARK is Northern Virginia’s answer to the dog days of summer. With adrenaline-pumping slides for the adventure addict in your family and splashy fun kiddie pools for the little ones, there is literally gallons of fun for everyone. CertifiKID is here to help you keep your toes in the water and the moolah in your bank. Grab this deal for weekday admission after 3pm. With fewer folks than during the weekend rush, this makes for the perfect weekday escape. Surf's up gang! See ya’ll at GREAT WAVES WATERPARK!
Family fun reaches new heights at Go Ape!  Take your family for an adventure up in the trees, challenging you to conquer a course that is equal parts fun and fitness! This awesome offer at Go Ape in Springfield, VA features BOTH Treetop Junior Course and Treetop Adventure Course!   Everyone can live life adventurously! Treetop Junior is a fun-filled hour of trail-blazing obstacles for all to enjoy. Release your little monkeys onto an adventure designed just for them!  Features 2 zip lines and 20 obstacles at heights of 20 feet.   The Go Ape Treetop Adventure is a 2-3 hour journey designed for adults and kids that features award-winning Tarzan swings, more than 40 tree-to-tree crossings and epic wind-in-your-face zip lines.    Safety is a big part of every adventure. Each excursion begins with a 30-minute safety briefing, and instructors constantly patrol the grounds. Guests can move at their own pace, making a trip to Go Ape an ideal family outing. And every zip line trip helps the environment as well—Go Ape gives a portion of their proceeds to the public parks they call home.
We SPY an amazing deal for the Nation's Capital's most intriguing and captivating museum and we're on a MISSION to bring it to you... The International Spy Museum $89 Agents F Family Membership (Save $86!) Two Adults & Up to Four Children Unlimited, EXPRESS Access No more waiting in those notoriously long lines!  Intrigue and deception, heroes and villains, history and technology—at the International Spy Museum, there’s something for the spy in all of us. You will adopt a cover, break codes, identify disguised spies, and become the subject of covert surveillance throughout your visit. Through these interactive experiences and immersive environments, the Museum examines actual events, reveals true stories, and presents hundreds of authentic tools of the spy trade. The Museum has many special programs and exhibits geared specifically toward kids and families, including their monthly KidSpy Programs and interactive experiences Operation Spy™ live action spy adventure and Spy in the City™! The Museum also hosts the coolest birthday parties in town - discounted for Members! Members of the International Spy Museum’s Inner Circle experience the best the Museum has to offer! The Museum is a great place to bring out of town guests, too. Members receive two complimentary guest tickets and $5 off additional general admission tickets! ***Please make sure to redeem your membership before visiting the museum by completing the steps below under the 'To Redeem' section.*** Agents F Family Membership Benefits Unlimited, Express Access to the Museum - no lines! Monthly, Members Only E-Newsletter. 20% Off in the SPY Store. Discounts to Select Programs. Priority Seating at Programs. Exclusive Previews of New Exhibits. Top Secret Membership Packet with Card. 2 Free Guest Tickets (Up to $43.90 Value) Free Tickets to Operation Spy™ or Spy in the City™. $5 Off Additional General Admission Tickets. 10% Discount on Birthday Parties. Gift for Each Child from Museum Store.
You work hard all week long. It's only fair that you take time for yourself and indulge in something that's guaranteed to make you happy. Which is why CertifiKID is bringing you this special deal from The Chocolate House. The Chocolate House is a tasting room and boutique store where you can experience over 300 unique chocolate bars and confections made by artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers from all over the world. Located in Washington, DC's Dupont Circle neighborhood, The Chocolate House has been a foodie destination for chocolate lovers for 8 years. Opened as Biagio Fine Chocolate and later Cocova, The Chocolate House is dedicated to creating and growing the connections between consumers, chocolate makers and cacao farmers around the world. Grab a chocolate-loving friend and one of these delicious deals and you, too, can learn about, taste and enjoy some of the world's best chocolate! $69 for One Chocolate Tasting Class for Two People PLUS a 10-Piece Truffle Gift Box to take Home! ($112.95 Value!). This 90-minute class will introduce you to the rich history of chocolate and the process behind manufacturing artisan and fine chocolate. Explore numerous flavor profiles through smelling & tasting exercises that will give you a fresh understanding of flavor & aroma in fine food. Finally, test your new-found chocolate knowledge on 8 artisan chocolates from around the world. $89 for One Truffle Making Class for Two People ($150 Value!) This 2-hour hands-on class will give you the skills to work with chocolate in the kitchen as well as make classic hand-rolled chocolate truffles. Working with your partner, you will choose your desired flavorings from seasonal fresh herbs and fine extracts and transform fine chocolate and fresh cream into hand rolled truffles. Class instruction covers basic chocolate knowledge, infusing flavors into cream and chocolate, basic ganache making, and chocolate tempering. Know a bunch of friends that would enjoy this experience? Click HERE to check out the CertifiKID Deal for a Private Chocolate Tasting or Truffle Making party for up to 6 People!
Avast Mateys, the cold and icy depths of the Potomac are finally thawing - and soon the season of swashbuckling will be upon us! The crew of Georgetown's Boomerang Pirate Ship has laid a course for adventure … prepare yourselves to be shanghaied! Ahoy! Get ready to valiantly man the water cannons, engage in a fierce “battle” to recover stolen treasure and master pirate vocabulary. Sail ho! Arrrr! Booty!  And did we mention Pirate Dancing? Face Painting? Tattoos? Oh, yes mateys, a camera is a must for every parent that dares to undertake this epic adventure. You will doubtless debark with some very memorable photos. But don't forget to enjoy the views of some of DC’s famous landmarks along the way ... the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Watergate, Kennedy Center and Georgetown University ... Yo Ho Ho! Come with your family. Invite some of your landlubber friends to join you on your pirate adventure. Got a little matey with a Birthday coming up this Spring or Summer? Snag a bunch of these $12 tickets and make this the most memorable BIRTHDAY PARTY ever!  They’re beggars and blighters and ne'er do-well cads. Aye, but they’re loved by their mommies and dads! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for them... and you too!   What you can look forward to on your Boomerang Pirate Ship adventure: Engaging Stories. Water Cannon Battles. Sea Shanties (aka Pirate Music). Face Painting & Temporary Tattoos. Booty & Pirate Souvenirs. Pirate Characters the kids will love! A unique view of Washington DC. A focus on safety. Family friendly FUN!
ALL ABOARD! Take the family on a scenic trip back in time with an Excursion Train Ride at Walkersville Southern Railroad! This dream outing for train lovers starts at Walkersville's authentic, turn-of-the-century railroad station. Next, board a vintage 1920s passenger car or an open-air flat car to start your journey over track that the Pennsylvania Railroad originally laid down in 1872. Your excursion, which lasts a little over an hour, will chug beside a 100-year-old lime kiln, past picturesque Maryland farm country with a view of the Catoctin Mountains west of Frederick, and over a bridge high above the beautiful Monocacy River. After your scenic choo-choo ride, check out the Railroad Museum (FREE!) just across the street, featuring a Children's Corner, educational displays, and model trains. An outing with the Walkersville Southern Railroad is literally a trip that will take you over the river and through the woods! Except you won't be going to Grandmother's house -- take her along for the ride! ALL ABOARD! 
Here's a HOT DEAL at one of the COOLEST places to play in upper Montgomery County... Welcome to The SplashPark at South Germantown Recreational Park featuring: A one-of-a-kind 280-jet water maze. A cave with a splashy waterfall. Water buckets that spill over when filled. A Mini Slide. Spraying animals. Jumping Pillow. Tables underneath a Shade Structure. Restrooms and changing rooms with lockers. But that's not all! This awesome $10 deal gets you TWO Weekday Afternoon Admissions to the SplashPark PLUS TWO Rounds of Mini-Golf on the championship 18-hole miniature golf course adjacent to the SplashPark! Designed with delicate contour changes, sloping greens, water features and natural obstacles, this championship course is fun for everyone. Happy Splashin' and Golfin' at South Germantown Recreational Park this summer!
Jump your way into family fun at Rockin'Jump - Gaithersburg! The BEST place to bring the whole family for a rockin' good time!  More than just a trampoline park, Rockin'Jump is the ultimate trampoline experience. Dunk, Dodge, Launch and Jump - all from their Rockin' trampolines. Family fun for ALL ages (yes, even you, mom and dad! And grandparents, too!).  With this deal, you choose 2, 4 or 6 one-hour open jump passes valid Sunday - Friday! There's no limit to the number of discount vouchers you can purchase, so grab a bunch and keep the whole family jumping and rockin' together all summer long!  Check out all of the ROCKIN' attractions: Vertical OPS - Challenge your friends to a vertical race to the top of this challenging multi-level climbing wall. X-Beam - Choose your padded lance and have a blast as you work to maintain balance while trying to knock your opponent into the air pit below! Open Jump Arena - Covered from floor to walls with trampolines, this main open jumping and fun zone is where friends and family come together to show off their high-flying jump skills, or just 'get air'. Stunt Bag Arena - Have a 'stunt performer' experience enjoying the exhilaration of  flipping and jumping into an air-filled stunt bag! Dodgeball Arena - The thrill of classic dodgeball combined with the excitement of The Ultimate Trampoline Park®. Slam Dunk Zone - Slam dunk like a pro on trampoline launch pads that bounce you high in the air. *There is no foam used anywhere in the Gaithersburg Rockin'Jump park.
Looking for something fun to do with the family this summer? Then get out and go play with this FUN Tent and Tube adventure! Spend those lazy days floating down the scenic Potomac River on a camping and tubing trip. At less than an hour away, River & Trail Outfitters is barely a hop, skip and jump away from DC and Baltimore!  Camping on the Potomac by the C&O Canal Spend one night at the Brunswick Family Campground. Located on a secluded stretch of land between the Potomac River and the C&O Canal National Historical Park in Frederick County, Maryland. The Canal’s scenic towpath winds past the Brunswick Campground and provides the only road access to this riverfront camping area. So sit back, and enjoy the scenic views of Short Hill Mountain, the Potomac River, great blue herons and the occasional eagle that passes by. Camping at Brunswick is perfect for biking, hiking, boating and exploring the history of the canal.   Tent camping areas include electric with a picnic table and fire pit OR in a general camping area without electric. Access to hot showers, bathrooms, picnic pavilions with tables, fire pits, and running water are available within walking distance.   River Tubing on the Potomac   Floating down one of the most scenic stretches of river in the country, this WV tubing trip takes place in the Potomac River Gap by Harpers Ferry. Tubers drifting by historic Harpers Ferry National Park have a spectacular view of Maryland Heights and the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. Take in the view of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland as you pass by Harpers Ferry National Park and the C & O Canal.   Make memories this summer. Go play at River and Trail!  
Jump to your hearts content or conquer the BRAND NEW Ninja Warrior course at Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park in Sterling!   Rebounderz is the premiere indoor trampoline park in the region, putting the jump into play, the fun into fitness, and featuring more than 16,000 square feet of springy trampoline surfaces. And that's not even counting vertical space, which is just as important considering that the main event here is launching oneself off the trampoline floors and soaring through the air! Inside the jump arenas, trampoline floors give way to angled walls made of the same springy material, creating a safe and spacious atmosphere where high-flying acrobatics are the sport of choice. The open jump arenas allow for free-styling acrobatics; friendly competition, however, occurs in air dodgeball contests and on the basketball slam court. Things take a mellower turn in the video arcade consisting of over 20 different games and in the WiFi–equipped lounge and cafe, where parents can relax and kids can snack between turns on the trampolines.   Who do you need to bring to share in the high energy excitement? Everybody! Rebounderz is for everybody – toddlers, teens and active adults!  We know those kids will out-bounce their parents. So when you need a break Rebounderz has you covered. Bring your laptop and surf the web while enjoying a snack in their Wi-Fi cafe. Bring some quarters and head for the arcades, or just kick back on a couch in their lounge while you check out a brochure listing their myriad of activities - Cardio Robics, Dodgeball, Friday Night Frenzy, Birthday Parties - and start planning your NEXT adventure at Rebounderz! - See more at:
Need a quick getaway but don't want to drive? Let OurBus do the driving for you with comfort and ease!  Pack a bag, grab the kids, and head to New York City to check out Rockefeller Center and Times Square, take in a Broadway Show, or get engulfed in bubbles at the Gazillion Bubble Show.  WITH A BRAND-NEW STOP IN COLUMBIA, MD, OURBUS IS THE ONLY DAILY NYC BUS SERVICE IN HOWARD COUNTY!  Or if you're already in New York City, head to Washington, DC and check out our beautiful nation's capital, historical landmarks, take in a Nationals Baseball game and of course see the magnificent Cherry Blossoms along the tidal basin. OurBus offers a relaxing ride in new, clean buses with reclining seats, sanitized bathrooms, charging outlets, WiFi, and even bottled water for all passengers.  With a flexible schedule and safe convenient stops, OurBus provides direct travel between: NYC/Port Authority Bus Terminal DC/Union Station Columbia, MD/Broken Land Park & Ride - BRAND NEW!! The Columbia, MD stop is conveniently located in Howard County at the intersection of Route 32 and Broken Land Parkway. This new location has ample and FREE overnight parking. So don't delay, start planning your family's quick getaway with this awesome deal!
Coming face to face with King Kong and swinging side by side with Spider-Man are all in a day’s work at Universal Orlando Resort™. In three amazing theme parks, guests find adventure awaiting them with thrilling coasters and hilarious shows set in the worlds of their favorite on-screen heroes and villains. At Universal Studios Florida™, take on the new ride Fast & Furious – Supercharged™, coming Spring 2018. Then, experience the magic and wonder of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ - Diagon Alley™ as guests escape from the goblin-run bank of Gringotts™ in Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts™. Guests with a Park-to-Park admission ticket can hop on the Hogwarts™ Express* to journey to Universal’s Islands of Adventure™. There, they’ll land in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ - Hogsmeade™, where they can sip Butterbeer™ in the tavern or visit the halls of Hogwarts™ castle itself. In Universal’s Islands of Adventure™, visitors can also explore other island worlds, including Marvel Super Hero Island and Jurassic Park™.
Unleash your inner PIRATE - with an Urban Pirates Family Adventure Cruise in Baltimore Harbor or National Harbor!   With Urban Pirates, you and your maties become part of the crew. You'll dress, talk, sing and play games like a swashbuckler adrift on the seven seas. Be prepared to man the water cannon and splash enemies out of the water so you can protect the treasure onboard. This family adventure will bring out the imagination of pirates at any age and have them telling tall tales long after.    Valid for any available Family Adventure Cruise from April 8, 2018 - October 28, 2018.   Urban Pirates first set sail in the spring of 2008 from Baltimore's harbor. Since then many a sloop has hoisted sail but none comes close to this mom-created replica pirate ship manned by a crew of die-hard pirating experts dedicated to creating a immersive, interactive environment that will transport you and your family back to the time when pirates ruled the seas. 
Turn up the heat on summer fun with a family adventure at Volcano Island Waterpark in Sterling, VA! Get lost in an island state of mind the Polynesian themed Volcano Island Waterpark. Get ready for an adrenaline rush with: A 500-Gallon Dumping Bucket Two Thrilling Waterslides A Giant Wading Pool and Water Play Structure. Then take some time to relax underneath the palm trees and tiki canopies while enjoying a meal from the Paradise Café. What a sensational summer outing!
Nothing brings a smile to a child’s face like cute and cuddly animals. Now imagine a “land” full of furry farm animal friends ... oh the smiles! Nestled in picturesque Adams County Pennsylvania, not far from the historic Gettysburg Battlefield, the Land of Little Horses Farm Park is a magical place where the young and young at heart can enjoy a family friendly day in the country. The park is a stage where daily displays of fun and laughter are on the play bill. Inside the climate controlled arena, the stars of the park -- fun loving animal stars that is -- will share their talents to the delight of their guests. Get a feel for farm life by taking part in hands-on activities such as grooming or bathing some of the four legged residents or petting and feeding the barnyard inhabitants. The staff will be on hand to give insight on what it takes to pull together the day to day operations of the park. Displays and special events give guests a chance to get up close and personal with the many animal friends. Make sure to include a visit to the Hobby Horse Café for lunch or a snack and a stop in the Hobby Horse Gift Shop is sure to please the animal lover on your list!
In search of mermaids? Visit Atlantis Waterpark in Centerville, VA for an undersea adventure with King Triton, slides and mermaids! Atlantis Waterpark is a treasure trove of family fun. Enjoy a cool day of sliding, splashing and playing on TWO HUGE WATER SLIDES, getting soaked under a 500-Gallon Dumping Bucket, or just relax in one of Atlantis’ pools or dedicated play areas for the small merfolk.   Neptune’s Reef is the perfect place to refuel for more fun. It’s stocked with snacks and family favorite eats. Enjoy your meal outside under the large shade umbrellas, then head back to the city of soaking fun!
Plan your summer vacation NOW - at the 1,500-acre ACE Adventure Resort in beautiful West Virginia!   Take a look at this video for a sneak peak ... What kind of summer fun? Well, for starters, there's the 5-acre ACE Lake WONDERLAND WATERPARK complete with a swimming lake and a sandy beach. ACE Lake offers up a whole new way to play, including: 50 HUGE Inflatable Toys 25' tall Climbing Mountain Giant Spinning Saturn Balls See Saws & Obstacle Course 40' tall Wet Willie Waterslide Tower Zip-Line Water Trampolines and Launch Bags (The "Blob" to those in the know) Volleyball, Tether ball and a Giant chess board Hiking and biking trails "Dry" Climbing Tower Beach with chairs for lounging Not enough excitement for your crew? Also included is: A day-long Kid-Friendly Whitewater Rafting Adventure on the Upper New River - complete with a deli lunch by the river - and your own experienced guide leading the expedition! With its easy waves and bouncy ledges, the Upper New River is just the right amount of splash for families with little rafters ages 6 and up! Two Nights of Camping - so don't forget your camping gear! ACE Adventure Resort, HERE WE COME !!
Plan your next escape at Escape Adventures! A locally owned and operated escape room in Carroll County, MD, Escape Adventures! lets you tell YOUR story! How will you cooperate? Who will lead the pack? What will you learn about your friends and family? What will you learn about yourself? They give you the goal, but the story that unfolds is uniquely yours. Offering three rooms to choose from, this family-friendly escape room experience will have you working together and bonding as you go. It's a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles. Escape within a set time limit, or having completed a mission. Think of it as stepping into a video game, but it's live! And have no fear - there is always a spare key hanging near the entrance for those "gotta get out for a bit" moments.  Choose from the following Escape Adventures! Curse of Dracula: Destroy the Vampire! The year is 1893. The place, Transylvania. Famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing has disappeared. The local police have dispatched you and your comrades to investigate his last known whereabouts - Castle Dracula! The sun will set in one hour, and before then you must rescue Van Helsing and destroy Dracula himself if you are to end the curse! Note: This room is the scariest of the 3 and offers a good fright. May not be suitable for younger children. School Daze: Escape Detention! Travel back to the years when Ferris took a Day Off, Breakfast was a Club, and you could Say Anything! You and your friends were caught doing some Weird Science in the halls of Ridgemont High. It's time to serve detention! Your parents have been called, and they will arrive in one hour. In the meantime, you have to sit and prepare yourselves for punishment or escape! Getting out of detention before your folks arrive is Risky Business, but it sure beats getting grounded...again!   Kingdom Quest: Save the Realm! Hear ye, hear ye! Our king-the honorable Simon the II-has declared a State of Emergency! A dragon attack is eminent! In exactly one hour, the terrible serpent will lay waste to the realm! This kid-friendly adventure will have your knights and maidens working together in a heroic attempt to aid the creatures of the forest - fairies, dwarves, even witches - to ultimately save the realm!  Want to share your adventure with a larger group of friends or family? Check out the CertifiKID deal HERE for a Private Family-Friendly Escape Room for Up to 12 Participants or for a Birthday Party for Up to 24 Guests.
All Aboard! Get ready for some serious family fun on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Located in Cumberland, MD, just a couple hours from the Washington, DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh metro areas, this railroad excursion makes a great family day trip!  Your Itinerary: Climb aboard a restored diesel locomotive in Downtown Cumberland, Maryland. Then get ready to travel back through time as the train winds westward through the Allegheny Mountains to Frostburg Depot in Frostburg, MD. Click HERE to learn more about the route. It’s an entertaining and educational experience for riders of all ages - with classic songs from the 40's and 50's piped in to enjoy along the way. Trip Time: 3 hours. One hour each way, with a 60-minute layover in Frostburg. On the layover, you can choose to disembark to enjoy the shops and restaurants on Frostburg's Main Street (requires a 10-minute uphill walk from depot. Shuttles will be running some weekends to take guests up the hill.) Guests can also choose to stay downhill  and expolore the Frostburg Depot or the adjacent Carriage Museum.  FOR TRAIN LOVERS: Keep your eye on the engine during the layover! Watch as it is detached from the train, rotated on the turntable, and reattached on the opposite end of the train!
Danny serenaded Sandy there. Your mom and dad might have spent a few Friday nights there, too. NOW it’s your turn to pass down the pure Americana tradition of a night at The Family Drive-In Theatre! Leave behind the seven-foot tall guy who sat right in front of your kid. Ditch the sticky floors. But still see the most popular first-run flicks Tinsel Town is turning out! The Family Drive-In Theatre makes movies even more fun, with a playground for the kids and a welcome mat for the family pooch. As soon as the sun sets the silver screen is a glow with stars. Oh, did we mention it’s ALWAYS a double feature too? Two movies for LESS than the price of one! Plus all the theatre concessions, too: Popcorn Soda Candy and MORE!
Slow down this summer and make time in your crazy summer schedule to play - at The Playseum in Bethesda, MD.   Summer is the perfect time to head INDOORS for a Playseum adventure. Enter an enchanted land where just being together is magic, a land impervious to the demands of everyday life - and humidity! Kids love the “CityShops” created for interactive play that encourages them to enjoy hands-on fun. Parents love the chance to play along, enjoy storytime together, and watch as new friends are made. The Playseum is more than just a place to play. It's a ‘city’ in itself where every book holds a new adventure and all things are seen through the eyes of a child - no matter how old. ENJOY this time you have with them, before long they’ll be asking you for the keys to the car!
You can't beat this deal... $15 for UNLIMITED RIDES at the Howard County Fair!   The Howard County Fair runs from Saturday, August 4 - Saturday, August 11, 2018. This year the fair celebrates its 73rd year as the place where families come from near and far to create lasting memories.  With so many things to do and see -- magic shows, pig races, barns brimming with critters, fancy fair fare and rides to thrill -- the Howard County Fair is truly a slice of Americana. THE DEAL: $15 for Howard County Fair "Unlimited Rides" Wristband (40% Off!)   This wristband gets one person UNLIMITED ONE-DAY ACCESS to:  Kiddie Rides: Banana Jet Farm Tractors Happy Swing Nemo the Fish Pirate Island  Puppy Roll Tea Cups Family Rides: Alpine Fun House Century Wheel Himalaya Scooter (Bumper Cars) Super Slide Tornado Thrill Rides: Fire Ball Starship 4000 Yo Yo Zero Gravity Spectacular Rides: Supershot Typhoon You'll also find a lot of FREEBIES at the Howard County Fair: Free Parking. Free Admission under age 10. Free Magic Shows, Pig Races and Musical Entertainment. Kid & Critters Barn Open Daily – Lots of baby animals to pet and feed. See you at the Howard County Fair!
Can’t make it down to Outer Banks? No worries - Ocean Dunes Waterpark in Arlington is a much shorter trip! With it’s laid-back charm, sand and waving grass, Ocean Dunes Waterpark might convince you to give up the annual trek down the coast. Located within Upton Hill Regional Park, Ocean Dunes Waterpark is loaded with fun features for adults and kids, like: 500-Gallon Dumping Bucket Water Slides Waterfalls Lots of Squirters Beyond the “beach” there is also miniature golf course right next to the water park offering 18 holes of fun!
Check out this FUN family adventure at the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center Aerial Adventure Ropes Course! The Aerial Adventure Park is a self-guided experience on a three-level high challenge course with three levels of difficulty and over 40 different obstacles. Pick your own level of challenge! Start at the beginning and work your way up, building confidence along the way. The first level of the Adventure Park is for kids 5-12 years old who are at least 36” tall. The second and third levels are best suited for those over 48" tall in order to reach the obstacles. Safety is the highest priority. The fall protection systems are automatic and won’t allow you to make a mistake and are proven safe. Equipped with a fitted harness and helmet, you will always be connected to the safety system on the course. Staff are available to prepare you for your experience and to coach and help along the way if needed.   Want to add on more fun? Check out CertifiKID's other great deals from Harpers Ferry Adventure Center! Click HERE for White Water Rafting Tour. Click HERE for Zip Line Canopy Tour. Click HERE for One night's stay in a Cabin. Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is just a stone's throw away at the northern tip of Loudoun County in Virginia and on the Maryland border, in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. At just about an hour away from DC and Baltimore, it's EASY driving distance for a fabulous getaway.
Every year you see the Facebook posts of your friends' kids posing in fields of sunflowers and wish you had planned to do the same with your family. Well, now you can when you attend the Sunflower Festival at Maple Lawn Farms in New Park, PA!  From the folks that bring you Maize Quest Fun Park comes an experience unlike any other! The Sunflower Festival at Maple Lawn Farms is the largest pick-your-own sunflower patch East of the Mississippi with 28 different varieties carefully planted over 55 spring days so the sunflowers bloom together at once creating a tapestry of living sunshine. This sell-out event takes place for TWO WEEKENDS ONLY - August 10th-12th and August 17th-19th. Enjoy LIVE music and food truck fare and of course, all of the photo opportunities you could ask for! The best part of all - when you purchase this CertifiKID deal, you'll enjoy 51% off admission to the Sunflower Festival for up to 4 people. Your tickets include a wagon ride to the sunflower fields where you can take as much time as you like. Choose to meander through the “Big Field of Yellow,” an area planted with classic yellow sunflowers, walk through the “Display Gardens” or prepare to be amazed by the “Land of the Giants,” towering 12-foot-tall sunflowers. Each member of your family also comes away with one classic yellow Sunflower stem to take home. After exploring the sunflowers, stick around for ice cream, donuts, pies, fudge, cookies and more from the bakery and farm market. Maple Lawn Winery will also be open to guests 21 and older.  Spend summer the way it was intended to be spent - relax with the family surrounded by the beauty of blankets of sunflowers at The Sunflower Festival at Maple Lawn Farms!
Take in the warmth of summer and spend the day at Montpelier Farms. Explore, laugh and have a blast on the farm with activities the entire family will love. Animal Experiences -- Lots of Animals to see! Alpacas, sheep, horse, bunnies, chickens, rooster, ducks, cows, pigs, turkeys and goats! Cow Belly Bounce House -- Enjoy some FARMYARD FUN in the Cow Belly Bounce! This activity closes at dark due to safety reasons. Cub Corral -- A safe and fun play area designated just for the little ones (48" tall or smaller). Bouncy Balls, Roping Range, Hay-n-Play, Pedal Karts, Stringbean Truck Slide and their BRAND NEW Crop Duster! Kids Corral -- Have a BALL in the Kids Corral! Lots of FUN things going on here for the kiddos! This activity closes at dark due to safety reasons. Duck Races -- Hand pick your very own Rubber Ducky and have a blast racing them down our water chutes! Then keep your duck and take it home with you! This activity is available at an additional charge of $2.00. Gem Stone Mining -- Mine for beautiful Gems with our Gem Stone Mining Machine and take them home for safe keeping! Due to the fact that we provide ALL the materials and you can take these beautiful gems home with you, this activity is available at an additional charge of $6.00. Giant Hill Slides -- Slide down two huge tube slides or TAKE OFF on the100 foot Hill Slide! Fun, Fun, Fun! Now OPEN at dark! Hayrides -- Enjoy an afternoon hayride, take in the sites and marvel at the Hand-Made Straw Animals! Pedal Kart Track -- Pedal your way around one of TWO pedal tracks and race to the finish line! These karts are kid & adult powered, 4-wheelin' fun!! Come check em' out! This activity closes at dark due to safety reasons. Penalty Paddock -- Use these fun FARM animal balls to play a little soccer! Object: With a goal on each end of the playing field, see if you can bounce and kick the farm animal balls into the goal to win! Try it with a couple of people or the whole family! This activity closes at dark due to safety reasons. Roping Range -- Test your skills at the Roping Range and try to Lasso that Longhorn! How will you do? Montpelier Farms is a real, working, family run farm. From baling straw and hay to composting animal waste and products, this farm grows on the traditions and hard work of the All American farmer!  And don't leave without a visit to their Farm Market & Coffee Shop - choose from jams, preserves, fresh local apples & cider, homemade kettle corn, caramel apples and more!
For the ultimate game of paintball, head on over to Pev’s Paintball Park, the #1 retailer and paintball park in the Nation. Pev's offers a fun, thrilling, and exciting place to play paintball with those who love paintball, for beginners who want to try paintball for the first time, and for those experienced players who play every week. Pev’s Paintball Park is the first and only of its kind in the nation built from the ground up for paintball games. Forty eight acres with 14 playing fields; a town with 25+ buildings and props; a fortress with 3 mega towers and 8 buildings; two man-made rock fields with caves; six spectator friendly arena fields with inflatable obstacles, 2 fields artificial turf. Whether you like fast paced style of play or prefer to sneak around your opponents, we have the right fields for you. At less than 30 miles from DC - in Aldie, VA - Pev’s is the perfect place to escape for fun with family and friends or their next birthday party. Click HERE for a spla-tastic party deal! The mission is NOT impossible!
It's ALWAYS a great day to play at Sport Bounce of Loudoun. Sport Bounce is a 10,000+ square foot facility filled with GIANT inflatables and a HUGE INDOOR JUMPING PILLOW to give your children many options for exercise and play!   Parents love Sport Bounce for the cleanliness of the facility, the bright, open layout of the giant inflatable arena and all the active, high-energy play their kids get. Kids LOVE Sport Bounce for the amount of FUN they have each time they come!   Come play with your children on the huge slides, the basketball Jumpshot, the inflatable obstacle course and more!  Bouncing is great exercise and tons of fun. Birthday parties at Sport Bounce are the perfect way to give your child an amazing experience that will have them JUMPING FOR JOY! Looking for a bounce-tastic summer camp? Click HERE for a special camp deal and bounce on over to Sport Bounce of Loudoun where it's ALWAYS a great day to play!
At Escape Room LoCo in Leesburg VA, the goal is simple yet challenging: TO ESCAPE FROM THE ROOM IN 60 MINUTES OR LESS! This adventure will challenge your mind and get your adrenaline pumping as you race the clock.  Solve riddles and puzzles in the hopes of unlocking the door and earning your freedom. You can only win if you work as a team! Worried about getting stuck and never getting out? No need to worry! Staff members will be standing by to dole out clues, if you'd like. Or, for those who like to leave such things to the fates, a wheel-spin before the game can determine how many clues you're allowed. The Rooms: Mission to Mars: KIDS Room Escape!  Designed for families with children aged 7-15, this room allows young adventure-seekers to feel the rush of adrenaline while solving the puzzles and facing a challenge: Survive on Mars and launch the rocket in just 45 minutes! Detective Office - Designed for adults, you and your teammates are a group of Private Investigators in the 1920's. There have been a series of murders recently all with a mysterious calling card left at the scene. All clues indicate that the next murder will occur in 60 minutes. Try to solve the case and catch the murderer before time runs out! Mechanics Garage - Designed for adults, You and your friends are on a road trip when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and a bad storm is coming! Just down the road you find an abandoned mechanics garage with a car inside. You have 60 minutes to search the garage for the car keys and get out before the storm hits!  Great for team-building, entertaining out-of-town guests and a fun family or grown-up night out!
A’hoy, there be fun on the horizon at Pirate's Cove Waterpark in Lorton, VA! Stay cool ALL summer long at Lorton’s largest pirate themed water attraction Pirate's Cove Waterpark at Pohick Bay Regional Park. Loaded with fun features for everyone, Pirate’s Cove visitors love their large pirate-themed play structure complete with a 300-GALLON DUMPING BUCKET! Fun for kids of ALL ages Pirate’s Cove also includes: Kid-Friendly Water Slides. Water-spraying Palm Trees. A HUGE pool for splashing around and swimming. A Spacious Tot Pool with a clam shell slide. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Dig for buried treasure at Buccaneer Beach (a large sand play area) or work on your Pirate tan lines on the sun deck. Of course your day wouldn’t be complete without food, drinks and more! Captain’s Galley is stocked with all your favorites! Sit outside under the umbrellas and enjoy a great lunch, then head back and cool off under the bucket!
Fallen in love with Howard County's newest indoor playground? Now's the time to make it a regular part of your routine!  Back by popular demand, we're bringing you even more ways to maximize family fun at Hyper Kidz!  Grab one of these deals and head to Hyper Kidz Ultimate Indoor Playground, where kids from 0-13 … LOVE TO PLAY!   Hyper Kidz' ocean-themed playground offers over 10,000 square feet of interactive rides, obstacles, slides and more, where children immerse themselves in a magical ocean world of endless fun and NEVER GET BORED! Hyper Kidz is open 7-days a week, with walk-in UNLIMITED open play and no time restrictions for play! PLUS, parents are always FREE (with paid child’s admission), infants ages 0-12 months are always FREE (with paid sibling admission), and you'll never worry about your little one getting bumped around by bigger kids, with designated age appropriate play areas.    Hyper Kidz encourages good old-fashioned social and interactive play. No consoles, tablets, arcades, or computerized games here! Hyper Kidz is the super-fun solution packed with age appropriate excitement for infants to tweens and everyone in between!   Check out Hyper Kidz’ specially designed play areas:   MINI ZONE - designated for babies/crawlers/toddlers ages 2 and under A self-contained play area catering to babies and toddlers ages 0-2 featuring ocean-themed soft play equipment that is low to the ground with extensive padding and no sharp edges. To encourage active participation by parents, all play areas have a visually open design with comfortable seating areas with a full view of the play equipment.   KID ZONE - designated for children ages 2-8 A designated play area for children ages 2-8 featuring a 2-story balloon house, motorized revolving rides, slides, a ball pit, spinning palms, a building block room, light-up wall, various revolving rides, teeter totters, and an LED air slide.   BIG KID ZONE - designated for children ages 3-13 The largest area consisting of a giant 4-story play pavilion for children 4 feet and over (or ages 3-13) featuring of a series of colorful tube slides, wave and spiral slides, a ball-blaster, obstacles, ramps, and over 20 interactive play activities within.   PARENT RELAX AREAS There is plenty of seating for parents around the play zones where parents can relax but also keep an eye on the children.  Be sure to check out the coffee and tea bar, snacks, beverages, free Wi-Fi, and television!   Other attractions include an interactive LED dance floor, an interactive slide, bubble machine, giant pin screens, soft foam shape play, giant Lite-Brite boards, and more!   p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; background-color: #e5e5ea} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; background-color: #e5e5ea} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}
Experience the Fun and Thrill of Tubing at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center! Tubing is their most popular river activity, and is the perfect way to soak up the sun, laugh with your family and friends, and take it easy on a hot summer’s day. This tubing offer is valid from July 31- September 13! They provide the equipment and the logistics, the river provides the rest – all just an hour’s drive from Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Enjoy the flat water of the Shenandoah River or the exciting rapids and stunning natural beauty of seven untamed miles of the Potomac Rivers near Harpers Ferry, WV. You’ll hear the adventure before you see it. The whitewater tubing option is ideal for our adventurous guests while the  flatwater option is recommended for young families or those just looking for a lazy river splash. You can bring a cooler or rent one of theirs, and spend the whole day on the river tubing through the Harpers Ferry area. Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is the only outfitter in the area with its own private takeout for whitewater tubing. No more walking up hills or sitting on a long shuttle ride back to your car. Once you exit the river, it’s just a short 5-minute ride on one of their awesome 5-ton military trucks and you’re back at your vehicle – no sweat. Want to PLAY AND STAY? Harpers Ferry Adventure Center has tons of great activities and CertifiKID has the deals: Click HERE for One Night Cabin Stay. Click HERE for Zip Lining Canopy Tour. Click HERE for Aerial Adventure Ropes course.
Adventure Theatre MTC brings you so many wonderful shows throughout the year. Here is your chance to see Tinker Bell with this great CertifiKID offer!  Tinker Bell - Based on the works of Sir J. M. Barrie. Adapted for the stage by Patrick Flynn and directed by Nick Alcott. Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan. Or, at least, everyone thinks they do. But unless you have heard it from Tinker Bell’s point of view, you really have not heard it at all. A new twinkling light shines on all the characters you love including, Wendy, the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, Smee, and the nefarious Hook from a feisty fairy’s point of view.  
Escape the summer heat with a cool outing to Signal Bay Water Park in Manassas. Nestled within Signal Hill Park, this water park is a 27,000 square foot oasis of family fun. Take a dip in the zero depth entry leisure pool. Get adventurous on the thrilling water slides. Duck and cover to avoid (or jump into) the splash of water cannons. Top it all over with a relaxing float down the lazy river. No need to fight the traffic to get to the beach when you can spend a day just down the way at Signal Bay. Bonus, no sand in the car! 
Warm, sunny weather means its time for a trip to the ballpark. Treat the family to The Potomac Nationals this summer, and check out DC's minor league team for BIG league fun and BIG time value! The P-Nats have taken family-friendly, affordable entertainment to new heights with tons of one-of-a-kind promos, including fireworks, kids run the bases, special theme nights and tons of giveaways! PLUS every seat has a great view, easy parking available and you avoid the crowds - just right for a family trip to the ballpark. And did we mention that children under 5 are ALWAYS FREE in the grandstand seats!  This homerun of a deal is valid for ANY of the 2018 regular season home games. Go multiple times to ensure your spring and summer are in the family win column!  Click HERE for the full schedule.    The Potomac Nationals are a Minor League Baseball team located in Woodbridge, Virginia. The Nationals play in the Class A Advanced Carolina League, and are an affiliate of the Washington Nationals. The club has served as the starting point for several superstars who have gone on to receive big-league plaudits such as Rookie of the Year titles, Gold Gloves, and league MVP awards. The Nationals have taken home Carolina League titles in 1982, 1989, 2008, 2010, and 2014.
Smile. Snap. Magic. Every milestone and event in our lives is only here for a small time, so let's make sure we can stop time and remember every smile, laugh, tears and more with beautiful, captivating photos from All Dolled Up Photography. All Dolled Up Photography specializes in natural light, emphasizing clean and bright photography while enhancing photographs with a pop of color. This offer is for a super unique and memorable portrait session at Bethany Beach in Delaware! This outdoor child, family or maternity portrait session will take place on the Boardwalk, pier or beach and will last approximately 30 minutes. Capture the beauty of your family against the calming backdrop of the sea. Your portrait session will be a one of a kind experience that will gladden your heart and warm your soul with memories to last a lifetime. Each portrait package includes 25 high resolution digital files, all hand-edited, making sure you receive the very best. Your portraits arrive via an online gallery, which can be downloaded and shared with family and friends.
Paint a Masterpiece at All Fired Up in Cleveland Park or Bethesda!! Bring your friends and family -- or just yourself -- to All Fired Up to enjoy the BEST "Paint Your Own Pottery" experience. Family owned since 2004, All Fired Up has the largest inventory of items in the Washington area. Kids love the great selection! All Fired Up is offering CertifiKID subscribers:  $10 for $20 worth of Paint Your Own Pottery - Weekdays Only You pay only for the price of the item you select - with unlimited studio time and paints - so you can truly relax and enjoy the painting experience. The glazes are nontoxic and lead free - so the little ones can participate as well. Whether you are a first-time customer or repeat visitor, the friendly staff will help you along the way. 
Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowd! Buy me some peanuts and ... a great deal on a Frederick Keys game! A fun day filled with baseball action, good food, and family moments awaits you this summer at NYMEO Field at Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, Maryland. Home to the popular Minor League team, the Frederick Keys, the stadium offers so much more than most ballparks. The field seats are perfect for kids because you are close enough to see the players' expressions and can really get involved in the game.   When you are waiting in between innings, or before the game, there is plenty of great food and activities to keep the kids entertained. With 70 home games and over 20 firework shows, come join the fun and the team mascot Keyote to cheer the Keys to victory!  Be sure to check out the Keys Game Center for all the latest information to get you ready for the Keys games. The Frederick Keys are The Single A Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.
If you’re happy & you know it, clap your ... CLAWS! Join EcoAdventures for drop in fun and adventure that combines science, nature, and animal encounters! Parents will delight as their child develops an appreciation and respect for the natural world. EcoAdventures typically offers 4 sessions each of Jungle Express or Open Play monthly. Click HERE to check the schedule. Jungle Express Drop in and interact with EcoAdventures' animals in this exciting 45-minute program. From snakes, to gators, lizards, turtles, hedgehog, or glow in the dark scorpions or even feed an animal--it's different every time. After the program, take some time to look at the animals on exhibit, or take a green screen photo with your favorite animal. Jungle Express is recommended for ages 3 1/2 – 100! This is a 45-minute animal presentation for the whole family. For younger children they recommend the Open Play (see below). Open Play Come on over and monkey around in Ecoadventures' rainforest and underwater discovery room. Meet and touch animals, see animal enclosures, jump around in the moon bounce, scooters, puppet and dress up corner, arts and crafts, discovery tables and PLAY! Recommended for preschool to elementary aged children. *Fossil dig opens in the Spring based on weather conditions. Just added - free face painting! (subject to face painter availability).
No Mid-Atlantic childhood is complete without a visit to Lancaster, PA!  Make this the summer you check Amish country off your family's bucket list. Teach the kids all about the fascinating Amish and Mennonite communities that reside in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Grab this deal and start your getaway off right with a trip to The Amish Experience at Plain & Fancy Farm's FX Theatre to see "The Story of Jacob’s Choice." “Compelling” best describes the emotional story of “Jacob’s Choice,” told through the everyday lives of the Fishers, an Old Order Amish family of today. Witness young Jacob’s struggle in choosing the Amish church, or leaving behind family and community for the allure of the modern world. This high-tech, multi-media production lets visitors experience “400 years of history in 40 minutes of magic.”  Projected on actual barn siding with five projection screens, 100,000 watts of theatrical lighting, sound imagery, an original musical score, and unforgettable special effects, this is an action-packed movie experience for the senses. “Jacob’s Choice” will leave you with an understanding of what it means to be Amish, and the ties that continue to bind the community together through the centuries. The show runs every hour on the hour, from 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily. Round out your theatre experience by upgrading to a Super Saver Package at The Amish Experience, payable directly to the vendor upon your arrival. This package combines the Amish Farmlands Tour on board their 14-passenger Touring Shuttle, the critically acclaimed “Jacob’s Choice” at the Plain & Fancy Experiential Theater, the Amish House and One-Room School and a FREE buggy ride. Plan to arrive prior to noon on the day of your visit to get the most out of your 3.5 - 4 hour Super Saver Package. Tight on time? Add either an Amish House & School tour or a Farmlands tour at substantial savings. Or enjoy delicious eats from the on-site restaurant – the NEW Smokehouse BBQ and Brews. There’s so much to see and do on a trip to Lancaster, PA!
Cruise around Baltimore's beloved waterway aboard Spirit Cruises' Inner Harbor Sightseeing Tour! Through September 30th, pick up this CertifiKID deal and climb aboard the Inner Harbor Spirit for a 60-minute interactive tour and sightseeing cruise. Kick back and relax as you take in the sites and enjoy an animated narration of Baltimore’s rich history. From the role of Fort McHenry in the birth of our nation's anthem to the spot on Federal Hill where our country's Constitution was ratified, your family will enjoy panoramic views from the roof-top deck while learning exciting facts about the ships and buildings that dot the Inner Harbor's landscape. A Spirit Cruise is also a great way to introduce your hometown to visiting out-of-town guests! The Deal: $14 for One Adult OR Child Ticket on the Inner Harbor Spirit (up to 40% Off!) Your Ticket Includes: 1-hour narrated sightseeing tour of Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor. The best views of storied sites such as the USS Constellation, Fells Point, the National Aquarium, the John W Brown Liberty Ship and more! Climate-controlled decks for comfortable year-round cruising in most weather conditions. Children ages 3 and under sail FREE with a paying adult! Non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails, wine and beer and light concessions available for an additional fee, payable onboard.
Located just outside Lancaster, PA, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is where fun, family, and farming come together.   The 15-acre Adventure Farm features endless activities, games and rides that offer both kids and adults a hands-on day of outdoor play and "agri-tainment!"   On Saturdays beginning on May 26, 2018, your Spring Farm Fun Pass includes 30+ Farm Fun activities in the Barnyard, including the: Giant Slinger: Giant sling shots send tennis balls flying! Hay Chute Slide & Straw Bale Racer: High sliding fun through a giant tube or in a burlap sack Barnyard Jump: Two huge jumping pillows to bounce all day long Barnyard Activity Tent: Shuffle board, giant checker board, and more! Barnyard Animal Grove: A donkey, sheep and goats for petting! Corny's Barnyard Ball-cade: Score a goal or shoot some hoops! Country Road Carts: Pedal carts, family-style! Hay Jump Tent: Endless play in hay... Lil Cabin Builders: Giant Lincoln Logs! Lil' Farms Playland: A special area just for smaller guests! Post Pounders: The classic game of strength! Round Bale Racers: Race to the finish in giant pipes (kinda like gerbils)... Singing Chicken Show: Join Reba Mc-Egg-Tire, Patsy Coop and the gang as they sing the classics... Straw Bale Hoist: Use a pulley system to hoist a straw bale! Straw BaleTower & Tunnel: Race your way to the top or find your way through... Tractor Pull: Try pulling a tractor, instead of the tractor pulling you!  Big Ball Corral, Baby Chicks Hatchery, Lil Wagon Express and more! Beginning July 3, 2018, visit any Tuesday - Saturday, when the fun expands to include:  A-maze-ing Maize Maze: 5-acre corn maze, including 2.5 miles of paths, scenic bridges and clues! Farm Tour Wagon Ride: A 20-minute ride around the farm! Pedal Carts: Race your friends around the corn field Farm Animal Center: Filled with friendly farm animals to pet and learn about! Country Pig Races: Join Tucker, Nancy Lou, and Sam for an epic showdown that you won't want to miss. Discovery Barn: Home to the popular baby chicks hatchery and other interactive displays, including an Outdoor Barn Stage for daily butter making demonstrations. But that's not all! There are plenty of food corrals, food wagons and cafes to catch a snack, lunch or dinner. Cherry Crest is famous for its fresh-picked sweet corn roasted in its own husks, homemade cider donuts, fresh-squeezed lemonade and kettle corn.    This spring or summer, plan for a day of outdoor fun - at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm!
All Aboard! Calling all train enthusiasts (or those that enjoy scenic views and some good old-fashioned fun!). It's time to experience the beauty of West Virginia on board the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad. With this CertifiKID deal, you can choose from the following West Virginia Mountain Rail Adventures for any scheduled tour through September 15. Cass Scenic Whittaker Trip Departs from the Cass Depot at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on select weekdays and weekends Climb aboard this steam engine and take a trip to Whittaker Station, located 4 miles up the track from Cass. At Whittaker Station, you'll experience an authentic logging camp restored by the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association, and a 30 minute layover to enjoy the views, eat at the concession stand, listen to music and play outdoor games. The Cass Scenic Railroad is the same line built in 1901 to haul lumber to the mill in Cass and you'll learn all about its history on this 2-hour train ride. For more information on Cass Scenic Whittaker excursion, check out the video below: The Durbin Rocket Departs from the Durbin Depot at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on select weekdays and weekends A perfect choice for families with young children, you will ride on authentic 1920-era coaches and vintage wooden cabooses behind Heisler No. 6 as she steams along the free-flowing Greenbrier River in northern Pocahontas County. The ride covers 10.5 miles in 2 hours and offers many beautiful river and mountain views in the Monongahela National Forest. This adventure is popular for kids and anyone who has an interest in railroads and history! The combination of open and closed cars give children the option of free movement through the train as she chugs her way to and from Hevener Station. An open car directly behind Heisler No. 6 offer ample opportunities to see coal being shoveled into the tender and watch as she takes in water at a watering hole along the way. After your ride, visit the RAIL & TRAIL STORE on Main Street across from the Depot where you will find a large selection of souvenirs, gifts, & T-shirts, along with the famous “Big Scoop” hand-dipped ice cream cone. Then stay awhile to explore historic Durbin, West Virginia. Check out the video below to learn more about The Durbin Rocket excursion:
Do you have a construction worker wanna be in the family? Have you always wondered what it would be like to operate heavy equipment? Heavy Metal Playground in Boonsboro is the ultimate adventure playground for those who DIG big machinery! Heavy Metal Playground offers a unique, once in a lifetime, true bucket list experience to operate and play on heavy equipment. With this CertifiKID deal, you get 30 minutes to dig holes, move and scoop dirt, and smash, drop and bury things! How cool is that? Once you've perfected your digging, pushing and scooping techniques, compete against others in the ultra popular Heavy Metal Playground basketball game to win prizes! Put your equipment handling skills to the test by scooping up basketballs from on top of cones with your loader and dropping them inside tires. Check out the fun in this video... Heavy Metal Playground is the ultimate experience for a family outing, play date, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or team building event. Have little ones? Heavy Metal Playground now offers a mini playground for young hard hats ages 4 and up, too!
Soon it will be time to head to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm for a day of fun, sun, perfumed breezes and pick-your-own lavender bouquets. Seven Oaks Lavender Farm lays less than an hour from DC - where the traffic of the beltway gives way to rolling hills dotted with vibrant patches of purple and where the comforting aroma of French lavender fills the air. Stroll through this sweet-smelling Shangri La on a tour of the grounds.   The kids will love to pet the baby bunnies, enjoy a game of corn hole, and play the afternoon away in the TWO-STORY PLAYHOUSE. Wind down your day with a picnic in the shade.   Go ahead, stop to smell the flowers - at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm!  
Camelot May 22 - July 1, 2018 Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC   Amid mystical forests and grand castles, Camelot tells a beloved tale of a leader’s integrity, courage and empathy—a chronicle of the struggle for civilization and goodness in a world accustomed to violence and hate. With the legendary story of King Arthur’s Round Table, doomed romance and a stunning score (“If Ever I Would Leave You,” “I Loved You Once in Silence”), Camelot has won the hearts of generations of musical theatre lovers.   Winner of four Tony Awards, Lerner and Loewe’s classic musical is a hymn to an era of leadership that upheld idealism and championed the potential of humankind, brought vividly to life by STC Associate Artistic Director Alan Paul (Kiss Me, Kate; Man of La Mancha).
Take the whole family out to the ballgame! Buy them some peanuts and crackerjacks ... and this great deal on an Aberdeen IronBirds baseball game! The season officially begins on Friday, June 15 at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium when the IronBirds play host to reigning New York-Penn League champions, the Hudson Valley Renegades. Grab your tickets and enjoy a fun day filled with baseball action, good food, and special events. The field seats are perfect for kids because you are close enough to see the players' expressions and can really get involved in the game. When you are waiting in between innings, or before the game, there are plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained. With 38 home games and 9 firework shows, come join the fun and the team mascots Ripcord and Ferrous to cheer the IronBirds to victory! Here's what you can expect this season: Fireworks after every Friday game, plus July 3rd and August 9th! Come have a pre-game catch on the field before every Saturday game! All kids are invited to run the bases after every Sunday game! Arrive early for HAPPY HOUR specials at every home game from when gates open until 15 minutes prior to first pitch ($3 select draft beers, $2 hot dogs, $2 fountain drinks, and more)! Check out all of the amazing promos and events HERE! Be sure to click HERE for all the latest information to get you ready for the IronBirds games. The Aberdeen Ironbirds are a Class A short-season affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.  To see the Aberdeen Ironbirds 2018 regular season schedule, click HERE.
Spring showers are good for the flowers but they make outdoor plans a big muddy mess! Take the FUN indoors this spring and head over to MONKEY JOE'S inflatable play center in Dulles/Sterling! Come out and play with this amazing offer! Monkey Joe's offers wall-to-wall inflatable slides, jumps and obstacle courses that will keep them active, happy and healthy!  Their play center is perfect for kids 12 and under, with a separate toddler play area to keep your mini monkeys safe and secure.   While your kids monkey around, you can sit back and relax and enjoy free high-speed wireless Internet.  They also have an arcade and refreshment center for everyone to enjoy!  Want a hassle-free birthday party that will literally have the kids bouncing off the walls with joy? Jump into this CertifiKID Deal for $100 Off a Weekday Birthday Party package for up to 8 Kids, valid through December 31! Click HERE for more details.
Get ready for an epic day of play at Dave & Buster's! Famously known for games for good reason: FUN! D & B offers tons of ways to play for people of all ages, with hundreds of state-of-the-art exclusive new games to classic video games, there's something fun for everyone. Regardless of which Dave & Buster's location you visit, you can count on being fed and entertained. The sprawling entertainment complexes feature full bars with specialty cocktails and dining areas that serve burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and other dishes that have been voted onto American food menus by congressional representatives past and present. Most locations have a billiards area, and all have a Million Dollar Midway, the franchise's uber game room consists of rows of blinking and ticket-spewing arcade games. This deal includes an All-Day Simulator Power Card for each person. Players can choose from single and multi-player games, including 3-D, simulator, sports, and rides.
Head on over to ShadowLand - Alexandria/Springfield this spring for their latest addition to indoor FUN. Experience The Dark Tower, an interactive glow-in-the-dark golf experience that is only available at ShadowLand - Alexandria/Springfield! Choose your putter and step into the distant past. The Dark Tower glow golf experience puts you in ancient castle passageways surrounded by glowing dragons, knights, cauldrons, and bubbling elixirs. Compete with your family and friends to see who can best master the mysteries of The Dark Tower holes. Glow golf is the perfect indoor activity for anyone age 4 and older. While there, enjoy ShadowLand's laser adventures, compete in the "Mission Impossible" Laser Maze Challenge and win prizes at the 3,000 sq ft Mega Prize Arcade! Add even more fun to your visit by joining the ShadowLand VIP Club and receive a coupon for $2 off a laser tag adventure - click HERE for more information. Before you go, check out Washington Family's review of ShadowLand - Alexandria/Springfield's new interactive glow-in-the-dark experience!
Kids have mounds of energy. Let them burn it off hopping, sliding, jumping and giggling their way through a FUN-filled day at Pump It Up. The perfect solution for those frigid winter days when they're stuck inside. This amazing deal includes FIVE Jump Passes at Pump It Up in Elkridge, Lanham-Bowie or Waldorf.  Looking for a great place for a birthday party? Pump It Up offers amazing birthday parties, indoor play complete with exciting interactive inflatables and of course endless smiles! Plus, enjoy comfortable Parent's Lounges with FREE WiFi!  
Sweat your way to SWEETNESS at the 5th Annual The Ice Cream Race! Get ready for the wildest 5K obstacle course in Virginia that will leave you SCREAMING for ICE CREAM! The Ice Cream Race is an all-ages event that encourages participants to fight their way through a unique course by running through Whipped Cream-like Foam, zooming down the Chocolate Syrup Water Slide, and trudging through the Banana Peel Pit! You will be chased by all of your favorite toppings throughout the course. Once you cross the finish line, you’ll be rewarded with a custom made Ice Cream Race t-shirt, a medal and—you guessed it—ICE CREAM! More than just a 5K, The Ice Cream Race is a FUN fest complete with: Knockerball Food Trucks Ice Cream Eating Contests Dance Party WILD Costume Competitions and MORE! Dress the whole family up and get ready for a SUNDAE FUN DAY!
Looking for a truly unique experience? Send them FLYING with Brett Aviation - Baltimore's premier FAA-certified flight school for 38 years! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait …. That’s YOU in a plane! Co-piloting a Cessna 172 aircraft with an FAA-certified flight instructor, thousands of feet above the coastal Maryland landscape. No need for a double take. Here’s your chance for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After a 30-minute ground lesson, man the flight controls while your instructor whisks you to the skies for 30-minutes of hands-on flying.  Since 1978, Brett Aviation's FAA-certified flight instructors have trained thousands of wannabe-aviators, through programs ranging from the beginner’s discovery flight to full pilot certifications. Their aircraft take off from Martin State Airport in Middle River, MD, allowing students to get birds-eye views of the downtown Baltimore skyline, Fort McHenry, the Inner Harbor and more.  
Come out to the 2018 Loudoun County Fair to enjoy the best of what summer has to offer. The Loudoun County Fair welcomes you to Leesburg, VA Monday, July 23rd through Saturday, July 28th. Admission for children 5 and under is FREE.  Corn dogs, funnel cakes and tons of fun rides await you along with a colorful list of great exhibits and performances including Demolition Derby, two nights of Rodeo and for the first time American Racing Mower Association! This year, The Loudoun County Fair has added more daytime entertainment and fun attractions to include: Bull Riding 4-H Animals Bunny Hopping Kiss A Pig Wild Animal Show Egg Toss Hay Bale Toss Clowns Magic And of course the amazing live stock show and auction!  For those who have not just a heart for the county fair but a stomach for it too, step on up for the Corn Cob Eating, Pie Eating, and Watermelon Eating Contests! They are open to the public. Click HERE for the full schedule of events.
CHOCOLATE !! Need we say more? Get to know the man behind America's chocolate empire and the town that bears his name at The Hershey Story Museum on Chocolate Avenue in downtown Hershey. How did Milton Hershey go from bankruptcy to brilliance, tranforming chocolate from a luxury to an everyday treat? How did he create a community and why did he give away his fortune...twice? That's the Hershey story. NEW! Also included in your admission price is the chance to experience the following special exhibit: The Hershey Story is geared toward families with lots of hands-on things to do and fun, engaging, interactive exhibits to explore. Learn how Milton Hershey perfected his recipe for chocolate and developed the iconic Hershey's Kiss, then see a working Kiss wrapping machine! The Museum's Apprentice Program helps kids explore the museum "scavenger hunt-style". Using a discovery guide, kids journey through the museum looking for specific items, answering questions and solving short puzzles. At the end they’ll get a commemorative Hershey coin and a personalized newspaper printout (for an additional $3 fee).  After you're done exploring, we bet you will be hungry for some...CHOCOLATE! Head to the Museum Shop where you can purchase and indulge in a wide variety of delicious Hershey's candy products and other fun novelties. If you're still HUNGRY for more, there is even more chocolaty fun to be had for an additional cost. Adults and kids alike can indulge in Tastings at The Hershey Story. While the adults sample exotic warm drinking chocolate from around the world, kids will get their own mug of warm milk and chocolate stirring lolly. The Chocolate Lab is a fun and informative class for ages 4 and up. Led by in-house chocolate gurus, roll up your sleeves and try your hand at chocolate pouring and decorating, and of course when it's all over, taste your delicious take-home chocolate creations.
SeaWorld Orlando Guests are immersed in wonder at SeaWorld Orlando, where the aquatic world comes alive like no place else. Experience the predator power of MAKO, Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest coaster. Take a plunge down the world’s tallest river rapids drop on the all-new Infinity Falls. Climb aboard and ride the mighty Manta. Witness the power and grace of killer whales in the awe-inspiring show One Ocean and experience one-of-a-kind attractions, thrilling coasters and up-close animal interactions. Aquatica Orlando From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools, to tranquil beaches, Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark Orlando, delights all ages and interests. This one-of-a-kind waterpark is home to some of the world’s most thrilling water rides, featuring 42 slides, rivers and lagoons and 84,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches. New for 2018, get ready to brave the three-in-one thrills of Ray Rus, an action-packed water adventure the entire family can enjoy together. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay The ultimate adrenaline junkie’s paradise, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a unique blend of thrill rides, award-winning entertainment and one of the nation’s largest zoos. Challenge a 335-foot drop tower, Falcon’s Fury or race like a cheetah across the Serengeti Plain on Cheetah Hunt. Busch Gardens’ latest attraction, Cobra’s Curse, takes a spin on family thrills with this one-of-a-kind spin coaster, featuring a 70-foot vertical lift and a whirlwind adventure of exciting explorations. Adventure Island Tampa Bay Located right across the street from Busch Gardens Tampa, Adventure Island is 30 acres of water-drenched fun in the sun featuring the ultimate combination of high-speed thrills and chills, tropical surroundings for guests of all ages. Race down rapids, dig your toes into the sand or relax all day. New in 2018, vow to vanish down an epic 70-foot drop on Vanish Point, Adventure Island’s newest free-fall slide.
Beat the D.C. summer football drought! Come on out to the Capital One Arena to support the Washington Valor and get ready for the high-octane fun and excitement of Arena Football! Since its inception in 1987, the Arena Football League (AFL) has showcased their fast-paced and exciting game to millions of fans in a myriad of markets across the country. The AFL currently has 4 teams: Albany Empire, Philadelphia Soul, Baltimore Brigade and Washington Valor. The Washington Valor kick off their 2018 home season on April 21st at Capital One Arena. If you've never experienced Arena Football, you're in for an experience unlike any other. With a field that's only 50 yards long, rebound nets that keep the ball in play, and some wacky rules, Arena Football is an exhilarating fan experience. This year, they'll introduce new rules that shorten the game and speed up the pace for an even more engaging and explosive game experience for the fans! THE DEAL: Up to 40% Off Tickets for the following games: Saturday, April 21st at 7 p.m. vs. Albany Empire Saturday, May 19th at 3 p.m. vs. Baltimore Brigade Saturday, June 2nd at 6 p.m. vs. Philadelphia Soul Friday, June 22nd at 7 p.m. vs. Philadelphia Soul Friday, June 29th at 7 p.m. vs. Albany Empire Saturday, July 7th at 3 p.m. vs. Baltimore Brigade To snag this deal, click HERE and enter promo code: CERTIFIKIDVAL at checkout. 
The Baltimore summer football drought is officially over! Come on out to the Royal Farms Arena to support the Baltimore Brigade and get ready for the high-octane fun and excitement of Arena Football! Since its inception in 1987, the Arena Football League (AFL) has showcased their fast-paced and exciting game to millions of fans in a myriad of markets across the country. The AFL currently has 4 teams: Albany Empire, Philadelphia Soul, Baltimore Brigade and Washington Valor. The Baltimore Brigade kick off their 2018 home season on April 13th at Royal Farms Arena. If you've never experienced Arena Football, you're in for an experience unlike any other. With a field that's only 50 yards long, rebound nets that keep the ball in play, and some wacky rules, Arena Football is an exhilarating fan experience. THE DEAL: Up to 40% Off Tickets for the following games: Friday, April 13th at 7 p.m. vs. Washington Valor Saturday, April 28th at 3 p.m. vs. Albany Empire Friday, May 4th at 7 p.m. vs. Philadelphia Soul Friday, May 25th at 7 p.m. vs. Philadelphia Soul Friday, June 15th at 7 p.m. vs. Washington Valor Saturday, June 23rd at 7:30 p.m. vs. Albany Empire To snag this deal, click on “BUY DEAL” (above) and enter promo code: CERTIFIKIDBRIG at checkout. 
Love basketball?   We’ve got a deal for you that’s nothin’ but net! Come cheer on our WNBA hometown super stars - the Washington Mystics - as they burn up the court.   We got you some sweet seats at Capital One Arena (formerly the Verizon Center) so that you can catch the 2018 Mystics in action.   Five ticket options to choose from:   Center Preferred Rows (A-K) - $35  Center Preferred Rows (L-Q) - $28 Center Preferred Rows (R-T) - $25  Lower Corners - $20  EndZone - $15  To purchase, click BUY DEAL (above) and enter promo code: CERTIFIKIDMYS at checkout. Pick your match up from any of these 2018 games:   vs. Indiana Fever on Sunday, May 20 - Home Opener (1 p.m.) vs. Las Vegas Aces on Tuesday, May 22 (7 p.m.) vs. Minnesota Lynx on Sunday, May 27 (3 p.m.) vs. Connecticut Sun on Sunday, June 3 (3 p.m.) vs. Minnesota Lynx on Thursday, June 7 (4 p.m.) vs. Los Angeles Sparks on Friday, June 15 (7 p.m.) vs. Chicago Sky on Tuesday, June 19 (7 p.m.) vs. Connecticut Sun on Tuesday, June 26 (7 p.m.) vs. New York Liberty on Thursday, June 28 (7 p.m.) vs. Phoenix Mercury on Saturday, June 30 (7:30 p.m.) vs. New York Liberty on Thursday, July 5 (7 p.m.) vs. Atlanta Dream on Wednesday, July 11 (11:30 a.m.) vs. Chicago Sky on Friday, July 13 (7 p.m.) vs. Las Vegas Aces on Friday, August 3 (7 p.m.) vs. Seattle Storm on Thursday, August 9 (11:30 a.m.) vs. Dallas Wings on Sunday, August 12 (3 p.m.) vs. Los Angeles Sparks on Friday, August 17 (7 p.m.)
Looking for a fun family outing? Take the whole family out to play the NEWEST and COOLEST sport around - FOOTGOLF - at McDaniel College Golf Course in Westminster! FootGolf combines two of the world’s most popular sports - golf and soccer - played on a golf course. FootGolf is great for the entire family, from the adults down to the youngest family members. If you can kick a soccer ball, you can play footGolf! Just like golf, but kicking a soccer ball, the object is to kick the ball into a 21-inch diameter cup in the fewest number of kicks. Players will tee off, or in this case KICK OFF, from a set of markers and play holes ranging from 50 to 200 yards. Like golf, there will be Par 3’s, Par 4’s and Par 5’s with scores kept on a scorecard. Just like golf, a player has holed out when his ball is in the cup. Check out the fun in this video!
Cirque du Soleil Crystal - A Breakthrough Ice Experience at The Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore July 5th - July 8th, 2018 Crystal is not just an ice show, it’s the very first experience on ice from Cirque du Soleil. Watch world-class ice skaters and acrobats claim their new frozen playground with speed and fluidity as they challenge the laws of gravity with never-before-seen acrobatics. A new kind of performance as Cirque du Soleil meets the ice to defy all expectations. Follow Crystal, their lead character, on an exhilarating tale of self-discovery as she dives into a world of her own imagination. Feel the adrenaline as she soars through this surreal world at high speed to become what she was always destined to be: confident, liberated, empowered.
Give your family the experience of a lifetime with a Private Family Sailing Lesson at KidShip Sailing School in Annapolis! Explore the Annapolis Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay with an instructor aboard KidShip's stable and dry Rainbow 24' sailboats. This course is a perfect way to spend quality time with your family on the water while learning along the way. Your hands-on instruction will include water safety, basic sailing terminology, sail trim, and steering with a tiller. Instructors are experienced and excited to share the sport with new families. By the end of your lesson, you will be amazed at how much you and your kids have learned! Since its founding in 1987, KidShip has taught the ropes to over 7000 young sailors on the Chesapeake Bay. KidShip’s proven approach blends hands-on instruction both on land and in small, responsive boats on the water. By adding lots of fun, they ensure a safe, enjoyable and instructive experience FOR SAILORS OF ALL AGES.
If your kids have been putzing around complaining there’s nothing to do, it’s time to turn those putzes into putts with today’s deal!  For just $5, you get TWO rounds of mini-golf at any of the FIVE MINI-GOLF COURSES run by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority: Algonkian Regional Park- 47001 Fairway Drive, Sterling, VA 20165 Cameron Run Regional Park - 4001 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304 Fountainhead Regional Park - 10875 Hampton Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 Pohick Bay Regional Park - 6501 Pohick Bay Drive, Lorton, VA 22079 Upton Hill Regional Park - 6060 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205 With this deal, put an end to the putzing and say hello to some fun family time putting!
Bethesda Salt Cave brings the natural, holistic healing process of salt therapy to downtown Bethesda. Based on medical knowledge and experience, they have recreated the natural salt-enriched micro climate of a Himalayan salt cave. Bethesda Salt Cave is lined from floor to ceiling with crystal rock salt that comes directly from the deepest recesses in mines located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range and is heated to 68 degrees. Relax, rejuvenate and heal during a 45-minute salt therapy session where you will breath in and expose your internal systems and skin to the negative ionic charge in the salt rock that is released into the air. The salt cave is an oasis of fresh air, highly contrasting the heavily polluted environment in which we live. Breathing in the salt air is said to foster good sleep, alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma, relieve hypertension and stress and even cure hangovers. Salt Therapy is a natural, safe and beneficial method of treatment for every age group proven to assist with: Stress relief Respiratory ailments Skin problems Boosts brain function and alertness Digestive issues Migraine relief Sleep Disorders Arthritis Depression Snoring relief
Mini Golf! Batting Cages! Paradise Play! Alexandria's Cameron Run Regional Park is home to a marvelous mini-golf course, batting cages and an amazing 2400 square foot Paradise Play structure! This deal gets your family a one-day admission to all three of these awesome attractions - at 31% Off! Here's the scoop: 4 Rounds of Mini-Golf (Regularly $6/adult and $5/child) 4 Batting Cage Tokens - for a total of 56 balls! (Regularly $6) 2 Paradise Play Admissions for kids ages 3-12 (Regularly $4/child) What is Paradise Play? It is an amazing 2400 square foot colorful beach themed play structure with exciting climbing and play features including triple slides, spiral climbs, pogo bounces, rock wall, spiral slides, mazes, kids conveyors, wobble hoppers and so much more that will provide hours of entertainment for kids 3-12. Adults and Children under 2 are admitted free.
You can't beat this deal... $15 for UNLIMITED RIDES at the Rockingham County Fair in Harrisonburg, VA! Just a two-hour drive southwest of the DC and Baltimore areas, this is the LARGEST AGRICULTURAL FAIR IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.  What a great idea for a summer day trip!   Now in it's 76th year, the Rockingham County Fair runs from Monday, August 13 - Saturday, August 18, 2018. Every day will feature an exciting lineup of entertainers. In addition, there will be Motorcross, professional bull riding, demolition derby and livestock events.    THE DEAL: $15 for Rockingham County Fair "Unlimited Rides" Wristband (Up to 35% Off!)   This wristband gets one person UNLIMITED ONE-DAY ACCESS to:   Kiddie Rides: Banana Jet Farm Tractors Happy Swing Nemo the Fish Pirate Island  Puppy Roll Tea Cups Family Rides: Alpine Fun House Century Wheel Himalaya Scooter (Bumper Cars) Super Slide Tornado Thrill Rides: Fire Ball Starship 4000 Yo Yo Zero Gravity Spectacular Rides: Supershot Typhoon
There’s no resting on your laurels for Public Television phenomenon Celtic Thunder! For ONE NIGHT ONLY - take your family on a special musical journey filled with traditional and contemporary Irish songs, Classic Hits, and Current Pop Music Favorites. Experience CELTIC THUNDER X Friday, September 14th at 7:30 p.m. at The Modell Lyric in Baltimore  Backed by the amazing Celtic Thunder Band, the multi-platinum Irish group of singers Damian McGinty, Ryan Kelly, Michael O’Dwyer, Emmet Cahill & Neil Byrne have sold 3.4 million albums in the U.S. and performed in almost 1,000 shows to date. In Celtic Thunder X, watch them deliver new ensemble numbers including “Sons of Light”, “Toora, Loora, Lay”, “The Wild Rover”, “Right All Right”, and “Castle on the Hill”. Sing along with Billboard's "Top World Music Artist" to nostalgic fun songs like “Celebration”, “I’m a Believer”, “Seasons in the Sun” and “Rise Again”. It's a 10th Anniversary Tour you won't want to miss! No Celtic Thunder show would be complete without an encore of their rousing anthem “Ireland’s Call”, the only song in Celtic Thunder X that isn’t a new song but which never fails to bring the audience to its feet.
Want to get out of the house and have fun ice skating? Layer up the cold weather gear and head on over to Loudoun Ice Centre for some guaranteed family fun this winter! Come enjoy open ice skating in a clean, hospitable, family oriented ice arena! At Loudoun Ice Centre, they don’t let their Open Skates get over crowded or out of control.  This deal gets you one public skating admission PLUS skate rental.
Beginning March 30, 2018... If you have a train lover in your house, we have the PERFECT day trip for you! Tucked away in the countryside in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is a hidden gem dedicated to the world of TOY TRAINS... Located just a little over an hour outside Philadelphia, less than 2 hours from Baltimore, and less than 3 hours from the Washington, DC area, National Toy Train Museum is a mecca for toy train lovers of ALL ages! Dedicated to the history and preservation of toy trains, the Museum is designed to satisfy the serious collector, as well as the young enthusiast. Designed like an old-time train station, the Museum features the latest in exhibits and LED lighting and features: A massive toy train collection featuring models from the 1800's to the present. Six operating, interactive train layouts in G, Standard, O, S, HO Gauges and a new new LEGO™ display! All of the layouts are designed to be kid friendly with the main features at eye level.  A train you can run with an app on your phone! Visitors of all ages will be captivated by the expansive layouts and wide variety of interactive accessories and controls. With literally thousands of toy train cars to pick from, old or new, steam or diesel or electric, large or small scale, metal or plastic, you simply have to see them in person to appreciate the magnitude of the collection. Strasburg is known as "Train City" because it is also the home to the historic Strasburg Rail Road, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and the Choo Choo Barn. You can spend an entire day here enjoying trains of all kinds! Quaint downtown Strasburg, historic Lancaster City, Lancaster County Pennsylvania Dutch attractions, and nearby shopping outlets make this a great trip for the whole family! Make it a FUN overnight getaway and stay just 5 miles away at the beautiful Greystone Manor B&B in Lancaster to enjoy all that AMISH COUNTRY has to offer. Click HERE for a special deal from CertifiKID, which includes a 1-night stay PLUS hot breakfast and a S'Mores Package! Check out this video to see the fun that awaits your train lover at National Toy Train Museum! <br />
Nestled in the National Museum of Natural History right here in our nation’s capital is the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center (SEEC), a model early childhood program that places children at the center of every experience. SEEC workshops offer a variety of hands-on experiences that introduce young children to concepts in engaging ways. Each class includes playful activities that are intentionally chosen to support your child’s development. Learning extends beyond the classroom and into the museums located on the National Mall where children and parents are encouraged to wonder and explore together as a family. With Promo Code CERTIFIKID, receive a 15% discount on SEEC workshops! Choose from: Bring Your Own Baby  │ Caretaker with Children 0 – 12 months Infant Investigators | 4 – 12 months Toddler Trailblazers | 13 – 24 months Twos Travelers | 2 – 3 years Preschool Pioneers | 3 – 5 years Artful Afternoons | K- 3 grades But that's not all! Celebrate your child's next birthday at the National Museum of Natural History or the National Museum of American History.  SEEC Celebrations offer the most novel birthday parties in town. Click HERE for more information - including a CertifiKID discount! 
Soon it will be time to go "Rollin'... Rollin'... Rollin' down the River..." in Natural Bridge, VA.   Just a three-hour drive southeast of the Washington DC area, Natural Bridge sits in the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley - flanked by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the James River.   Natural Bridge is the home of mother nature’s enormous and breathtaking rock bridge of Rockbridge County. Snag this deal and get a RIVER TUBING ADVENTURE any Sunday - Thursday this summer for just $12/person!    River Tubing Info: This deal is for everyone - no need to be staying overnight at Jellystone Campground. For ages 6+. Jellystone will provide the tubes, life jackets and a shuttle up the James River to your starting point. Mile-long leisurely float down James River will take 3 - 4 hours. Reservations required. Weather-permitting. Click HERE and scroll down to "Canoe and Tube on the James River" for more information. See "Information & Restrictions" section below for more details.
Bring the whole family out to the 5th annual ... Double Bubble Fun Run! The Double Bubble Run is the first Fun Run just for kids and parents ages 2 and up. You will be running through more than 13 stations, which includes Bubbles, Foam, Colors, Obstacles, Slides and more! Come early to make sure you don't miss the Super Hero Race. The Super Heroes will start the first heat of each day and your child can cheer for their favorite Super Hero! Come out to see Batman, Spiderman and many more - you can even take some pictures with them! Watch for our Confetti Canon blast off ... a WOW for every eye! After you are finished with the Bubble Run you can check out the awesome SUPER FUN ZONE (Frederick location only) - an area packed with fun filled activities for the whole family! Enjoy the rest of your day by playing on slides, ride on the Quad Bikes, spend some time in the Kids Corral, play some games and much more!
Bring the whole family out to the 3rd annual ... Double Bubble Fun Run! The Double Bubble Run is the first Fun Run just for kids and parents ages 2 and up. You will be running through more than 13 stations, which includes Bubbles, Foam, Colors, Obstacles, Slides and more! Come early to make sure you don't miss the Super Hero Race. The Super Heroes will start the first heat of each day and your child can cheer for their favorite Super Hero! Come out to see Batman, Spiderman and many more - you can even take some pictures with them! Watch for the Confetti Canon blast off ... a WOW for every eye!
Bounce, bump, slide and, best of all, laugh your way through one of the most entertaining races out there - The Great Inflatable Race! The Great Inflatable Race - D.C. September 22, 2018 at 9 a.m. Rosecroft Raceway, Fort Washington, MD Feel like a kid again as you jump, dive and bounce on the GIANT custom-designed inflatables during your fun run race. Are you brave enough to face an inflatable jungle? Or maybe the better question is are you ready to laugh at yourself and everyone else too?  Beyond the awesome obstacles and a day of seriously hilarious family fun, The Great Inflatable Race is your chance to give back. A portion of the proceeds from the race goes to local charity. Get fit, support a good cause and create epic memories that will last you a lifetime! Does it get any better than that? Grab the WHOLE family and join the Great Inflatable Race for The Bounciest Fun Run on Earth!
The ultimate MINECRAFT® experience is coming to Washington, DC this October! At Minefaire, MINECRAFT® Fan Experience, players and their families unite to meet their favorite YouTube creators, compete in tournaments and build battles, participate in the famed costume contest, witness live stage shows, learn from Official Minecraft Education Global Mentors, shop at the World's Largest Official Minecraft Merch Store for event exclusives, and more! Dulles Expo Center Saturday & Sunday, October 6th & 7th 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.* *VIP ticket holders get in 1-hour early Minefaire is the largest touring MINECRAFT show in the U.S., featuring YouTubers, Virtual Reality, Deep Dive Workshops and lots of hands-on attractions. "Minefaire was created to increase awareness that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are all in play when it comes to MINECRAFT and other constructive toys," says founder Chad Collins. Check out this video to see all the MINECRAFT fun in store at Minefaire 2018!
After twenty years as a Master of Bubbles, in 2007 Fan Yang brought his unique brand of bubble artistry to the Big Apple and has since wowed bubble lovers of all ages. The Gazillion Bubble Show  is truly is a family affair for Fan: his wife Ana, son Deni, daughter Melody, and brother Jano all can be found on stage in New York and around the world performing their bubble magic. Audiences are delighted with an unbubblievable experience, awashed with a bubble tide, and some even find themselves INSIDE a bubble. Mind-blowing bubble magic, spectacular laser lighting effects, and momentary soapy masterpieces will make you smile, laugh, and feel like a kid again.    BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW AND PLAN AN UNFORGETTABLE FAMILY WEEKEND IN NEW YORK CITY!  The Gazillion Bubble show's  appeal extends well beyond the stage, including appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The Dave Letterman Show", "LIVE! with Regis and Kelly", The Ellen Degeneres Show", "Fox and Friends", "The View", "CBS Sunday Morning", "The Today Show", FOX, NBC, ABC, CW11 as well as television stations all around the world. "It is simply UNBUBBLIEVABLE!" The Gazillion Bubble Show...."It will BLOW your mind!!!"  

Family-Friendly Activities & Events deals in Baltimore, MD

Monster Mini Golf is a family entertainment center like no other! The entire 16,500 square foot facility is completely under black light creating an amazing experience with 18 holes of Indoor, Glow-in-the-Dark Monster-Themed mini golf. Whether you're visiting for the first time, or the hundredth, you feel the excitement and adventure of playing mini golf among a scary but cool monster décor. All locations are unique and custom designed - complete with Special Effects, Great Music and an Interactive DJ that provides a mini golf experience like you’ve never seen before!  Monster Mini Golf is fun for the all ages! Their courses are challenging enough for adults to navigate, yet very playable for children. In addition to mini golf, the Towson location has its own state of the art arcade game area, two Monster themed party rooms and an unusual gift shop! 
Fasten your seat belts as you enjoy the BRAND NEW Airbound Trampoline Center in White Marsh, MD! Airbound Trampoline Center is an indoor sports and family entertainment facility with wall to wall trampolines forming one LARGE jumping area with angled trampoline walls to bounce off of! Airbound will get your whole family flying high in a safe and secure environment! Flip, dive, and soar through the air on Airbound’s trampoline dodgeball court! Bring the whole squad or just jump into a game while you’re here! Parents, if you'd rather relax while your kids do the jumping, grab a bite to eat at Freestate’s on-site Sports Café OR get your heart pumping during a race at the Autosport Simulator Speedway! Airbound is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. They offer guests a wide variety of physical activities, including open jump time, a ninja warrior course, trampoline dodgeball, and foam pit fun! This makes Airbound the perfect destination for your next night out, birthday party, family event, group outing, or fundraiser! Their facility also offers turf fields, basketball courts, laser tag, and a Fun Zone for any indoor recreation wish! HURRY! LIMITED NUMBER OF VOUCHERS AVAILABLE!
You can't beat this deal... $15 for UNLIMITED RIDES at the Cecil County Fair!   Just an hour north of Baltimore, the Cecil County Fair runs from Friday, July 20 - Saturday, July 28, 2018. What a great idea for a summer day trip!   The Cecil County Fair originated in 1953 as a one-day event and now draws more than 75,000 people over nine days.   There's something for everyone at the Cecil County Fair!  Highlights include the ever-popular demolition derby, a professionally-sanctioned rodeo, tractor and truck pulls, plus countless competitions for 4-H youth and the public. Try the pie eating contest, cow chip toss, hale bale toss, big wheel race, 5-K run/walk and so much more!   THE DEAL: $15 for Cecil County Fair "Unlimited Rides" Wristband (Up to 32% Off!) This wristband gets one person UNLIMITED ONE-DAY ACCESS to:   Kiddie Rides: Banana Jet Farm Tractors Happy Swing Nemo the Fish Pirate Island Puppy Roll Tea Cups Family Rides: Alpine Fun House Century Wheel Himalaya Scooter (Bumper Cars) Super Slide Tornado Thrill Rides: Fire Ball Starship 4000 Yo Yo Zero Gravity Spectacular Rides: Supershot Typhoon
Discover how much fun a haircut can be at...     Fun for Kids. Stress-Free for Parents.   The Cookie Cutters Experience   1. The Fun Starts at the Front Door Children are immediately excited when they step into Cookie Cutters. They are greeted at the door with smiling faces and an indoor play area with a slide. They can feel free to have fun and relax as they begin their haircut experience. And don’t worry parents; the play area is cleaned daily!   2. Not Your Ordinary Salon Chair Kids get to enjoy more than the typical salon booster seat at Cookie Cutters. They get to choose their favorite fantasy car! Each station also has a wide selection of kids’ shows and games. If this doesn’t make their haircut experience happy, our stylists are equipped with bubbles, suckers and balloons to put your child at ease through the entire haircut experience.   3. We're Here for Parents Too We understand that a child’s haircut can be an even bigger deal to the parents than the child. Our stylists will walk you through every step of the way, make styling recommendations and help you find the right products to make home hair styling even easier. We carry only the best organic hair care products for your children with lines from: Original Sprout, Fairy Tales and Glop and Glam.   4. Sensitive to Special Needs Haircuts can be scary for all children, especially those with special needs or sensory issues. At Cookie Cutters, we specifically train our stylists to work with a child’s needs to deliver exactly what you ask for – a great haircut. Our stylists have even been known to give haircuts walking around the salon. Whatever it takes to make the child comfortable, they will work around.
Memorial Day is coming ... It is POOL TIME!  If you don't have a pool membership, this is your lucky day ... because Hillcrest Swim Club in Parkville is offering CertifiKID subscribers a splashin' cool deal: Four One-Day Family Pool Passes for $75!   Each one-day pool pass provides admission for up to FIVE immediate family members.   Not valid for previous Hillcrest Swim Club members. New families only. This deal offers your family the opportunity to spend FOUR fun-filled summer days together at  Hillcrest Swim Club . Don't miss it! Here's what you'll enjoy at Hillcrest Swim Club: Beautiful, spacious pool including 2 diving boards. Separate fenced-in baby pool area with a mini splash-park. Recreational area including basketball courts, ping pong, corn hole, picnic tables and grills. Full-Service Snack Bar. Events All Summer. For Members Only: Swim Team & Swim Lessons. There are a limited number of family passes available at this extremely discounted rate - so snag yours today before they're all gone! Happy Swimmin' this Summer at  Hillcrest Swim Club !
Muse Paintbar has a BRAND NEW LOCATION -  Owings Mills, MD! Be one of the first to check out them out with this special CertifiKID offer! Muse has something for everyone - kids and grown ups! It's great for family outings and kids' birthday parties! Kids are welcome during regular painting sessions. Muse also offers special family day painting sessions and birthday party packages with kid-friendly painting subjects and drinks (e.g., juice, water and soda). Looking for a different adult night out? Muse Paintbar combines a restaurant and bar with painting instruction sessions. They will guide you step-by-step through a painting, offering eats, wine and beer to keep your inner artist inspired. When you're done, your masterpiece is yours to keep! Great for a special night out with the girls, or for a first (or fortieth!) date, come to Muse to relax and unleash your creativity.  Love Muse and can't wait to have your next girls' or couples' night out, kid or adult birthday party, bachelorette party, or other special event at the Paintbar? We have a great deal for that, too! Click HERE to learn more about our Muse Paintbar private party option for up to ten people.
Tucked away on 14 beautiful acres in the Perry Hall/White Marsh area of Baltimore, Pine Valley Swim & Tennis Club has been a bedrock in the community for generations. Their idyllic setting, many amenities, top-notch facilities and wide array of family-friendly activities and events make every season an incredible time at Pine Valley. Pine Valley is offering CertifiKID subscribers an exclusive deal for Full Club Membership. There's no better time to become part of the Pine Valley family!  Check out Pine Valley's FIVE incredible swimming pools: 80,000 gallon pool Wading Pool with 10' mushroom and frog slide! Gator Pool with life size alligators to cross Heated, relaxing adult-only pool 150' water slide - biggest in town! Full Club Membership grants access to all of this and MUCH MORE! Family Fun Stuff More Cool Things Picnic Areas with Grills Water Wars Four Separate Playgrounds Basketball Spray Zone - Water Play Area Ping Pong Father's Day Events Shuffleboard Ping Pong Tournament Yoga & Yoga for Kids Kids Day Events/Youth Nights   Racket/Social Sports Clay Tennis Courts Platform Tennis Courts Bocce Ball & Petanque Tennis/Platform Tennis Pine Valley Swim & Tennis Club offers tons of family fun and activities for its members! Enjoy members-only privileges including Tennis leagues (March - October), Platform Tennis leagues (October - March), Potluck Lunch the Saturday before Memorial Day, Swim/Tennis/Basketball Lessons and SO MUCH MORE! Pine Valley will become your 'home away from home' where you'll spend lazy weekend days and hot summer nights making family memories. Every day at Pine Valley is like a day on vacation! Pine Valley is also offering CertifiKID subscribers a great deal on their summer Day Camp!
Golf among the DINOSAURS at Jurassic Golf & Arcade, Harford County's first and only indoor blacklight mini golf course in Bel Air! Jurassic Golf's 4500-square-foot mini golf course features glowing, animated dinosaurs, fossils and CGI effects for a truly prehistoric experience! Maneuver your ball around neon-colored Triceratops, T. Rex and friends, and be careful not to disturb the dinosaur eggs! After you make it through the course, head over to the arcade to continue the fun by earning tickets to exchange for fun prizes (additional fee applies).
April showers bring May flowers but they don't give you too many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy your neighborhood playground. Indulge your child's need for PLAY with a trip to Bubala Indoor Playground! Filled with slides, bounce houses, ball pits, and more, kids ages 7 and under can enjoy a safe, clean, stimulating environment of interactive and exhilarating toys and equipment. Located in Pikesville, the bright and cheerful Bubala Indoor Playground offers padded play space for daring little ones, a separate room for movie-viewing and a snack bar.  Grab this CertifiKID deal for 2 or 4 Open Play Passes (Weekday or Any Day options available) and head on over for some indoor FUN! Choose to use your pass on multiple visits or share with a friend or 2 or 3! Looking for a spot to host your child's next birthday party? Check out their 2-Hour Weekday Birthday party package HERE and leave the party planning and cleanup to the experts at Bubala Indoor Playground!
Head over to Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre for Wixie Children's Musical Theatre's original musical adaptation of The Pied Piper. A charming original music adaptation of the classic fairytale. The Pied Piper is about a town in Germany that has become infested with rats and the magical man who came there to help rid their town of rats. A tale that teaches this town to be grateful and meet their promised responsibilities or pay the Piper in a way they never dreamed possible. The Pied Piper is a family musical, featuring original songs and dances, sets, beautiful costumes, and a delicious buffet, which includes a children’s option, prior to each performance. The entire family will become enchanted as The Pied Piper plays his magical music! Choose from the following performances: Sundays at 2:00 p.m. - June 10th, 17th & 24th. This is a full performance running approximately 2 hours. Each voucher includes a show ticket and buffet with dinner table, family-style seating, perfect for indulging in a delectable buffet laden with a variety of tasty delights and scrumptious desserts. Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. - July 11th, 18th & 25th. This is an abbreviated, hour-long performance for younger children ages 4-12 and does NOT include a meal. The great Oregon Ridge playground is right next to the Theatre - perfect for a picnic lunch and play date after the show! The Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre is the performing home of the Baltimore Actors' Theatre. This is an intimate theatre setting with unobstructed views from all seats!
The Fire Museum of Maryland doesn’t look like much from the outside. But open the door, and wow! The world-class collection of more than 40 pieces of gleaming fire apparatus sends hearts of all ages racing with delight. Treat your family to a day at The Fire Museum of Maryland. Explore the history of firefighting in America, from the days of bucket brigades, to early hand-pumped engines, to the age of steam, to modern rigs of the 20th century. The working alarm room showcases over 150 years of emergency communications technology. And it really gets kids thinking about how did people call for help before there were cellphones? Don't miss the interactive Discovery Room, where kids can try on pint-sized turnout gear and climb onto a real 1938 Mack fire engine.
Get the kids out of the house to burn off energy without breaking the bank. Roll on over to Skate Zone in Crofton for fun and fitness! With this special deal from CertifiKID, you get 2 admissions for the price of one regular admission PLUS 2 skate rentals - choose from traditional roller skates or roller blades. Make it a fun afternoon with the family or share this experience with friends. There's something fun for everyone at Skate Zone. Skaters of all ages will rock out to the latest music while they skate. Join in group games like the limbo and speed racing contests. New to roller skating? Grab a walker to help with balance. Parents can choose to skate or relax along the rink. When you need a break, skate on over to the Rollin' Cafe for pizza, popcorn or a soda. Then, check out their awesome video games in the arcade! 
Bounce, bump, slide and, best of all, laugh your way through one of the most entertaining races out there - The Great Inflatable Race! The Great Inflatable Race - York, PA July 14, 2018 at 9 a.m. Shrewsbury YMCA Feel like a kid again as you jump, dive and bounce on the GIANT custom-designed inflatables. Are you brave enough to face an inflatable jungle? Or maybe the better question is are you ready to laugh at yourself and everyone else too?  Beyond the awesome obstacles and a day of seriously hilarious family fun, The Great Inflatable Race is your chance to give back. A portion of the proceeds from the race goes to local charity. Get fit, support a good cause and create epic memories that will last you a lifetime! Does it get any better than that? Grab the WHOLE family and join the Great Inflatable Race for The Bounciest Fun Run on Earth!

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