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Keep those young minds and bodies active in a whole new way with Beginner Youth Fencing Camp at Cardinal Fencing Academy! Winners of Washington Parents Best Fencing Club award, Cardinal Fencing Academy's seasoned instructors will introduce your camper age 8+ to one of the original Olympic sports, all while having loads of fun! There's no idling at their state-of-the-art facility in Sterling, VA. Their hands-on approach to fencing will have your camper sparring, gearing up and refereeing on day 1. By the end of camp, your child will be better focused and more coordinated, with a greater understanding of the technical and creative details that make this sport special. Enjoy games, footwork, tournament play and forming new friendships while learning this super safe sport! Cardinal Fencing Academy provides each of their campers with the necessary gear and equipment to make it a truly authentic fencing experience.
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Does your little one fancy herself a Prima Ballerina in the making? Does she have more tu-tus than shoes? Can she zero in on a tiara with laser precision? Well then we've got the camps for her at Bella Ballerina. Watch your child blossom over the course of the week as they make adorable friendships and become immersed in their camp theme! Whether it’s Winter Magic, Pink Feather Fun, Magical Mermaid, Rainbow Unicorn, Pugs & Kisses or A Whole New World, they’ll come home talking about all of the amazing things they did that day. It will leave them with memories they’ll cherish forever. And don’t worry – you’ll get to check out everything they’ve been working on in a show at the end of the week! They’ll feature the amazing costumes and scenery that have been kept top secret, and show you just how far they’ve come with their dances and their friends. These specialized camps developed for kids ages 3-9 are a perfect way to spend the summer! Bella Ballerina camp offers a fun and educational experience like no other. So get out the leotards and start practicing those positions ... it's going to be a twirling whirling summer, "barre" none! PLUS NOW OFFERING LIVE STREAMING SERVICE! Parents can now feel more secure than ever when they can log in to LIVE stream to see exactly what their kiddos are up to at camp! When you register for camp, you’ll receive a secure link to log in during that week and see all the fun they’re having.  
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Academic Camps,Camps,From a Distance,Full-Day,In-Person Classes & Camps,Outdoor/Adventure Camps,Summer Camps,Traditional Day Camps
Mary's Land Farm Summer Camp is an exciting way to light up any young person’s summer. They provide unique, hands-on opportunities for learning, growing, and fun - all at their working farm on 160 acres in Howard County, Maryland.   Campers spend their week immersed in the natural world, becoming stewards of the environment. Each camp week is loaded with creative, enriching activities led by skilled counselors and farmers. Campers care for the chickens, hike the wild lands, explore creeks, get crafty with wood and nature, tend and harvest the organic gardens, make farm fresh food, learn about plant and animal ecosystems, and more. This engaging experience will spark a life-long appreciation of the outdoors in your child, and help them explore how people and the environment are all connected. Mary Land Farm's 2021 Summer Camp program is for four age groups. Sprouts (Age 4-6) Farming from a smaller person’s perspective. Campers participate in farm life through their senses, holding animals, digging in the dirt, and asking questions. Camp staff oversee petting the animals, collecting eggs, handling chicks, learning about bugs and insects, tasting the veggies in the garden, creating art projects, and listening to stories.   Farm Pals (Age 7-10) Experience all facets of farm life with age-appropriate opportunities. Participate in farm chores from grooming the ponies to feeding the chickens. At Mary's Land, they encourage connection with the land and the animals, and provide daily experiences that increase campers' farming knowledge through hands-on, experiential learning.   Junior Farmers (Age 11-15) Daily farm life is an adventure in itself to this crew! The perfect fit for active early teens. Farm experiences allow campers to learn about biology and agriculture, horticulture and husbandry through daily electives and experiences. Skills are developed that benefit children all year long, instilling confidence as they learn all about cooperative farming and working together.   Teen (Age 16-18) The most immersive farm experience. Campers will participate in morning electives each day, then put permaculture agricultural principles to work in the afternoon. Along with their team leader, they will work alongside farm hands to get a true, insider look at farming, build relationships, and discover new strengths and interests as evidenced in the farm surroundings.   In each age group, campers will learn about different farm topics like: Wilderness Survival Soil and Water Conservation Raising Chickens for Meat and Eggs Personal Fitness Horse Care Woodworking Nature Exploration and Preservation Insect Studying Farm to Food   Afternoon activities include active games or arts and crafts. Campers will also visit the creek each day to play in the water and explore the waterlife. Other activities may include treasure hunts, wagon rides, and farm chores, like feeding chickens and combing and walking the horses.   Come for multiple weeks this summer - no two weeks will be the same!   Want to learn more? Email Mary's Land Farm at [email protected] or visit
Academic Camps,Camps,From a Distance,Full-Day,Half-Day,In-Person Classes & Camps,Most Popular,Sports Camps,Summer Camps
Score big in 2021 - at a Breakthrough Basketball Camp! With 275 basketball camps in nearly every state nationwide, Breakthrough Basketball coaches firmly believe that they have a very important responsibility and an amazing opportunity to have a positive impact on their players' lives.  Breakthrough Basketball Camps include: Attack & Counter Basketball Camps with Don Kelbick Ball Handling, Shooting & Decision Training Skills Camp Essential Youth Skills & Decision Making Shooting Camps Scoring, Shooting & Ball Handling Camps Elite Skills & Playmaking Camps "Littles" Camp for K - 4th Graders Overnight Camps HURRY! LIMITED TIME OFFER: Use Promo Code CERTIFIKID and receive an additional $25 off Spring & Summer Breakthrough Basketball camps nationwide! Breakthrough Basketball Coach Testimonials: "Breakthrough Basketball puts on some of the best camps out there for youth and high school players...I’ve taken many of the drills, skills, and life lessons taught at Breakthrough’s camps and applied them in my life and with coaching at the college level. When it comes to skill development, mentality, and character development, Breakthrough is one of the best!” - Max Lefevre, Director of Player Development for the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball Team   "Often you hear how champions are made in the summer, which is true. But often champions are made through meticulous attention to detail and persistent repetition of those details. The details must be accurate and applicable, which is what you get with Breakthrough Basketball. These coaches provide campers with next level skill development and team workouts, while teaching about overall quality of life in the same breath." - Courtney Robinson, University of Sioux Falls Women’s Assistant Coach
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Academic Camps,Camps,Creative Arts Camps,From a Distance,Full-Day,In-Person Classes & Camps,Outdoor/Adventure Camps,School Holiday Camps
Get OUTSIDE, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER NATURE and ANIMALS with Eco Adventures! Looking for something unique, exciting AND educational to keep your child busy when school's out? Eco Adventures is here with exciting themes to entertain them! Each camp is themed and is designed to get kids excited about the natural world. Whether it's providing campers with a once in a lifetime experience with an endangered species, learning new skills from from an expert, discovering new found confidence from one of their knowledgeable instructors, or simply making new friends in a safe and stimulating environment. Within their 3800 square foot interior space, campers can experience the sounds and sights of a simulated rainforest and mysterious underwater cave discovery room. And, just outside the backdoor, lies the neighboring Severn Run Wildlife Area -- 1700 acres of pristine wilderness ready to be explored by young conservationists. This isn’t any ordinary camp! Go ahead … Experience the Extraordinary! Valid for any of the following dates: January 18th -- Fear Factor! Face your fears... January 20th -- Wicked Wednesday January 27th -- Wicked Wednesday February 1st -- Expedition Everest Camp February 3rd -- Wicked Wednesday February 10th -- Wicked Wednesday February 15th -- Puppy love!! February 17th -- Wicked Wednesday February 24th -- Wicked Wednesday March 10th -- Leapin' Lizards!! May 31st -- MAY Camp TBA Click HERE for more details
Parties,Camps,Sports Camps,School Holiday Camps,Full-Day,Classes,From a Distance,In-Person Classes & Camps,Birthday Parties
To get the kids off the electronics and engaged in a more active lifestyle, you need to make fitness FUN! Enter Hi-Five - they've designed classes where your kids won't even realize they're getting exercise! Hi-Five strives to provide a fun and safe environment focusing not only on developing athletic skills, but to help grow confidence, promote teamwork, sportsmanship, problem-solving, leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication, healthy lifestyles and the meaning to win and lose. The Hi-Five team of experts have developed programs to suit all of your child's fitness needs. Clinics Small group Basketball/Football/Soccer training is provided once a month for a 3-hr session. This program offers skill development, conditioning and agility work for youth ages 7-13. Winter Break Camp Dec. 21-24 and Dec. 28-31 - Campers ages 5-12 will experience a wide variety of activities including: basketball, dodge ball, football, soccer, capture the flag and arts & crafts. Camp ends with a fun sports tournament that's sure to build the fondest of memories. Multi-Sport (ages 3-6) Hi-Five Multi-Sport serves as an introduction to some of the most popular sports in the world. Every two weeks a new team sport will be introduced to boys and girls ages 3-6. Sports covered will be T-Ball – Flag Football – Soccer. Kids will learn the fundamentals of each game through various drills and training elements designed specifically for young players. While this program focuses on player development and the overall understanding of each sport, it most importantly stresses FUN! Birthday Party The fun doesn't stop there! Hi-Five would love to host your next party! Treat your little all-star to the ultimate birthday experience from their extensive list of sports or customize the activities to fit your child. Plus, all guests will enjoy food, beverages and an awesome celebration in our party area! Choose your party from the following packages: Basic Party Package 90-Minute Birthday Party For up to 24 children - $10/each additional child (Max 30) Deluxe Party Package 120-Minute Birthday Party For up to 24 children - $10/each additional child (Max 30) Includes Murphy Mascot
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