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10 Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

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Courage. Bravery. Adventure. Loyalty. Family. Unconditional Love. These are all things celebrated in Disney’s new live-action Dumbo movie, and also traits many of us associate with our dads or the dad-like figures in our lives. This Father’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Disney to bring you some special ways to connect with and celebrate dad by spending time together doing something he loves.

So, ditch the traditional tools and trinkets this Father’s Day and “let your imagination take flight” with these more creative experience gifts that tap into what makes your dad special and unique. Whether your dad is into high-flying adventure or more ‘grounded’ fun, we have ideas to make this Father’s Day his best yet.

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Go on a Thrill-Seeking Adventure. Have you come across old family photos of some guy who kind of, sort of resembles a younger version of your dad doing cool outdoorsy things like repelling down a mountain? Rekindle dad’s adventurous side this Father’s Day by gifting him a family day trip zip lining, whitewater rafting, water tubing, stand up paddle boarding, or kayaking.

Take Him Out to the Ball Game. If dad is a sports fan, Father’s Day is a great time to get him off the couch and out to the ballpark or arena to watch his favorite team live. Part of the gift is agreeing not to whine when the game goes into extra innings {dads hate that}.

Head ‘Fore’ the Golf Course. Some of my best memories with my dad as a little girl are accompanying him on his golf outings. While getting to drive the golf cart was fun and exciting, what I remember most was the one-on-one time I got to spend with him free from distractions, just talking. Whether your kids are old enough to join in the game, or simply go along for the ride, dad will love passing down his passion to the next generation. A great alternative to the big course is to go mini golfing. Dad’s short game can always use work ;-).

Go for a Roller Coaster Ride. Kids love roller coasters and dads do a great job pretending they are still young and cool enough to take on the dips, twists, turns and flips without feeling like they’re going to hurl (but we know the truth, don’t we? ;-)). A family trip to a local amusement park is a great annual Father’s Day tradition to start this year. 

Build Something Together. Moms, if you play this one right, you may just come out with that new [fill in the blank] you’ve been nagging him about asking for. If you have a dad who loves to build things or tinker around the house, Father’s Day is a great day to gift him with a new tool, plans for a father-child project to take on, and permission to spend all day tinkering. Working together toward a common goal is a great way to strengthen relationships, and the shared sense of accomplishment in the finished project can’t be beat.

Send Him on a Culinary Adventure. If your dad is a foodie or ‘MasterChef’ wannabe, gift him with a father-child cooking class or a subscription to a meal kit delivery service, an easy way to get the kids involved in cooking with him at home. Or, if relaxing with a cold brew is more his speed, plan a family day trip to a kid-friendly brewery or winery.

Off to the Races. If your dad has the “need for speed”, plan a Father’s Day outing to the race track, or engage is some family-friendly competition by going go-kart racing. For a more mellow outing, see if there is a car show coming to your area.

Step Back in Time. If your dad is obsessed with the History channel or spends the bulk of his leisure time reclined with a stack of historical biographies, Father’s Day is the perfect time to plan a family outing that will make this history buff’s heart soar. Show dad you care about his passion (or at least pretend for the day!) by visiting a historical site, battlefield, or museum that corresponds to his interests. Research ahead of time to see if the site or museum you are visiting has special programs for kids or families.

Immerse him in Nature. A family camping trip is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who enjoy spending time outdoors. This is a great way to unplug from electronics and spend quality time together connecting as a family and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer. Bring along your bikes, hiking shoes, fishing gear, and board games for maximum family fun.

Let him be a kid Again. For the dads who are big kids at heart and will take any opportunity to join in the fun, a family outing to a laser tag arena, paint ball park, trampoline park, water park, pinball or video game arcade is the perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Hint: You may want to let him win.

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