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Activities & Events,Sports/Recreation/ Adventure,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular
Grab the whole family and climb ART at the COOLEST climbing center to hit the United States - ClimbZone White Marsh! More than just a climbing center, ClimbZone White Marsh is an experience!   Best the 28' tall Knight in Shining Armor, or scramble up Jack’s beanstalk. No boring bare walls here. It’s all handcrafted, stunning, climbable art.    Designed with families in mind, the 80 panels at ClimbZone White Marsh include some extra-wide options so families can all climb together. Safety is as important to the folks at ClimbZone as fun is. To that end they have installed an ingenious hydraulic auto-belay system that brings climbers safely back to earth without relying on manpower.   Great for beginners who are just learning the ropes, all the way up to experts looking for a challenge, ClimbZone White Marsh has something for the adventurer in everyone! Fans of American Ninja Warrior?  They have 3 different warped walls!   Some of the other great themes the whole family will love climbing include:   Shark Cage T-Rex Dinosaur Rocket Ship Hand and foot holds shaped like sports gear, fruit, and MORE! ClimbZone White Marsh is truly a place for the whole family. Your little monkeys can start climbing as young as two years old! Not a climber? Take a break in their open seating area to enjoy a snack, or feel free to bring your own. There is no other place like ClimbZone White Marsh - unless you can hop a plane to New Zealand that is.
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Classes,Most Popular
It's time to nurture your child's love of the water and encourage their progress by taking it to the next level. Remember, participation in formal swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning. So, continue to build confidence in your child and help them to become strong swimmers. KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools are America's largest provider of year-round warm water swimming instruction, operating over 30 locations across 5 states and teaching over 150,000 students annually. KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools are dedicated to teaching kids to be safe and proficient in the water. With America's finest specialty designed training pools that are maintained at 90° with depths ranging from 2 to 5 feet, students find the perfect environment to learn in. No shivering or goosebumps! These major deterrents to learning to swim are “outlawed” at the KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools! With expert instructors, a trademarked curriculum and a kid friendly environment, your children will soon be on their way to “water ready” - and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they got the best start around!  
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Activities & Events,Museums/Educational,Day Trips,Sports/Recreation/ Adventure,Grown-Ups,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Outdoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular
PEAK CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON WILL BE HERE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT...GET READY FOR SOME INCREDIBLE VIEWS FROM THE POTOMAC RIVER! Spring is the time to explore our Nation’s Capital - and the beautiful cherry blossoms - with the family. There's no better way to do it than to hop aboard Capitol River Cruises and see the sights from the Potomac River! For over 25 years now, Capitol River Cruises has traversed the Potomac River, offering its passengers the opportunity to discover the most spectacular views of Washington, DC. The 45-minute cruises are rich with historical narration as you float past the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge, Memorial Bridge, Roosevelt Island, the Washington Monument, the Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the US Capitol, Watergate, the Lincoln Memorial, Maritime Memorial and the Curtis-Lee Mansion. Capitol River Cruises begin on Saturday, March 21, 2020 and run through September 7, 2020.  No reservations necessary. Happy Cruisin’!
Activities & Events,Fairs, Festivals & Exhibits,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular
Attention LEGO® Fans ... BrickFair is coming to the Dulles Expo Center! On Saturday, August 1st and Sunday, August 2nd, expect to be captivated, wowed and awe-struck by the more than 130,000 square feet of fantastic LEGO® creations and collections at BrickFair Virginia.  BrickFair brings together adult fans of LEGO® from across the country to show off their projects - great and small - and to share their passion for the planet’s most awesome toy ever - LEGO®! Robots, castles, cars, entire cities, roller coasters, forest fires, winding trains ... all made of LEGO® .. you've gotta see it to believe it!  The fun doesn't stop there! Other attractions include: Great Ball Contraption: 200+ module ball-mover... you gotta see it to believe it! Hands-on activities: Green Build, Bridge Build, Art Gallery, Floor Mosaic, Stay & Play, and Color Corner. Chances to win: Ring Toss, Go Fish, Guesstimate, Scavenger Hunt, and Bingo! Vendors will be offering all things LEGO®, including shirts, hats, mini figures, custom-molded weapons, unique models, key chains...and...really...everything you ever imagined.
Activities & Events,Museums/Educational,Day Trips,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular
All Aboard! Your destination: Northlandz, the world's largest miniature wonderland! This unique gem, located in Flemington, NJ, offers excitement and endless surprises for train enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike and is just over an hour from NYC and Philadelphia. Begun many years ago as a labor of love by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, Northlandz is now in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the World’s Largest Model Railroad.  The 16-acre world-class attraction is a museum of art, music and doll displays, too. Explore the 94-room Doll mansion, La Peep Doll House, a 2,000 pipe theatre pipe organ (which Bruce plays) and fine art galleries throughout. There is also an 1890’s replica narrow gauge steam train outside. Northlandz also boasts the largest playland for kids (and those young at heart!). Enjoy a stage, piano, organs, ping pong and table games, large legos and toy horses you can actually ride on, as well as small electric cars. It's a super fun place! For those with sensory sensitivity, they offer an area to relax with dim lighting and comfy furniture. Here's what you can expect on your visit to Northlandz: Over 100 Trains running on 8 miles of track! 1000 + buildings, 400 + bridges and 250,000 trees covering the whole model train landscape.  2-3 Hour Self-Guided Tour Large Indoor Playland Outdoor Railroad Ride (Available on weekends and holidays only.)
Activities & Events,Theatre & Arts,Seasonal/Holiday,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday ONLY,Most Popular
Here's a chance to cook up something new! Experience MasterChef Junior Live! on stage at The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater in Syracuse, NY. With this AMAZING CertifiKID deal for 20% OFF tickets, you'll be saving plenty of dough, too! MasterChef Junior Live! brings the culinary hit TV show, MasterChef Junior, directly to fans and foodies alike…LIVE on stage on Thursday, March 5th. The family-friendly stage show will feature head-to-head cooking demonstrations and fun (sometimes messy!) challenges with past MasterChef Junior contestants, and an overall immersive audience experience fun for all ages. Bring the whole family to see MasterChef Junior Live! It’s a recipe for a guaranteed good time! MasterChef Junior Live! Tour from TCG Entertainment on Vimeo.
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Activities & Events,Theatre & Arts,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular
We all know our kids have enough toys, so here's a chance to cook up something different and give the family a unique experience gift to see MasterChef Junior Live! on stage at The Warner Theatre! Get up to 46% off tickets with this CertifiKID deal! MasterChef Junior Live! brings the culinary hit TV show, MasterChef Junior, directly to fans and foodies alike…LIVE on stage on Sunday, March 22nd. The family-friendly stage show will feature head-to-head cooking demonstrations and fun (sometimes messy!) challenges with past MasterChef Junior contestants, and an overall immersive audience experience fun for all ages. Bring the whole family to see MasterChef Junior Live! It’s a recipe for a guaranteed good time! MasterChef Junior Live! Tour from TCG Entertainment on Vimeo.
Activities & Events,Theatre & Arts,Grown-Ups,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Outdoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular
Danny serenaded Sandy there. Your mom and dad might have spent a few Friday nights there, too. NOW it’s your turn to pass down the pure Americana tradition of a night at The Family Drive-In Theatre! Leave behind the seven-foot tall guy who sat right in front of your kid. Ditch the sticky floors. But still see the most popular first-run flicks Tinsel Town is turning out! The Family Drive-In Theatre makes movies even more fun, with a playground for the kids and a welcome mat for the family pooch. As soon as the sun sets the silver screen is a glow with stars. Oh, did we mention it’s ALWAYS a double feature too? Two movies for LESS than the price of one! Plus all the theatre concessions, too: Popcorn Soda Candy and MORE!
Camps,Traditional Day Camps,Academic Camps,Creative Arts Camps,Summer Camps,Full-Day,Most Popular
Dive into summer - at Washington International School!   WIS Specialty Camps bring children together from around the globe to discover untapped strengths, develop language proficiency, grow self-confidence and develop friendships. Every week, there are several options for activities that your camper can participate in.   The Deal: $305 for One-Week of Full-Day Specialty Camp - New Families Only ($145 Off!)   All camp programs run weekly, beginning June 22nd through July 31st. Sign up for one week or come for the whole summer! Camps for children ages 3-5 take place at the WIS Primary School Campus in Georgetown, with shuttle service available from the WIS Tregaron Campus in Northwest D.C. and The World Bank. Camps for children ages 6-12 take place at WIS Middle & Upper School Campus in Northwest D.C., with shuttle service available from the WIS Primary School Campus in Georgetown and The World Bank.   Language Immersion Camp - Ages 3 - 13 Students participating in the Immersion Camp have an opportunity to learn French, Spanish, or Chinese. Language Immersion Camp is designed for non-native speakers and students of all levels are welcome. Immersion campers explore language, customs, and cultures in an interactive project-based classroom.   Intensive Camp - Ages 8 - 13 Designed for students who want to take their Spanish to the next level, their Intensive Camp focuses on listening, speaking, grammar, and reading. Project-based activities include presentations, movies, 3-D dioramas, informational posters, and even books.   Young Voyagers Camp - Ages 3 - 5 Young Voyagers spend the summer making new friends and learning how to do things on their own. Each week is organized around a theme. Music, creative arts, water play, literature, movement and games, science and technology, and outdoor activities are all part of the fun. Early childhood teachers and assistants work together to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning, working cooperatively and having fun.   Voyagers Camp - Ages 6 - 12 Voyagers learn how to cook, program a robot, write code, create 2-D or 3-D art, or discover new ways to move through dance, to imagine through architecture, or to tell stories using film. Curious campers apply what they know to further develop their skills individually or collaborate as a group.   Each week, campers are divided into age groups (ages 3-5 and 6-12) and choose a workshop related to the central theme. Swimming, other sports, and games are part of the program and help Voyagers enjoy some leisure time so they can focus on new friendships.   Click HERE to view summer camp dates.
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Camps,Traditional Day Camps,Dance/Gymnastics Camps,Outdoor/Adventure Camps,Sports Camps,Summer Camps,Full-Day,Most Popular
A LIMITED TIME SALE - at Overtime Athletics Summer Camp in Bethesda, MD. One Week of Full-Day Camp for just $150!   Get ready for sports, games, contests, mobile video games, arts and crafts, team building challenges. Plus scavenger hunts, bounce houses, water games, goofy golf, brain buster projects...and so much more!   The Overtime Athletics expert team understands how to keep camp fresh and fun. No two weeks are the same! Camp weaves high intensity and low impact activities together so that all campers get their moments to shine.   Come get a slice of summer fun at Overtime Athletics Summer Camp!
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Camps,Traditional Day Camps,Sports Camps,Summer Camps,Full-Day,Most Popular
Sportrock Climbing Centers’ award winning rock climbing camps are the perfect way for your child to explore the world of climbing. With camps at two Northern Virginia locations for a range of ages and experience levels, there is something for everyone! Sportrock Day Camp is designed for kids who want to learn basic climbing techniques, spend plenty of time actively climbing, and enjoy multiple games and team building activities throughout the day. This camp is action-packed from 9am until 3pm.  Climbing is the perfect sport for kids and adults alike. It increases self-confidence, teaches trust, and builds stronger, healthier bodies. Sportrock's passionate instructors, state of the art facilities, supportive atmosphere create the best possible environment for your child to learn, climb, and have a blast doing it!
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Activities & Events,Theatre & Arts,Grown-Ups,All Ages,Baby/Toddler,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday ONLY,Most Popular
Paint a masterpiece at All Fired Up in Bethesda!! Bring your friends and family -- or just yourself -- to All Fired Up in Bethesda to enjoy the BEST "Paint Your Own Pottery" experience. Family owned since 2004, All Fired Up has the largest inventory of items in the Washington area. You won't believe the great selection! You pay only for the price of the item you select - with unlimited studio time and paints - so you can truly relax and enjoy the painting experience. The glazes are nontoxic and lead free - so the little ones can participate as well. Whether you are a first-time customer or repeat visitor, the friendly staff will help you along the way.  Do you know that All Fired Up is BYOB? What a great date night idea!
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