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flat fee - Holiday gift guide
Grown-Ups,Gifts & Products,Most Popular,At-Home Deals,Home/Organization
While COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on everyone, it's been especially tough on the elderly. Grandparents who thrive on get-togethers with the grandkids must now stay home with no definable end in sight. And that can feel awfully lonely.  Brighten up Grandma and Grandpa's day and keep your family connected to the ones they love with Skylight, a touch-screen photo frame you can update by email - anytime from anywhere! Set up is easy, making Skylight the BEST way to stay in touch and share everyday moments while COVID-19 separates us. No tech savvy required and totally "grandparent-friendly." The touch-screen, WiFi connected photo frame lets you email photos from your phone or computer directly to your loved one's Skylight - as often as you like! Like magic, the photos will appear on Skylight seconds after you send them.   With this CertifiKID offer, save $15 on a Skylight 10" frame - it's the perfect gift for Mother's Day! Imagine Grandma's delight when she wakes up to a beautiful new photo of her grandkids that you emailed to her frame! With Skylight, all the recipient needs is WiFi to enjoy the gift that truly does keep on giving. Bridge the gap between the grandparents and ALL of their loved ones by sharing the unique email address with family and friends so they can send images, too! One part sentiment, one part practicality, Skylight is the answer to staying connected while social distancing keeps us apart. Skylight Basic Features: Effortless 1-Minute set up. Email photos to your Skylight in seconds from anywhere. Easy-to-use 10" touch-screen display.  Skylight now offers Skylight Plus, a $39/year subscription that provides the following additional premium features: Video. Send and play videos on your Skylight. Text captions. Add text captions to photos. Cloud backup. All your photos backed up forever. Online access. View, download & share photos online. Mobile app. Send photos to Skylight from your phone. Skylight has been featured in Buzzfeed, the TODAY Show, Refinery 29 and Wired Magazine. Check out this video to see Skylight in action! 
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