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Gifts & Products,Most Popular,From a Distance,Activities, Games & Toys
Discover playful and engaging toys for the littles in your life. Manhattan Toy has been designing inspiring toys for early childhood since 1978 with one goal in mind - bringing joy to everyday play. From newborns to kindergartners, there’s something fun for everyone! Explore the Manhattan Toy collection and receive 20% off your purchase through 8/8/20.   We keep in mind the most powerful thing any of us play with is our imagination. We are dedicated to designing toys that infuse happiness into everyday moments. This is childhood well-crafted and handled with care. We boast over 500 toys in our collection, offering plenty of ways and reasons to take time to play. After all, playing is learning, which is why it is such an essential part of early childhood. More than toys, they’re tools for fostering early learning.   Toys for All:   Baby Our collection of rattles, teethers, and high-contrast infant toys are perfect for newborns and infants learning to grasp, teethe, and hone their visual development. Plus, they offer engaging features that provide a variety of textures for sensory stimulation while fostering baby’s cognitive and physical development.   Soft Dolls Dolls offer the perfect play and learning tool for young kiddos as they nurture and care for their babies through role-playing. Plus, all of our dolls are made with soft fabrics, so they are perfect from playtime through nap time. Doll play also encourages vocabulary development, as many littles talk to their dolls as they play. Learning through play can be as easy as introducing your kiddo to a new doll friend.   Books Soft, colorful, and imaginative baby books foster early learning through storytelling. Each of our soft books features a variety of textured fabrics, peek-a-boo graphics, and colorful illustrations. Also, we have a growing collection of board books. Many of which feature one or more of our stuffed animal characters, making the perfect pair for themed gifting. Through basic storytelling, young children can practice color, letter, number, and even animal recognition.   Wood Activity Our robust offering of wood activity toys is packed full of fun features. From sorters and stackers to full-blown multi-sided activity centers, there’s so much to discover. Every toy is designed to encourage exploration while supporting essential developmental milestones.   Musical Get musical with toys that clack, rattle, chime, and drum. This playful part of our toy collection includes a variety of fun features that support artistic exploration. Our toys don’t require a push of a button to make sounds; instead, they include musical elements that turn your little one into the musician. They’re great for encouraging motor development while offering a fun way to teach rhythm, numbers, and colors.   Stuffed Animals Ultra-plush, super squishy, and silky soft are just a few of the qualities of our stuffed animal collection. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our plush collection offers something for every stuffed animal lover from hippos and llamas to dinos and unicorns. It’s their best friend, self-soothing companion, and imaginative play buddy all rolled into one!   Click HERE to get 20% off your order using promo code 20CERTIFIKID
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Activities & Events,Sports/Recreation/ Adventure,All Ages,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular,From a Distance,Activities, Games & Toys
Make the most of unexpected time at home to create special memories. Take advantage of this exclusive CertifiKID offer for 46% Off a Two-Hour ZavaZone Admission Ticket and do something fun, active and healthy together!  Vouchers can be used at the Sterling, VA location ONLY through December 31, 2020.  ZavaZone brings together all the active fun that keeps everyone from ages 5-105 moving! Enjoy heart-pumping, multi-action experiences at the place that has it all -- ninja courses, ropes courses, trampolines, climbing challenges, zip lines, and more. The state-of-the-art equipment is overseen by highly trained ZavaZone coaches who ensure safety while inspiring new leaps and bold moves.  Not familiar with the thrills that make ZavaZone so much fun? Your epic adventure includes: The Zipinator- See the park from new heights as you try out this fun, active, exhilarating cloud coaster! Experience sensations of flying, zip lining, and the thrill of a lifetime on this brand new attraction!  Warped Wall- Coined by American Ninja Warrior the Warped Wall offers an extremely tough and unique challenge. Our 12-foot contoured wall gives participants a chance to climb their way to the top and slide down a fire pole to the ground. Want to feel like a true American Ninja Warrior? Try climbing this wall after the Ninja Warrior course! The Drop Slide- Guests are slowly hoisted up the vertical drop slide as the floor falls away and they cling on for dear life. When they cannot hold on any longer, they release and plunge straight down. The Flipinator- Check out the vertical bungee jump in the Jump Zone! Test your skills and challenge your friends and family to see who can do the best back flip. This fun, new attraction offers a unique twist to trampoline jumping. People have been FLIPPING out about this new addition! The Jump Zone- 8,000 square feet of mind bending trampoline fun. The Adventure Zone- High & low ropes, zip line, Parkour, and... NINJA WARRIOR challenges. Hello, that's the adventure we're talking about! The Face Off- Here is where you challenge the kids to a face-to-face climb-off on either side of a clear panel.  Each side is laid out with the exact same holds and patterns so you get an even (and VERTICAL) playing field! This is also a fun way to help the kiddos build their climbing skills ... or snag a few of theirs for yourself.  The Blackout- Climb inside a pitch black tube with the only light coming from neon holds on the dark walls. How cool is that?!  The Vertical Zone- This isn't your Grannie's rock wall! Race against friends, scale poles that climb ever higher, take a plunge as the floor drops out from under you. Adrenaline rush much? The Parent Zone (Observation Room)- A parent lounge with complementary WiFi, coffee and plenty of comfortable seating. Plus a large plate glass window that allows you to watch guests enjoy the high ropes course directly outside the lounge. And for all you fans of American Ninja Warrior - they've got the ultimate adventure! Ninja Warrior Courses! These cool challenges incorporate elements from the popular television series to provide unique challenges for participants. The courses will get you running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, and balancing to create a heart pounding adventure and an amazing workout. Is just one day at Zavazone not enough? We feel ya! Zavazone now offers memberships! Check their website for more information and pricing. 
Activities & Events,Sports/Recreation/ Adventure,Grown-Ups,Elementary,Pre-Teens/Teens,Indoor,Weekday/Weekend,Most Popular,From a Distance,Activities, Games & Toys
Are you ready for a Real-Life Escape Experience?   Head to Mission Escape Rooms at their Waugh Chapel, Annapolis or Arundel Mills, MD locations for a challenge unlike any other.   Begin your mission by grabbing this very special CertifiKID deal for 30% Off Admission for Up to 8 People. Next, organize a group of friends who possess the powers of observation, puzzle-solving and imagination to tackle one of the rooms offering varying degrees of difficulty in this all-too-realistic escape experience. Then, choose your desired experience - view Waugh Chapel HERE, Annapolis HERE and Arundel Mills HERE. Once locked inside your chosen room, work together as a team, testing your wits and skills, to escape in 50 minutes or less.   Choose from 2 rooms in Waugh Chapel: The Vanishing Act and The Lost Temple, 4 rooms in Annapolis: The Alchemist's Lab, The Legend of Sasquatch, UFO Crash Landing and Once Upon a Crime or 5 rooms in Arundel Mills: The Curse of the Winter Witch, Survival Summer Camp, Medieval Crimes, Jurassic Island and Last Showing. While the goal is simple, the game is far from it. Getting through the locked door will require finding clues and solving plenty of brain teasers. You better work well with the folks you're teamed up with!   The perfect spot for your next group team-building activity. Whether it's Girl Scouts, a sports team, a school committee or a grown-up night out you're guaranteed a challenging but FUN experience!   Mission Escape Rooms was founded by Jason Cherry, an Annapolis native, former professional race car driver and founder of the non-profit Siblings of Autism. Jason is truly a man on a mission!
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