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Print Photos for FREE With Frameshot!

We all have them. Photos of our kids at the playground. At soccer games. At family gatherings. On the first day of school. At graduation. On vacation. On the couch. You get the idea. They number in the hundreds, maybe even thousands, yet we never truly enjoy them. They just sit there 'collecting dust' on our phones. And then there are all of those relatives who are constantly nagging us for more pictures of the kids. The struggle is real, people.

What if I told you that you have something at the tip of your fingers that will turn you into the family hero in less than 2 minutes and doesn't cost a penny? 

It's this super simple, yet awesome new app right here.

Print Free Photos with Frameshot Print Free Photos With Frameshot

Frameshot lets you send beautiful, thick, glossy 4x6 photo postcards ("Frameshots") with personalized messages to anyone in the U.S. right from your phone for FREE. Seriously, the entire thing is free - the app, the prints AND the postage. No subscription required and no hidden fees. You don't even have to enter your credit card.

There must be a catch, right? They include a small ad on the back of the card. That's it.

You start with three free prints per month. Want more? Get some friends to sign up, or support one of their advertisers, and you'll earn more freebies. 

No more precious vacay time spent searching for, addressing and mailing the perfect postcard to the grandparents. With a few simple taps, send them a custom photo card of the kids building sand castles right from your beach chair. Need the perfect thank you card? Take a snap of the kids in their new matching Christmas sweaters from Uncle Larry and send it to him right from your phone. Grandma wants a picture of the new baby to frame? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Frameshot is so simple to use that even an 8-year-old can do it. How do we know? Because we asked an actual 8-year-old to do it.

This is what your Frameshot recipient will receive just 5-10 days later. What's not to love about this? {Seriously, you guys, can you believe this is all FREE?!} 

Frameshot frameshot

Try out Frameshot for yourself and send your free prints. Happy Frameshotting!

~ Kim

This post is sponsored by Frameshot. However, we only promote businesses that we genuinely believe in and think will appeal to CertifiKID subscribers.

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