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$197 for Impact ADHD's Minimize Meltdowns OR Homework Headaches Program (34% off $297)

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$197 for Impact ADHD's Minimize Meltdowns OR Homework Headaches Program (34% off $297)

The Details

ImpactADHD was created BY parents FOR parents to help you navigate the choppy waters of raising kids with “complex” needs like ADHD (and related challenges).

…If you ever feel isolated, like you’re trying to figure out all this stuff alone.

…If you ever feel frustrated, like you just don’t know HOW to help your child even though you feel like you should.

…If you ever feel overwhelmed, like you are tired of walking on eggshells and you just want some peace, and maybe to enjoy the ride of parenting!

Then you want to meet the gals at ImpactADHD! Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster are moms (and certified coaches) who’ve been-there-done-that, and learned to take their families from barely surviving to positively thriving! And the best part is that once they figured out what works, they share it with thousands of parents every day, online, on the phone, in training programs and coaching calls!

We have two of ImpactADHD's online training programs currently available for CertifiKid subscribers at a 34% discount:

MINIMIZE MELTDOWNS focuses on teaching parents how to manage emotional outbursts and impulsive behaviors (in kids and adults) and offers support to help you create the family you know is there under all the yelling and crying!

HOMEWORK HEADACHES focuses on helping parents help their kids with ADHD and other school-related challenges to become confident, independent learners. Learn the strategies to help your smart child feel smart again!


  • Access to classes online, 24/7, from the comfort of your computer, iPad or phone, so it’s ready when you are!
  • Expert training in up to 14 Distinct Learning Modules, hours of interactive video
  • 200+ Easy to Use Strategies, Tips & Exercises to help you put what you are learning into practice
  • Coaching Questions to guide your learning and personalize to your family’s particular needs and circumstances
  • Parenting Action Model to create a clear plan for action
  • Monthly Coaching Calls, facilitated by a coach, to answer your questions, work through any challenges you have, and keep you moving forward
  • Dozens of expert articles and links to additional resources
  • Class materials, private forum, accountability structure and more

Information & Restrictions

May purchase one package per child. Multiple packages may be purchased as gifts.

Please select desired program at checkout. 

To Redeem: Call (888) 535-6507 or e-mail with your 12-digit CertifiKid voucher number. For more information on ImpactADHD, visit

Expiration: August 31, 2014

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